Gameloft has just launched on iOS a dragon adventure game involving a lot of breeding, Dragon Mania Legends. A beautiful game with a ton of dragons to battle and breed, and we are here to help make that experience a lot more interesting by sharing with you a complete set of Dragon Mania Legends cheats: tips & tricks for a complete strategy guide that will help you get all the dragons and win all the battles, while having the most fun!

First of all, it doesn’t hurt to know everything about breeding in the game, so check out our article here. Then come back and keep on reading for some hopefully useful Dragon Mania Legends tips and cheats for master breeders!

Pet your dragons
Remember to pet your dragons often to get some extra coins and the occasional free gem. This is how I do to optimize everything: as soon as I log in to the game, I collect resources and feed the dragons, setting up the new queue and fight if possible. Afterwards, I go through all the dragons and pet them (simply tap on their icon in the habitat and swipe your hand over them) – this way, until I am done, so are some of the queued things and I can collect again. And I have some extra coins from the petting itself!

Attack the top dragon first
Whenever you go into battle, start attacking the top dragon: that’s the last dragon to attack and you might just have enough power to completely take him out, thus winning an extra attack and having just two dragons damaging yours. Really useful!

Max out on habitats & dragons
The game requires humongous amounts of coins from you and the easiest way to get a ton is by having the maximum number of allowed habitats, at all times, and fill them with dragons. Upgrade the habitats and especially the dragons and always replace them when you get better ones – the idea is to have them hold as many coins as possible and get filled as fast as possible and this can be achieved by having high level dragons in top habitats. And you won’t need to worry about coins anymore!

Always produce something
Whether we’re talking about food in your farms or dragons breeding or studying, you should always have something happening on your island. Things will get more and more expensive as you progress through the game, and you will never have too much of anything!

Send your best dragons to the Academy
You need Scrolls in order to send your dragons to the academy, and they are limited in number (when it comes to free ones). So only send your best dragons (multiple elements) to the academy and only focus on a few. Remember that you only use three in battle, so it’s better to have three super duper ones than a lot of low level dragons!

Pay attention to element strengths
Even though, indeed, you theoretically use only three dragons in battles, sometimes it’s worth being smart about your dragon choices and who you send to fight. Specific elements are stronger against some elements, and you should always know how things go and send into battle dragons of the best elements to get an advantage. If you can’t remember all the strengths and weaknesses, simply tap the green i button before starting an attack and it will show you how the elements work. Always try to have your best dragons in battle to increase your chances of winning them!

Go for perfect attacks!
Every time you attack, you have to pay attention to the attack meter and try to stop it when it’s on the green. This grants you a perfect attack which not only does more damage, but also fills up your Fury meter which allows you to trigger a super special attack. So make sure you practice and always use the Perfect attacks with your dragons!

Be patient and keep on going!
You won’t get the best dragons from first and there’s a lot of waiting involved in this game, so take your time! Keep on breeding, keep on feeding your dragons, keep on collecting and doing stuff and eventually you will get extremely strong in the game. Good luck!

Do you have other strategies that work in Dragon Mania Legends? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. Yup yup yup!!! You can move buildings by selecting them with a tap, then tap hold down with your finger. 4 arrows will appear that allow you to drag/move the buildings. Idk if the academy is movable though haha

    • see above where i answered kaylee h.
      Basically make sure it is not occupied by a dragon or completing an action and click on the inventory button.

  2. I’m on a windows phone and can not figure out how to add friends/players. Ive gone to the lighthouse clicked invite and the people I know are playing that are on my facebook do not show up. If anyone knows how to add players it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  3. My daughter needs a metal habitat for her metal dragon, she has enough money but it says ‘maximum number of habitats built’ how can she buy a habitat for him or where else can she house him..?? Thanks

  4. Well, its probably because she has an island full of habitats. She needs to upgrade a few habitats and move some dragons there or she can save gold and buy another island. That’s what I did.

  5. Hello, I have all the habitats and recently bought a metal dragon and Its saying I don’t have space so How can I get my dragon out of the hatchery?? PLEASE HELP BEFORE I DELETE THE GAME! Thanks Andrea

  6. How do you move dragons from habitat to habitat? I need more space in my fire habitat for more fire dragons and want to move my smoke dragons to my wind habitat.

    • To move dragon from habitat to habitat… While you are on the petting screen.. Look at the bottom left of the screen you will see a yellow box with “I”.. Click that n look around you’ll see it.

    • just like moving a dragon, click the habitat, the dragon, then somewhere on the bottom left and it would say sell. for the habitat, you would have to empty the habitat of dragons then it would show a money icon. click that

    • I think the number of stars you get depends on how many dragons you have left at the end of the battle. One dragon = 1 star, three dragons = 3 stars

    • click on the “i” icon when the screen shows when you’re supposed to choose your dragons. it would show you when you need to do in order to get an amount of stars

  7. Why can’t I enter a friends invite code?
    My code is 78632
    I could enter the codes before. That’s how I became friends with my son. But now it won’t let me

  8. Hi I’ve been trying to do a salamander dragon but it never works how do I get it?
    Also if people could refer me so I can upgrade my hatchery that would be great it is 7ab32

  9. i can’t buy gems bat i have the app that hack apps freedom bat don’t use it bat i can’t open the gems store it open’s bat all the time loading what can i do ?????

  10. Hey, my referral code is 20465. Can someone please add me, I need one more friend to open the gate. And what combinations work to get the ice-cream dragon?

