A brand new game in the DraonVale series has been launched: DragonVale World! Dragon breeders all over the world will get a new chance at building the best dragon park that ever was, breed and collect amazing dragons and level them up in a virtual dragon utopia like no other. And we’re here to make everything easier for you by sharing a bunch of DragonVale World cheats and tips to breed all dragons and get the most out of the game: and do it fast!

So if you’re wondering if you’re doing everything right and you’re just starting to play the game, read our guide below and find out all the DragonVale World tips and cheats that will help you progress through the game like a Pro Dragon breeder!


1. Always be breeding
Probably this is an obvious one for a game where your main purpose is to breed dragons in order to get more dragons, but I have to say it anyway! Always be breeding and make sure that you are always back to the game when breeding is complete so that you collect the dragon and start breeding some more. We’ll soon have an article about breeding in the game and what dragon combinations work to get the dragons you want, but until then just mix and match: it’s better than nothing!

2. Upgrade habitats ASAP
Upgrading habitats is the best thing you can do! This allows you to store more dragons without actually having to build more habitats. And with the limited space we always have in DragonVale World, this is not a bonus you can ignore. So make sure that as soon as you hit the level that allows for the next habitat upgrade, start working on upgrading all your habitats!

3. Log in daily for Dragonsai Dragons
The game has two dragons that will produce gems for you: the Wisteria, the Deadwood (as well as their Enchanted variants). They will produce 1 Gem per day at level 1, and the numbers increase as they level up, so these are dragons that you really want to have in your park and have them as soon as possible. Unless you want to spend a small fortune on them in the store, you should log in daily and get one for free as a daily bonus: you will get the chance to choose one of the two after collecting 20 daily bonuses. Make sure you do so, this is not an offer you want to miss out on!

4. Don’t waste your time with Spells
Spells in DragonVale World are purely cosmetic, so don’t waste your time (and gems) on them unless you really have a ton of Gems you don’t know where to spend. The Spells are indeed nice and the cosmetic effects make your dragons stand out, but there are better ways to spend your gems!
Spells do matter! They can reduce breeding times and give other big bonuses in the game, so it’s worth spending the resources for getting those spells! Even better, it appears that parents can pass spells to baby dragons (and even give them upgraded values), so always try to breed dragons with active and important spells in order to have a chance at having them passed to the baby dragons!

5. Complete the Weekend events
Each weekend, a special event will be held in the game and that’s not something you want to miss out on! Make sure you log in as soon as the weekend starts and do your best to complete that particular event. Each week will bring something new, but the rewards are extremely useful and you can get some premium currency easily. There are three stages for each quest and the first one is extremely easy to complete, so at least try to get that done if you can’t do more each weekend!

6. Get friends!
Get as many friends as possible because you can reward your friends in DragonVale World with free gems (and they can do the same for you). The more friends you have, the more free gems you can get and the faster you will progress through the game and get access to premium features!

7. Keep a stash of food and Gems
It’s a strange combination, but you should have a stash of both. Food is important to have a pile of for an emergency in case an Airship arrives. These often ask for food, or having a dragon of a particular level, so it doesn’t hurt to have the food on hand to quickly deal with them. Gems are extremely important for the Reward Wheel: it might have an artifact there and if you don’t manage to get it with your free draw (which is awarded every 5 days), you will surely want to spend the 100 gems in order to try and get it!

8. Send your Dragons gathering
There are different materials that your dragons can gather in order to fulfill the requirements for Airship materials and get better rewards in the game. Have in mind that gathering materials works based on the element of your dragon. So if you want a particular material gathered, you should send a dragon that has the required elements. Also, the higher the level of the dragon you send out, the better your rewards will be and bigger chances to get bonus resources and a free Reward Wheel spin. So don’t be afraid to send your best dragons out there to gather materials as you will receive more. And don’t worry about losing your dragons when you send them with Airships either – they will return with the next airship!

These would be our DragonVale World tips and tricks for now. If you have other suggestions or strategies for fellow players, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below!




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