DragonSoul RPG is a brand new and extremely addictive game for the iPhone and iPad. I love the graphics and gameplay and I totally appreciate the humor of the game: it’s really one of the funnest game of the moment, and I am sure that you are playing it like crazy. We certainly do and decided to maybe help you a bit in your quest to get more stuff and beat all stages with some DragonSoul cheats and tips.

There isn’t really that much to talk regarding strategy and mechanics – it’s all about being active and a bit lucky when it comes to collecting your items, but there are still things you can do to improve your game – we’ll talk about them here in our DragonSoul tips and cheats article!

1. Use the special powers wisely
The only thing that you control directly in this game is the moment when you use the heroes’ super powers in battle: and that does matter a lot. Usually, it’s best to go with all of them ready to be used in the final stage of a battle, because that’s actually the most difficult one to beat.

In other words, don’t use your special skills late in the second stage but do use any skills that you have completely powered-up in the early moments of the stage to get the extra advantage and you will most likely have them all recharged and ready to be fired-up in the final, most difficult stage. The exception here is the healer whose special healing skill should be used as soon as it is available.

2. Level up your heroes
Your heroes automatically gain experience when completing a stage in the game, but you can also boost them up a bit by spending your XP potions on them. Try to always keep 5-6 of them on you for when you unlock new heroes (You can check out your progress on them in the heroes menu) but apart from that, don’t hesitate to use any extra ones that you have to give your heroes a boost and make them stronger.

3. Focus on promoting your heroes
When you battle, you get various equipment items during the fight and you can use those items to equip your heroes or craft items that can be equipped. Promoted heroes gain an extra boost in stats and they can equip new items (then get promoted again). Focus on promoting your heroes one at a time, starting with your top ones. However, any extra equipment that you have should be equipped to other heroes in order to get the boosts.

4. Don’t forget about the freebies
You get a free Silver Chest a few times a day, every 10 minutes, a Gold Chest every 48 hours and so on – there are a ton of freebies scattered around in DragonSoul, make sure that you get them all in order to speed up your progress in the game.

5. Do the daily quests/missions
Every day, you will get new missions and quests to complete (and they will include more freebies too) so make sure that you do them all on a daily basis in order to max out your progress as well.

6. Replay specific missions to get the required items
All items that you want in the game can be obtained by completing specific missions – you are not guaranteed to get that particular loot, but if you complete the mission over and over again you will certainly get a lot. So tap any item that you want to get and see where you can find it – then simply replay the mission using raids if you have them or the Auto raid option if you have it unlocked (after getting three stars in a mission).

7. Don’t forget about the versus mode
You can and should play against other players in the Pit in order to get even more and greater rewards. Be active enough and always select the easiest opponents to beat, based on their power and try to stay as much as possible up there at the top for some great rewards.

8. Evolve Your Heroes as soon as you have the chance
Evolving heroes in DragonSoul is not an easy task, but try to do it as soon as possible, even if that includes spending some money on it. Evolved heroes get great bonuses and are really worth the trouble. You need Soulstones in order to evolve heroes, and you can find them in Silver or Gold chests or by completing specific missions on Elite level.

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for DragonSoul. Do you have anything else to add? Let us know by commenting below!

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  1. isn’t there any guide on how to get through the crypt raids, or especially the temples? I can’t find any reliable info on these sub-games in Dragonsoul.

    • Well, just get your best heroes to work! :) Temples are a bit more difficult and some planning is involved, especially when it comes to the order of the Titans you attack, while the Crypts are a teamwork element where everybody should attack and if they can’t defeat all the opponents, they should at least bring their health down so others can take them out.

  2. I would suggest using the healer’s special power only when your heroes need healing, NOT as soon as his power bar is full. Use it strategically because it takes longer for power bar to fll up

    • Soul stones are used to gain extra stars. For going from one to two stars, you need 20 stones if I am correct. As soon as you get those, you can evolve your hero and it will get an extra star. The number of required Soul Stones increases with each new star and some heroes start at 1 star, while others at 3.

  3. For crypt raids, fight toughest opponents you can beat in 1attack. Dont forget 2 hire friend every attack. Ninja dwarf with maxed skills with dark horse for initial protection can make mince meat of all but tanks. For weak opponents, take 2 heroes plus hire to double your wins. Free, level up, max skills, and promote as many heroes as possible for more wins.

  4. For temples, it is important to beat opponents that give weak boons to remaining titans first. So leave healer, merman, understudy, centaur, and brozerker for last. Again ninja dwarf is b est.

  5. Simple: Don’t play this game.

    Purchased a one time offer, didn’t get what I paid for and got called a liar by the company. I even displayed photos of proof showing this error, and even the receipt of the purchase. The sadist thing: I didn’t even ask for a refund, just the digital ‘in game currency’ I paid real money for…

    Don’t play this game, this money hungry company will do whatever it takes to accuse the customer in order to keep the money.

  6. This is m first RPG game, so trying to find out if i’m supposed to be tapping on the heroes icons, the heroes themselves, the odd items that keep popping up, etc, during battles. i win when i’m tap tapping everything, i lost when i didn’t tap when i was distracted. No friends that play, but, looking for the most basic info. thx

    • You don’t have to tap on anything, generally. All you should tap on is the icons when they are filled to unleash that hero’s special attack. However, you will soon find that timing is important on that too (you will find that by playing the game). Otherwise, the battles are pretty much automatic and the dropped icons are collected automatically, so no need to tap them. Just play, see what works and how it works and you will be fine.

  7. Everyone talks about assigning weapons, but not how to do it. Am new to the game,so if anyone could enlighten me, that would be great. Have loads of scraps,scrolls,etc. What to do?

    • Click on a hero and it will open their window. Click on any piece of Gear in the upper right and it will open up a tree like interface to the ingredients that make up a final piece of gear. You can click/follow the tree path to the actual mission you need to play to win the specific gear.

  8. It would be helpful to have some guide to gaining the 5th skill for every hero. The Zombie Squire for example requires you to use its Pushing Daisies Skill 30 times and win each of the 30 battles. I don’t see an opportunity for playing 30 battles with the zombie where he can resurrect 30 times. How is this done? The Frost Giant has a similar issue.

  9. Frost Gigant is easy czpter 11-2 , use frost and one more. Mob mr smashy will do the job for U. it will take 5 ,maybe 6 battles to finish …. but Zombie is different still dont know how to do q

  10. How do you use the skills other than the main one you get in the beginning. I have my characters all to blue but still can’t use anything but the first skill.

    • Only the first skill is controlled by the human (us). The additional skills are used via AI. I found this out by watching for Dragon Lady to backhand someone (skill 2 or 3). Sure enough, she did it with no user input

    • The game doesn’t really work like that, the mechanics being more complex. It’s more about finding the right team that works great together, level of the heroes, equipment and so on…

  11. I love this game i play it daily although it has taken diamonds on afew occasion “bummer” and fighting 3or4 rounds and not getting nothing needs to give more fighting points to play,but will still play daily thanks for a great game


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