Dream League Soccer is a surprisingly high quality entry in the football simulation genre (or soccer if you live in the US), competing easily with the big names like FIFA.

Fast paced, with great graphics and a lot of depth, this is a game that will surely keep you hooked for a long time, challenging you to progress up through the leagues and become the best club in the world.

And I am here to help make that transition as quick and nice as possible by sharing with you some Dream League Soccer cheats and tips in a complete walkthrough to help you build the ultimate team and win all your matches!

So let’s not waste a single second here and let’s check out Touch, Tap, Play’s Dream League Soccer tips and cheats below!

1. Master the controls

One of the most important thing in Dream League Soccer, just like in any other football simulation game out there is to master the controls and be able to take a good pass, a good cross or a good shot.

The control scheme in Dream League Soccer seems to be extremely difficult to master, with shooting and aiming requiring quite a bit of practice.

Make sure that you get all that practice as soon as possible, by playing as many matches as you can and always trying to improve. Even if you have way better players, you will still get bad results if you can’t shoot or pass the ball!

2. Play online matches

The best way to really learn how to play is by playing against other human opponents. You can play against friends if they are nearby or against strangers online – it doesn’t really matter who you play against, as long as you play as many multiplayer games as possible, as that is where you will really learn to play and especially learn some moves from your opponents.

3. Prepare to lose!

I was enraged at first. Multiplayer games were complete losses for me at huge scores, while I barely managed to win by one goal in single player games.

But you have to keep on playing, giving it your best and eventually you will learn the controls and what works better than anything else.

But until then, prepare to lose quite a bit – it will become a lot more fun afterwards, when you know what you’re doing, trust me!

4. The transfer market

Try not to sell any of your players for a while – keep a large squad in order to be able to swap players that get tired, but at the same time sign better and better players for your team.

It’s all about their ratings and not their name, so just look for high quality players that come as cheap as possible.

I know you would love to have the big names out there in your squad, but having quality players is all that matters. So set the lowest prices first and see what you can find for that money, them move up if there’s nothing good. Only look at the player stats, and never at their name!

I would suggest to start by signing a solid forward first, because you will need a lethal player in the final third, then depending on how your squad plays, sign another great forward or a great midfielder.

Remember that faster players are better than slower ones, so always consider speed a must have attribute for all your players.

Later on, when you have a decently sized squad, you can start selling your low quality players and get better ones instead. Rinse and repeat until you build that dream team you have always wanted.

5. What tactic works best

Slightly more offensive tactics work best in the game – I had great success with 4-3-3, but also the classic 4-4-2 works well.

Always go with the attacking mentality and you can drop down to moderate when playing online matches. This game doesn’t want to deliver a lifelike experience and a completely real simulation of a football match, so offense is the best defense here. Plus it’s more fun!

6. Develop your players

Once you have a pretty solid setup of players, go into the Player Development section and start training them, improving their stats.

One session costs 50 coins, which is pretty much, but if you upgrade your existing stars and make them even better, it will be worth all the money you spend and you won’t have to transfer in many other players.

So don’t forget about this option, it’s extremely important to train your players once you’ve established your team – and always work on your top players first, because these are the players you won’t be selling anytime soon!

7. Score from set-pieces

It’s really difficult to score directly from a set piece (or at least I suck at it, but believe me, I have tried a lot!).

However, there’s a nice tip I have for you and it’s definitely worth trying out. This works best when you’re taking a free kick that’s on either side of the field and it helped me bag a ton of goals over time.

Instead of trying your luck at shooting and trying to score, pass instead to the forward that’s in the best position: you’ll usually have one player near the penalty kick spot waiting for a good pass.

Master this and you will be scoring a lot more from your free kicks!

8. Keep an eye on your players’ energy!

The energy is extremely important for your players, as they will always perform better when the meters are full.

In order to keep their energy levels as high as possible, don’t forget to take advantage of using all the substitutions in every game and also make sure to rotate players: when you have easier games ahead, give your stars a chance to rest!

9. Watch ads for extra money

Nobody likes to waste their time watching ads, but this is something I recommend you to do after each match, in order to get some extra coins. These are extremely helpful in the long run and they’re cheaper than having to pay for them with real money!

These would be, for now, our Dream League Soccer tips and tricks. Do you have anything else to add? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Update note: This article was initially published back in 2016, but it has been updated in 2019 to reflect the latest changes in the game.

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  1. Heres some other tips:
    For money problems just use the free ad thing its only 15-30 seconds long and it gives you 30 coins and its almost endless.

