We’ve been playing a lot of DragonSoul lately and we’re having a real blast, so we decided to help you have the same amount of fun for free with our guide on how to unlock all heroes in DragonSoul. There are no less than 23 heroes that you can unlock, some better than the others, and you should make it your quest to get them all. I am here to help you do that faster than the rest and set up the perfect lineup to defeat all our opponents, no matter if they’re in the Pit or the regular campaign.

Don’t forget to also check out our DragonSoul tips and tricks – and after you do that, move on to our guide on how to unlock all heroes in DragonSoul!

1. I’m starting with the obvious, easiest way to do it, just to make sure that we’re covering all possible scenarios. These being said, the easiest way to unlock all heroes is by Purchasing the Gold Chest from the Market and/or the Soul Chest (if you reach the required VIP level). This requires spending real life money, so most people won’t want to do this, but I wanted to make sure that you know that this is the easiest and fastest way to get your heroes.

Also, every couple of days, you get a free draw from the Gold Chest – make sure you take advantage of it, as I managed to score one free hero in three tries so far (spent my diamonds on an extra one too).

2. Do well in the Pit
Fighting in the Pit can reward you with some incredible goodies, including a lot of free gems which can be used to purchase the Gold Chest and reward you with new heroes. Choose weaker enemies that rank as high as possible and stay there at the top long enough to get your heroes!

3. Collect the Hero Stones from the stages
Although this requires a lot of time, it’s the easiest and most guaranteed way (if there is such an expression…) to get your heroes unlocked one by one – and also Evolve the ones you already have. All you have to do it to complete the missions that can potentially give you the Hero stones over and over again until you meet the requirements. Here is how to do it:

Tap the Hero that you want to unlock and check out the data there. A pop-up will show you all the possible ways to get the Hero Stones: all you have to do is to complete those stages and you will, eventually, get the Stones. For example, the easiest to unlock early on is Dark Dracul, with all its Elite Stage requirements.

4. Keep an eye on the traders and complete missions!
Some heroes are more difficult to unlock, as you can only unlock them by getting the Stones from different traders (as is the case of Brozerker that requires you to trade in the Pit Trader). But generally being active will reward you with good stones: completing missions will reward you with them and even logging in often will do the same.

So in the end, being extremely active and playing it smart to get the stones you need will unlock you most characters faster than others can get them and you can set up a great line-up that nobody can beat!


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