I spent the past month and a bit playing DragonSoul daily and I am sure that I’m not the only person who did it. One of the questions that I am asked very often is: what’s the best team setup for DragonSoul and which heroes are the best. This is a relatively difficult question to answer because not everybody has all heroes to choose from them, but I still decided to write this article and share my opinion on the best heroes in the game and the best starting team setup in Dragon Soul. Now it is up for you to actually get those heroes or replace those you don’t have with suitable ones.

And before we go check out my opinion, it’s worth saying that there are multiple team setups you should consider, because there is not a single one that works flawlessly on all occasions although there are recipes that tend to work. These being said, here are my thoughts:

1. Best Team Setups for Challenges

These are the easiest to start with and the level of challenge is not that good, so basically any type of hero that matches the profile works great. Let’s check out the quick suggestions:

a) Stone Forest: Heroes who do mainly Magical Damage. Most of them do, so think Hydra, Dragon Lady, Dust Devil, the Purple Dragon and so on.

b) Molten Scar: Heroes who do mainly Physical Damage. There’s not a lot of them, especially when it comes to special skills. Great ones include Bone Dragon and Centaur. It’s always a good idea to have the Witch in your starting line-up here in order to do more damage when you hit and attack faster.

2. Best Team Setup for the Fight Pit

This is when things get more interesting. There are multiple ways to approach this, but I think that a solid team setup is this: Brozerker (or Zombie), Hydra, Crimson Witch, Magic Dragon and Centaur (or Bone Dragon). I have listed them in the order of their importance, so if you have these heroes, you are all set for winning battles.

3. Best Team setup for Campaign/Expeditions

You have to switch a lot here and we’re only talking about new campaign missions and starting up expeditions. In Expeditions, you will have to rotate based on enemies (change Healer with Crimson Witch) and rotate heroes to keep them alive and charged up. But I would recommend the setup for the Fight Pit, but replacing the Brozerker with Dragon Lady and the Crimson Witch with the Faith Healer.

Now, it all depends on the heroes that you get. Check them out, level them up and improve their Skills – many forget to do so, and a ton of their power comes from skills. However, I consider some heroes extremely useless. They are: Cosmic Elf, Ninja Dwarf, Moon Drake (takes a ton to actually shoot) and Dark Dracul. I never managed to really put those to good use, so I would recommend staying away from them, despite the fact that Dark Dracul is pretty popular – too easy to kill, though and rarely gets to use his skill to the maximum!

Do you agree with my suggestions for the best team setup for DragonSoul or you’d recommend another starting lineup?


  1. I have used Dark Dracul extensively in a team that also contained Broserker, Faith Healer, Crimson Witch, and Savage Cutie. The first three are the anchors, DD heals himself (though slightly), Bro heals himself and one other, and Faith heals everyone. Witch gives them all an instant boost and an agility boost, while Cutie can deal big damage with his special and can damage armor against tough enemies.

    It doesn’t work in all situations, but it does in many. I sometimes remove one and sub in Dark Horse for the shield.

  2. Savage Cutie Broserker Orc Monk BarBarian Faith Healer

    … Heal to the Max – DmG reduction (Phys/Magic) to the max – Armor reduction (and some Stunns) on their frontline (and thats the only thing u want to attack with this combo) – Barbarian … … ya ….. nothing left to say about her…. ;)

    You don’t have to rotate … I rush through “hard” on a dayly base!
    But i have too admit … always taping “next” and “Fight!” is pritty exhausting Kappa!

    PS: I hope u ment ur list of “useless Heros” espacially for Expedition … but even than this post is outdated

    • Yes, this post is outdated unfortunately, it was written before the latest updates. Probably that’s the great thing about this game: it keeps evolving and changing and always offering new amazing setups.

  3. I can’t agree.

    Dracul is easily one of my top damage dealers (you can look at the stats after a fight). Even if he does die as quickly as you say, he is still worth having because he is dealing most of my team’s damage. The only ones who I have seen put down more damage than him are Kaiju and once in a while Genie, but their damage fluctuates more. Dracul is consistently high, and his stones are so easily farmable from the first chapter.

    Cosmic Elf has an insane amount of CC, but he needs to be paired with damage dealers. Once you reach purple gear his basic attacks are huge chunks of true damage.

    Ninja Dwarf jumps on top of your opponents strongest caster and deals area damage. He can possibly turn around casters who throw area damage in front of them (like Kaiju’s breath, Witch’s ghosts, etc.) and send those effects away from your team instead of into them.