    What I did is at the start when you start with like 1K i got it a bit high bought TWO decent players (Di Maria and Keylor Navas) and then used player development to make them best as possible. I got Di Maria to 95 rated and Keylor to 90 rated with like 1.5K

    Use your started squad given to you; instead of buying big names for 2k+ just use your team you have now and then develop them. I have a random guy called “Clough” that was 65 rated at the start I quickly used training to develop him into 85 rated forward and I got 79 rated Clichy to 86.

    Player development is best. Thats all. ;)

  2. Every once in a while it will tell me to choose what to save to, the could or the phone. I coohse either and it loads the game till it last asked me that question. I then lose my current progress even if it was online, and i payed (yes i payed) because it kept doing this so i payed for my coins back, then lost them again. Bad game with bad physics, play the older version of this made by the same company.

  3. All the players that are for sale are expensive. I have bought two ‘nobodies’ with good stats. But once in my team their value was half of what I bought them for. So buy low, sell high doesn’t really seems to work?

    Playing on ios

  4. I have CR , Rooney , Balotelli , Sturridge
    At mid : Pogba , Arda Turan
    In def : no name players but between 70-80
    GK: de Gea (88) and sub Hugo Lloris (85)

    The secret is to watch adv . They give you 30 coins for each watch!
    Upgrade stadium , it gives you more coins when play at home !

    Have fun !

  5. Been using the ad to earn coins, and also played matches along the way.
    This is my current squad so far:
    GK: De Gea, Courtois
    Def: Ramos, Kompany, Thiago Silva, Chiellini, Pique, Alves, Alba, Alaba
    Mid: Iniesta, Hazard, Modric, David Silva
    FW: CR, Messi, Suarez, Aguero, Ibrahimovic, Bale, Neymar

    Hoping to buy some more players in order to rotate around..

  6. I have
    FW: Neymar, Suarez, Messi, Bale, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic
    Mid: Isco, Iniesta, Hazard, Turan, Willian, Toure Yaya
    Def: Alaba, Sergio Ramos, Pique, Pepe, Thiago Silva
    GK: David De gea

    • How to connect local wifi. Even I changed tmy wifi router settings as were recommend by the first touch, enabling Upnp but couldn’t connect to my bro who is also on the same router

      • Increse the max value to 2400 if they are in the transfer market and u have the money u can butly them…messi cost around 2400 and ronaldo 2300…Transfer market refreshes after every match..so make sure to visit after every match…remember to Increse the base amount…

  7. Anyone plz help…

    Umair June 6, 2016 at 7:24 pm
    How to connect local wifi. Even I changed the wifi router’s settings as were recommend by the first touch, enabling Upnp but couldn’t connect to my bro who is also on the same router.

  8. Increse the max value to 2400 if they are in the transfer market and u have the money u can butly them…messi cost around 2400 and ronaldo 2300…Transfer market refreshes after every match..so make sure to visit after every match…remember to Increse the base amount…

  9. And dont ruin the fun of the game by buying all the good players like messi ronaldo ibra bale etc in ur team..build a real club…pack the players that really are in single club..and name ur team after ur favourite club…I love Real Madrid so i named my team after it and put the logo of real…and have packed all the players that are actually in real Madrid…including Ronaldo …The only extra player is Jamie vardy who i think is a potential target of real Madrid this window

  10. We will be enjoy playing the game by upgrading our player that buying a new one. I just upgraded pelle from 78 to 96 and he is better than messi and ronaldo. I also did not get bored to play this game because I gladbfor what i have done

  11. Just but the names it works my current squad:

  12. I wonder how I can make a hooky or pass heel , I do not know if before Podias but in the last update (June 2016) which is where I started posting the players do , someone could tell me how?

  13. Hey the player developement is one of the best things out there to use, I started out with 59 rated simon moore, some coins later I have him at 100, the fastest starting out, unupgraded player in the game is gareth bale with all his fitness stats 90+ and make sure to uprgrade the fitness first because that means that your players won’t tire out as easily, one their stamina gets to around 86-90 then they will not tire out anymore. Always make sure to watch ads for free coins and uprgrade your stadium because a fully upgraded on gets you 50 coins per game.

    The attacking strategy is simple, stack the front line, lob a ball over the defense, have your players run after it, dribble straight towards the keeper and once the keeper starts to come out, shoot the ball or if your strikers’ shots aren’t accurate just hold the pass button until it is full and pass it in, it is more accurate than shooting sometimes and use it for heading because heading shots isn’t accurate at all.

  14. Cr7 is a really strong fwd, make sure him in your team. Ibrahimovic is trash, slow like snail. Neymar is very weak, easily fall when tackled. Messi is great but also weak in strength. Pogba should be your dm or back cm, he has great strength and passing skill. Hazard is a good mid winger, fast, skiller and great in crossing but bale’s not bad.

