The Temple is a relatively new addition to DragonSoul and definitely one of the most difficult challenges in the game as it requires not only a good set of heroes, but also strong and active allies that can defeat the increasingly difficult enemies you’re facing. I am here to share with you the answer to the burning question “how to beat the DragonSould Temple each time you get it?” and share with you a complete guide to this new feature of the game. Because everything, with a bit of planning and the right guild, can be completed.

How to beat each DragonSoul Temple

In case you don’t know, the Temple is randomly found when completing regular or elite Campaign missions in the game. After finding a Temple, you can invite your guild members to help defeat the Titans inside: the first 5 invites are free and for each extra one after that, you have to pay 2,000 coins. You can also help other crypt members with their temples and for a successful fight (when you defeat one of their Titans), you receive 50 Guild coins and some regular coins as well. The catch is that every Titan you defeat gives a bonus to your opponents in the upcoming fights, making them more and more difficult.

Now here are the tips and tricks you need to know when dealing with a Temple, no matter if it’s yours or one of your allies:

1. Be smart about choosing the Titans you fight against. The Bardbarian Titan might have the easiest opponents, but it offers 40% speed boost to attack and movement, which is pretty massive. In other words, after defeating the Bardbarian, all the upcoming Titan fights will see your opponents attack almost two times faster than your heroes. That’s a lot!

So always try to destroy the Titan with the least impressive bonus first. In my opinion, some of the easier choices for starting out are Snap Dragon, Medusa, and even Dragon Lady / Centaur. Look at the Titans available and always go for the one that offers a bonus that won’t change the tides of the next battles!

2. Always go for the Titans with the most powerful troops first. The idea is that the more Titans you defeat, the more difficult it will be for the next people to defeat the remaining ones. Therefore, you should always start with the biggest threats first: think those flying demons that are immune to either physical or magic damage or the large ogres that have humongous health meters. If you don’t choose the Titans in the right order, even a level 55 Titan if you’re level 75 can prove impossible to be defeated!

3. Be smart with your invites and communicate with your guild members. The first couple of Titans are easy to beat, so you should have your lower level allies defeat them. Your stronger (eventually higher level) guild members should be the last ones to attack, because the Titans will be easier to beat. In other words, if you’re level 80, have your level 75 allies attack first, then the level 80 and above take out the rest of the Titans. If your high level allies waste your attacks first, it will be impossible for lower or even similar level players to defeat the remaining ones.

So this is what you should have in mind when it comes to beating the Titans in the DragonSoul Temple. Some temples are more difficult than others and it all depends on your guild members: it’s usually better to be a lower level player than the rest of your guild mates in order to have your Temple completed. But the best guilds are those where there’s a maximum difference of 10 levels between the lowest and highest member, because that makes it a lot easier to complete the Temple – and everything else in the game.


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