    The only one that I would have agreed with being a stinker was Moon Drake. That was until the most recent patch. She has been fixed in the latest patch.

  4. There is no exact perfect team in this game. There is always another team that can take yours out easily as long as you know which characters take which ones easier. With the edition of Runes and after getting your character up to where they are Orange powered can change things drastically. Especially if the character has an orange skill that has been built into the game. For instance, the Moon Dragon that so many ppl discount can be one of the most vicious fighters after he is orange and has his orange skill. You need to look a lot deeper to find out who can take out who easier.

  5. Pffffftt bs to ninja dwarf being poo. Owns entire teams by himself. Since like level 60 im 85 now and still using him but all my team has maxed out skills.
    Where is barbarian? She owns

    • This article was written quite a while ago, before Bardbarian was the beast she is today, before Ninja was any good and before the release of many of the new heroes…

  6. I’m looking for a team that can eliminate another team that has unicorgi and ninja dwarf it seams almost impossible to be no matter who’s your setup.

    • I can’t stand unicorgi, ninja, or rabid dragon. They are tough but I like to use Dark Horse, Silent Spirit, Crimson Witch, King Kaiju, and Golden Genie. Good Luck.

  7. I would say bone dragon, Dracul, Corgi, Hydra and Dark horse work very well together but I like attack mainly more than defense so if your an attacking person this is the right team for you also try using cyclops shaman

  8. The Master Thief can use Misdirection and wipe out an entire team by herself in a split second. The more damage they try to pile onto her, the more likely they die. Even when she’s not using that, she heals herself and deals an absolute ton of damage with her basic attack. Then as an added bonus, she can steal other heroes attributes and use them against them.

  9. I like the combo of Dark Horse, Silent Spirit, King Kaiju, Golden Genie, and Crimson Witch. DH gives team shield at start of each wave. SS is powerful and puts up a wall for special. KKs fire kicks on when 1/2 full and does damage. GG is powerful when he hits his special of unloading chickens at you, but takes a little time getting there. CW as we all know starts team with both attack and agility bonus. I’M JUST SAYING, “IF YOU HAVE THESE HERO’S, LEVEL UP, BUILD ON SKILLS, AND ENCHANT. I USE THIS TEAM FOR NEARLY EVERYTHING. I DON’T WIN THEM ALL ,BUT…JUST CHECK FOR YOURSELF! ”
    If anyone has helpful team info, please share.

  10. From what I’ve seen the best. It couldn’t be beat was Golden,King,Crimson,Moon,Spirit, They are being weakened latley but still are most players Mainstay. Just have to look at the fight pit see what combos are out there most of high end ones are this combo. I can see it’s changing but still a force to be recogned with.
    I’ve taken out orange 90’s out with it. I do switch up plant, once in a while. But same lvl in level 84 it just can’t be beat. Period no argument.

  11. An update: Bone Dragon in Orange changes everything. Too powerful if you ask me. You just can’t use your
    powers because it take them all away, your left with basic. So My Golden genie, Crimson witch, Moon Drake, King. become lame like every other combo that goes against Bone (head) Dragon. They will probably weaken him like they do to everyone you put tons of time and money into. I just got to shut up I guess and grin and bare it. But no more money is going to come from me.

  12. you ask if people agree with your assessment on your post for heros ….id have to disagree on multiple levels and ill explain why its nothing to do with the list being outdated either ….you state that certain heros are goid or no good but thats from what ive because you dont know how to use them or have not actually studied them or you would have chosen and stated differently had you known about them and how to use them and using them together which ones and why and in order for you to even start using any hero to get the most out of them you need to understand them meaning not just that some are physical and others magical each of them have different skills and knowing what those skills do and how they work is something you should have studied prior to any testing in fights for example ( that purple dragon as you put it ) from the way youve said that my best guess is youre referring to magic dragon and tho his name indicates hes a magic damage hero youll be surprised to know that him and other heros are deemed magic damage yet when you study further into the individual skills alot of those skills do physical damage and not magic damage so if your using a magic dealing hero and not having read the skills for that hero you wouldnt know that hes not helping because hes dealing physical damage in a part of the game where the minions are immune to physical damage .. just as moondrake takes forever to get her to fire if youd read her stats screen and skill descriptions youd realise her main purpose is to charge up other heros with energy in her line and not so much for firing her ball of energy …youd also have found out that instead of waiting for her to fire you could of taken her off automatic for the fight and manualky tap on her screen portrait to make her fire at half charge …or used crimson witch in the line with her to charge her up faster and give all the heros in your fighting line a 25 percent increase in attack speed and damages just by adding crimson )



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