    I recommend :

    Cr7: fast, great in strength(not easily fall when tackled), 95 in shooting.

    Pogba: accurate in passing, pretty bad at shooting but has powerful header, 91 in strength (greatly help the defenders). He’ll be a great dm,trust me.

    Hazard: great mid winger, accurate crossing, has great acceleration and speed. He’ll be the assister for most of your goals.

    My advice: Find players that great in acceleration, top sleed and strength.

    Avoid neymar as he’s really weak in strength (unless you’ve upgraded him)

    Ibrahimovic may useful on lower division, but once u enter higher lv tournaments, where the defenders are fast, He is useless,unless u put him on really fwd of cnter fwd .

    But all depends on your team’s formation.

  15. i have vardy,pedro,sanchez,aguero&cavani in attack
    A vidal,busquet,di maria,miralles,deulofeu,matuidi,dembele&lamela-midfield
    jordi alba,piszcek,varane,vrij,mustafi&azpiliqueta

    buffon and 1 backup goalkepper 80*

    but everything gone after i formatin and reinstall

  16. Well my team is absolutely stacked I have Messi Ronaldo Suarez Bale Aguero Ibrahimovic Neymar Lewandowski Benzema A.Sanchez Rooney Diego Costa Griezmann Hazard Modric Iniesta YaYa Toure De Bruyne Pogba J. Rodriguez Di Maria Willian Rakitic Pique Kompany Thiago Silva Sergio Ramos Jordi Alba Mascherano Marcelo David De Gea

  17. Is my team good? So far i have:

    GK: I. Casillas
    DEF: J. Alba, D. Luiz, J. Mascherano, Pepe, S. Ramos, T. Silva
    MID: S. Busquets, C. Fabregas, A. Iniesta, M. Ozil, J. Rodriguez
    ATT: S. Aguero, K. Benzema, L. Messi, C. Ronaldo, L. Suarez

    Are legendary players in this game?
    Also, what is the best possible team, with full upgrades?

  18. I won to play manager mode and some German star are not in game also Bayer Munich player some not there borussia Dortmund player also some players not there so pls
    Bring to game also add legend pack or pick currents team and play

  19. How to I’m start this game….Im already doing download exrtract completely but do not start this game…..Just show the….You need to google play cantence Etc……

  20. i have messi lewandowsky neynr, ibra,suarezalves, higuain,pogba,dybala,s.ramos,pepe,pique,alba,song but i lose all of them bcoz i save 50 replays in replay viwer then they said 2 options 1. delete all replays and ur players 2nd one; delete this game and reinstall

  21. The game is awarding my victories to my opponents..
    You win 3 – 0 against a team and the score shows that you have actually lost by the same margin..
    whats the problem with this game????

  22. Am really glad I did well in managing my team but I started upgrading instead of buying…
    The biggest truck I have know is the stadium…
    I have 54-56 coins for stadium bonus because it’s at 90,000 capacity so I gotta get money for home games especially after watching videos for bonus….
    Every thing is about coins so I gotta get patients n watch video or give a Lil bro or sis to help out.i give my sister n she can get me 500 coins….
    Also make your goal keeper as high as u can by upgrading him n controlling him in “one n one” counters by using controll “C” to move him…..
    I did things that they just advices since I had the game n now am really gud am in good shape n in tier 3 in online matches …..
    So just follow the tips…
    It’s all about coins n training

  23. After installing those apps
    Open the game.tap the coin bar.then it shows a menu.then you should select any option.then again it shows another menu.In that you should select the third optio.

  24. Hi everyone i am playing elite division cup right now.
    If i want to start the game from all over from the divisions could i do that without losing the players?
    Please help me ASAP

  25. So the game is pretty simple
    I’ve played for like a month, I chose Paulo Dybala as my captain.

    He was 79 and I develop him to 90, which is pretty sick!

    My line-up:
    Courtois (92)
    Dani Alves – Kompany – David Luiz – Kolarov
    Willian – Vidal – Alba
    Bale – Dybala (90) – Kolarov

    Yes I know, I use Alba as my left CM and Kolarov as my left WF. This formation really works, I could beat First Touch United 6-0.

    How long does it take me to reach this? A month
    How do I get coins? Play roughly ONE season ONE day. Then start to watch ads only after match (It usually shows +40 till +80 coins if you’re lucky)

    I start to buy these new famous players when I’ve played like 1 season of Elite Division. My team is generally the first starting team, except for Willian and Kolarov.

    Hope it works!

  26. Can someone tell me how to drop ball at feet when my keeper has ball in his hands and also how to make my keeper come off his line at corners? Thanks in advance.

