Dragon Quest VIII, the iOS port of the PlayStation 2 entry of the Dragon Quest role playing game series, is now available on the App Store in the West.

The game surfaced, surprisingly, on the New Zealand store yesterday so the release wasn’t completely unexpected.


In recent times, Square Enix has been releasing ports of its Dragon Quest games on iOS in Japan. The Japanese company is going to eventually release all the classic Dragon Quest games on the App Store up until the eight entry of the series. The fact that Dragon Quest VIII is now out doesn’t mean that all of the games have been released, as the company has been releasing them in a seemingly random order.

The Western release of Dragon Quest VIII was also somewhat expected for a simple reason. Back in October, we have reported that the Amazon Games Twitter mentioned the game alongside Final Fantasy VI iOS before both games were available in the West. Amazon Games doesn’t mention Japanese exclusive releases and was thus hinting at the Western release of both role playing games.

Dragon Quest VIII is now available for purchase on the App Store. The game costs $19.99 and comes with no IAPs whatsoever.




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