The beautiful DragonVale World game has been launched recently, challenging dragon breeders worldwide to get all the dragons in the game and build beautiful parks for them. Of course, breeding dragons is just as difficult as it sounds and I am here to share with you a complete DragonVale World breeding guide, as well as incubation times for all the dragons in the game.

Incubation times are extremely important because they will basically tell you what type of dragon you’re going to get, while the breeding guide itself will tell you what type of elements should the dragons you’re breeding have in order to increase your chances to get a specific dragon. So all in all, this is the ultimate guide for DragonVale World breeders and a go-to resource from now on, so make sure you keep this bookmarked for future reference.

If any of the breeding info below or the incubation times are wrong, please let us know. Incubation times might be changed by future updates of the game, but they would remain more or less the same. However, we consider them 100% correct right now for the listed dragons.

Have in mind that breeding the indicated elements does not guarantee you a specific dragon. However, if you want a Wildfire dragon for example, you can only get it by breeding Jungle and Fire dragons (including hybrid dragons that have these elements). You will never get a Wildfire dragon if you breed an Earth dragon and a Frozen one. So it’s good to always have this in mind, just as it is good to follow our tips and tricks.

Also, it’s good to know that the higher the level of your dragon, and the rarer the dragon, the higher your chances of breeding a rarer dragon as well. So try to level up your dragons as much and as often as possible and only breed your best dragons in order to get the best results and improve your chances of getting the rarest dragons.

These being said, let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the breeding guide for DragonVale World & incubation times for all dragons! At the end of this table, I will list a few dragons and combinations that helped me get them: you can start by breeding those in order to increase your chances of getting them as well!

Dragon type Breeding time How to breed
Jungle 30 sec Buy from store
Earth 5m Buy from store
Wildfire 20m Fire & Jungle
Flytrap 25m Jungle & Fire
Glade 25m Unknown
Fire 30sec Buy from store
Venom 45m Fire & Jungle
Fern 50m Unknown
Imp 50m Unknown
Wisteria Unknown Get from store or reward
Deadwood Unknown Get from store or reward
Frozen 1h Get from store
Canopy 1h10m unknown
Tropical 1h15m unknown
Alpine 1h25m unknown
Underbrush 1h25m Earth & Jungle
Sonar 1h45m unknown
Geyser / Oasis 1h55m unknown
Oasis 1h55m unknown
Fir 2h unknown
Cinder 2h5m unknown
Newt 2h30m unknown
Paradise 2h30m unknown
Magma 2h45m unknown
Iris 3h unknown
Frostburn 3h unknown
Oasis 3h15m unknown
Foxglow 3h30m unknown
Thaw 3h45m unknown
Thermal 4h unknown
Water 4h get from store
Bahlrawg 5h unknown
Grotto 5h15m unknown
Fairy 6h unknown
Gossamer 7h45m unknown
Mineral 7h50m unknown
Frost 8h30m unknown
Dewdrop 8h45m unknown
Labyrinth 10h15m unknown
Dune 11h30m unknown
Wink 12h unknown
Air 12h unknown
Whirlpool 12h30m unknown
Borealis 13h unknown
Elfin 15h30m unknown
Canyon 16h30m unknown
Polar 19h30m unknown
Rime 19h45m unknown
Mist 20h unknown
Shore 23h30m unknown
Heiroglyph/Petroglyph 1d unknown
Wooly 1d2h unknown
Mistral 1d5h unknown
Cavern 1d8h unknown
Badlands 1d11h unknown
Tundra 1d11h unknown
Kaiju 1d12h unknown
Knarr 1d13h unknown
Rainbow unknown 2d
Plumed unknown 2d
Fossil 2d2h unknown


Now, here are a couple of examples of rare DragonVale World dragons that we bred and the dragons we used to get them:

Rainbow: Foxglow + Grotto
Iris: Imp & Dewdrop

If you have details about breeding the dragons that we’re missing and incubation times, please let us know by sharing a comment below. Together we can make this list complete!


  1. Uhm.. I got a breed time of 12 hours but I’m not the right level to get wink or air… I know the list isn’t complete so you guys should get it done faster…

  2. The rainbow dragon say to breed with dragons that have 4 traits between them, I have done this and still no rainbow dragon. What am I missing here? Spells maybe?

  3. I just got a 1d3hr breeding time with the hieroglyphic and magma… does anyone know what that could be? The game suggested breeding hieroglyphic with any other drag for anow enchanted vers. but I don’t think it would add 3hrs.

  4. I have a Newt and Laborinth on the nest now counting down from two days. Hope it is the Rainbow, I have the Plumed already. The two dragons being breed should have four different elements. Increasing the number of different elements above four doesn’t seem to help. Have a water seems to

  5. I have a Newt and Laborinth on the nest now counting down from two days. It is the Rainbow, I have the Plumed already. The two dragons being breed should have four different elements. Increasing the number of different elements above four doesn’t seem to help. Having a water seems to.
    The incubation times on a lot of the dragons listed is incorrect.
    All rainbow type is 2 days.
    Totem and any of those are 1 day
    Fossil is 15hrs 30 mins
    Tundra is 12 hrs

  6. Am I missing an update to this list somewhere? All I’m seeing is “unknown” for about 90% of the dragons in the game, even low level dragons that are quite easy to get. Not much of a guide if this is it.

  7. I bred the Rami (lvl-12) with the Foxglow (lvl-5) and got the Rainbow dragon egg, it took 1d23h to breed and the same thing shows for incubation time


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