  27. why all the defender come forward in dls 16 even in defensive mode and the defens line remain empty. but why?? how to keep them in dbox?? at least 1-2

  28. You guys should try playing without all the 90+ rated players or those close to 90. It’s much more fun and encourages you to frequently rotate your squad and pass the the ball around to score a goal instead of passing to messi or ronaldo and having them sprint all the way.

    My Squad
    GK Ter Stegen, Trapp
    CB Castan, Miranda, Cahill
    LB Sandro, Marcelo
    RB Clyne, Zabaleta
    DM Casemiro
    CM Vidal, Pogba, Toure
    AM Gundogan, De Bruyne(use as RM), Ozil(use as LM sometimes)

    LM Mahrez
    RM Nobody ^^
    WF Hulk, Susaeta(use as RM sometimes)
    CF Rondon, Cavani, Vardy

  29. I buy all of Arsenal players in my team,in elite division (Lord Bendtner too,my top record with 550 goals ). Then after some week i’m thinking what would happen to the “real” Arsenal,so i decide to quit game in every single games(WO) to getting relegation, then i found it,The squad was another arsenal players that on loan/linking by the arsenal,and Harry Kane was there

    Tips for newbie: first,buy good CB,Speeding with good accuracy LM/RM,and put the 2 basic strikers,this will make efficiences to pass and run in forward to maintain health in every game. Ex:Lamela/Mahrez

  30. Comment:all my first eleven players are rated 100 and all their stats too!!!!! i don’t even have to make a substitution in a game sometimes. my team is a replica of barcelona but i don’t have rafinha and denis suarez cuz they are always unavailable!!!!! it is much easier with world class players e.g shooting, sprinting, diagonal and forward passes, crosses, defending e.t.c. i’ve scored over 1400 goals with messi responsible for 0ver 700 (514 & 257 assists)

  31. I want to know how many player you cn get on ur suquard because I have achieved the my meximum sguard but I need more players pls help to delete some players so that I cn get another players

  32. Why is it that the connection is very poor sometimes when playing online …
    Is not that I don’t have a good connection of course I have a good connection

    • Download this game from a store called appvn,and u will have infinite coins.it is just like play store but here u will find all those games and apps in free which r purchasable in play store.so dont worry about it and enjoy the game.it is a chinese app u should understant the first regestration steps by sighning up with ur email id and after that change the language to english in setting mode…once u registered u will be able to diwnload dream league soccer game with infinite number of coins.

    • Upgrade stadium if you have good enough players for elite division or you can watch an ad after the game because it will double your earnings. Last thing is don’t cheat because it will lose the thrill of the game

    • I guess u can have Ibrahimovic, Peter Crouch for the attackers, Pogba, Busquets, Fellaini, Draxler for midfield, and Pique, Chielleni, David Luiz, John Terry for defenders and Courtois is the highest goalkeeper in the game i think cause he’s 6’6

  33. Always watch a bonus video after the match.. It will double your earnings, i don’t watch too much ads because it is such a pain and it will lose the thrill of the game… I recommend to spend your money to players not on developing stock players.. Only develop players with high stats and that will make make them more efficient.
    My current players:
    100 Ronaldo
    100 Messi
    100 Neymar
    100 Suarez
    100 de Gea
    100 Ter Stegen
    100 Riou (i don’t know who this guy is but I only bought because his stats at the time I bought him is 93)
    99 Ibrahimovic
    95 Bale
    97 Sterling
    95 Cavani
    90 Busquets
    91 Rakitic
    92 Iniesta
    92 Turan
    92 Pogba
    95 Adam (another nobody)
    94 El ahmadi (yes, another nobody)
    94 Shaw
    95 David Luiz
    94 Cedric (another nobody)
    94 Alba
    95 Mascherano
    95 Pique
    95 Griezmann
    94 Dani Alves
    90 Sergi Roberto
    64 Hourihane
    68 Cooper

  34. Is my team good

  35. My Team

    GK: Buffon (100)

    Def: Marcelo, Pepe, T Silva, Ramos (all are 100), Pique (86), Dvid Luiz(83)

    Mid: Di Maira, Iniesta, Pogba, Rodriguez (all are 100), Hazard (88),Ozil(86) and Kroos (84)

    Forward: Ronaldo & Messi (both are 100), Neymar(90),Bale& Suarez(both 89),Ibrahimovic(88), Rooney& Bezema (Both are 85)

  36. I enjoy the game, good graphics but players can be slow to turn and pass whilst the opponents are quick to take the ball from your player. Also please add more cups… I’ve played until ultimate challenge, now it’ll land up boring for me.


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