In our previous guide, we talked about beating the DragonSoul Temple, and now we’re going to talk about another feature that has a lot to do with a bit of planning and an active guild: the Crypt Raid. In other words, we’re going to share with you a guide on how to beat the DragonSoul Crypt easily, on a daily basis, with just a bit of planning, smart choices when it comes to your enemies and an really active guild.

Why would you like to be active in the Crypt and beat it daily? Because, depending on the number of guild members you will have, you will receive extra guild coins to spend in the Guild Shop for premium items or Soul Stones. Plus, you get nice coin rewards for each win and it’s really fun. So let’s get this started!


How to beat the Crypt in DragonSoul

The number of enemies you will have to face in the Crypt, as well as their overall levels will be decided by the number of members your guild has and their level. This means that if you have a maxed out, 50 members guild, you will have to defeat a lot more than a 25 players guild will have. But they’re always made that they’re easy to win if one important rule is followed: all or most of the guild members are active players. In other words, a 25-member guild with 25 active players will get better results than a 50-member guild with 30 active players.

This means that the #1, most important rule when it comes to Crypt Raids in the game is to have an active guild. Without it, it’s impossible to beat it.

2. Always take advantage of the free hero. For each crypt attack that you make, you can hire a hero for free, from your guild mates, to help you in battle. This means that guild members that are active are again important, because they list their heroes for hire. When hiring heroes, make sure to get the Heroes based on the level of your opponents. In other words, if there are other options, it makes no sense to waste a level 80 Hero by hiring them from the board if you’re fighting against Level 40 opponents. Try to balance them out and leave the high level heroes for the real challenges where all the extra power is required.

If you’re part of an active guild, though, you can follow my own guild’s strategy for winning all the crypt raids: have a mid-level player be active early in the morning and let him start attacking with the high level heroes. He usually gets one high level hero and pairs them with one of his own – this is enough to defeat an entire set of low level opponents. For example, if you have a level 80 Roller Warrior paired with a level 75 Hydra, you will easily take out a team of level 50 opponents. This practice is vital to take out as many opponents as possible using as few of your own troops as possible.

But you also have to be smart about it (that’s why communication is important): don’t have one player wipe out all the low level heroes and leave the burden of high level ones to the rest, try to find a balance. All players have max level heroes and heroes that they didn’t invest much in. Therefore, the guild members should always leave some low level opponents for the low level heroes of their guild mates. This sounds complicated, but once you get the hang of it, everything is extremely easy. The bottom line is that every guild member should have the chance to attack with their lowest heroes first and defeat opponents.

3. Don’t always go with a full team (5 heroes in battle). I said it at tip #2 and I have to repeat it: sometimes, you can go in with a 2-player team and defeat 5 opponents. Playing often and using common sense (checking out the levels of your opponents, as well as their team’s power) will make it, eventually, easier for you to decide who to send in battle – and how many heroes!

4. Use all your attacks to at least weaken the tougher opponents. Even if you can’t beat the heroes you’re facing, you can still help your guild members a lot by simply weakening the stronger teams that are left. Just attack and take out some of the health of the opposing heroes – or take one out completely, and some other guild member will have a much easier job to defeat them.

So teamwork, an active guild and planning/communication are the key to completing each Crypt on a daily basis. Try to assign roles based on the times your players are active: our best players attack one in the morning (to take out a ton of enemies, and he always has 7-10 skulls) and two in the evening, taking out the strong enemies that are left and rounding things up. Other active players also save a few heroes just in case there’s need for some extra help at the end of the day. If you do this, you’ll see that it’s really easy – so start by cleaning out all the inactive members from the guild and you’ll see the rewards pouring in!



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