  11. I play on an iPad Air. One of my void habitats won’t show the two dragons I have placed in there. If I try to move the habitat or upgrade it, I loose connection. Any idea how to fix this???

  12. I play on an ipad mini. My brother also plays on an ipad. Somehow he has linked his world to my ipad and I can no longer access my world. Does anyone know how I break this link so I can get back to my world?

  13. Anyone wanting a friend on Windows Platform please add me. I gift daily
    Just enter this code at the light house Referral code : 1f27c
    Hope to see you soon!

  14. I found a way to collect coins from a dragon in a single animation.,simply swipe the dragon fast and remember to lift ur finger up at the end if each swipe and start again(left to right motion only).,just like scratching.,this way u can cut the animation and petting time.,

    Sorry for my bad english,happy i could help

  15. Is there a way to add friends without using the referral code? Since I can only use someones code once but need friends to do things such as open gates… Is there some other way? It seems kind of stupid to be able to add one but wait for others to use your referral code…

  16. Wmp Platform:
    Click the green options button, in top rich corner

    2. Click Social button.
    3. Log out.
    4. Log back in facebook under different account.
    5. Once logged in, lighthouse will let you enter code of anothers, only once.

    So basically you have to create bs fb profiles, and link all to one main referral code, by login out and registering that one main referral come to all those first time logins, in the light house .

  17. In my Hatchery, I’ve added a Witch dragon as it was in my inventory.I’m not having energy/void habitat as I’m in level 15.Energy habitat will get unlocked by level 19 only.So Do i have to wait until i reach level 19 for freeing the hatchery?

  18. Its really strange tht we can only add one friend by using code. I can only request others players here to add me. So o have some friends. Add me please d15a2. Yup thats my code. If am
    Lucky tht some adds me

  19. Guys, No offense, but looks like u need ALOT of help. Ok. Lets start. First of all, Im Lvl 16 with an elemental dragon. When u want to breed a dragon (Like a snow dragon) go to thee store and look at it’s elements. If you see, it has the symbols “Fire” and “earth”. The next thing ya do is breed the corrosponding dragons of that element.

    Ritu, that is a good question. A murcury dragon is metal and a water dragon…BUT YOU CANT BREED A METAL AND WATER! so, breed a metal dragon with a HYBRID dragon with the element water. Also, Sunflower +Murcury dragon= Siren dragon. What? my dad has 3 ledgendary dragons and he got the siren dragon FIRST TRY! he owes it to me for the breeding formula.

    So, those are some tactics for breeding. Next I have a REALLY good tip, so pay attention.
    If you have a rare dragon, like an elemental dragon, or an epic, PUT HIM IN A HABITAT ALONE. do this because he will produce more money, and another dragon with him would speed that up, wich is not wanted if you leave it overnight.Also, remember to upgrade your gold capacity on there, it will come in handy.

    One last thing-League tips.

    If you have a dragon that has stone shields put him in the first spot of attack. do this because he will do stone shield first on your battle dragons.

    So..If u enjoyed my comment make sure to freind me! I send lots of gifts. Platform: windows

    Code: 95f43

  20. My son has accidentally gone onto a friends world permanently how does he get back onto his world??
    Please could someone help him hes tried everything!

  21. Add me on IOS IPhone 331c9d
    Also does anyone know if we are able to get more than 1 hatchery and more than 1 breeding den cus it sucks that I’m only able to breed once at a time so what’s the point in upgrading my hatchery to 3 nests when I can only breed 2 dragons one at a time? Makes no sense. Lol. Why can’t I breed 3 different couples of dragons AND have 3 nests in my hatchery cus that would make sense!

    • You can get eggs from events and card packs etc and if you are already hatching something you might not want to wait for your egg to hatch. Also hatching times are longer than breeding times meaning you will probably finish breeding before you finish hatching. Hope this information was helpful.

  22. My screen does not show half of my dragons…just an eye ball. I cannot see objects on the islands such as trees and what not. I am unable to train because I cannot see anything in the habitats. Someone please explain to me how to fix this. I am using a Windows 10 PC.

  23. Hi anyone who haven added a friend please add me at fbe2e7…i will be a very active and useful friend sending u gifts always and will help if required any upgrades…thanks a million…

  24. Hello,

    Are rare dragons stronger? It seems as if no matter what dragon you use their attacks deals the same amount of damage. Are the rare dragons just for looks then?

  25. How do you hit a perfect hit in Dragon Mania Legends. I know you have to hit it to the green it’s just it’s hard to do that. And how do you get legendary dragons are new to the game so I don’t really know how to do this. Thank you for the tip the! They were really helpful. Just I need help with those two things. Thank you for the tips again they were really helpful!

    • Practice and you will eventually be able to hit perfect almost every time. As for getting new legendarys some will not be available to breed at first or are only available to breed as the dragon of the month.

  26. Ok, my battle team (all lvl 20) are tiger, lynx and black armour. I’m thinking of swapping my lynx, as it’s similar to the tiger, only difference being plant and earth. I’m not sure what to swap it for tho. I recently unlocked light… also how to breed the dragon would be nice

  27. Ok so i have been playing this game for quite a long time now and i only have one question. Perfect hit will deal more damage than normal attack but how much more it will be exactly? 10%, 15%… of the base damage?

  28. how do you get dragons back after yu have sold them on accident I miss my fireball dragon accidentally sold hi this sucks he was my favorite dragon and I worked so hard to get hi help.


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