Dragon Mania Legends Breeding Combinations / Breeding Guide for All Dragons


Certainly, the most important element of the recently launched Dragon Mania Legends by Gameloft is breeding the rarest possible dragons, leveling them up and sending them to win your battles. Even though we can’t help too much with the later two, the first and extremely important part: the Dragon Mania Legends breeding guide is here and I am sure that by checking it out below, you will be able to create your perfect army of amazing dragons. Good luck!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the complete Dragon Mania Legends breeding guide and breeding combinations to get all the dragons in the game. Or at least know what you have to do in order to get them!

Basically, the idea behind breeding dragons in Dragon Mania Legends is pretty simple: check out the elements of the Dragon that you want to breed and use dragons that have all the elements. You can see the elements of the dragons when starting the breeding process, while the elements of dragons you can breed can be seen in the store. Also, it seems that the rarer the dragons you use and the higher their level, the greater your chances of getting a rare dragon in return, so it’s always worth sending in your best dragons of the required elements to breed. Finally, make sure that you have the correct order of the elements. For example, if you breed a Fire and a Wind Dragon, you might get a Bee dragon, but if you change the order (and use Wind Dragon first, then Fire) you will get a Smoke Dragon.

Now in terms of actual combinations, below are some Dragon Mania Legends breeding combinations that work for the indicated dragons, but others that give you the same elements might work as well:

Smoke Dragon: Wind & Fire
Bee Dragon: Fire & Wind
Dust Dragon: Wind & Earth
Lava Dragon: Earth & Fire
Salamander Dragon: Fire & Earth
Tribal: Fire, Earth & Wind
Boiling Dragon: Fire & Water
Ice Dragon: Wind & Water
Snow: Water & Earth
Mud: Earth & Water
Cloud: Water & Winds
Elemental: Earth, Water, Fire
Clownfist: Water, Earth, Wind
Seed: Wind, Plant
Tree: Earth, Plant
Melon: Water, Plant
Candy: Plant, Water
Leaf: Plant, Wind
Sunflower: Fire, Plant
Orange: Fire, Leaf, Earth
Agave: Fire, Water, Plant
Tornado: Wind, Metal
Minotaur: Earth, Metal
War: Metal, Fire
Venom: Plant, Metal
Razor: Metal, Wind
Armored: Metal, Earth
Cyborg: Metal, Plant
Mercury: Metal, Water
Rust: Metal, Water & Earth
Regal: Wind, Metal, Water
Black Armor: Earth, Wind & Metal
Coral: Metal, Plant, Water
Plasma: Fire, Energy
Geiger: Earth, Energy
Eel: Water, Energy
Honey: Plant, Energy
Tesla: Energy, Metal
UV: Metal, Energy
Brick: Energy, Earth
Rainbow: Energy, Water
Meteor: Energy, Fire
Lightning: Energy, Wind
Geyser: Fire, Water, Energy
Clay: Earth, Water, Energy
Ruby Dragon: Earth, Energy, Fire
Ironcast: Metal, Fire, Energy
Banana Dragon: Plant, Water, Energy
Emerald Dragon: Plant, Energy, Earth
Tiger Dragon: Energy, Plant, Fire
Golden Crow Dragon: Energy, Metal, Plant
Lumino: Fire, Void
Rain: Water, Void
Nightshade: Plant, Void
Witch: Energy, Void
Mist: Void, Wind
Shard: Void, Metal
Doom: Void, Energy
Prickly: Void, Plant
Jaws: Void, Water
Magnet: Earth, Void
Blueflame Dragon: Water, Void, Fire
Aurora: Metal, Energy, Void
Toxic: Plant, Energy, Void
Storm: Energy, Wind, Void
Jelly: Void, Energy, Water
Swamp: Void, Earth, Plant
Alien: Void, Metal, Plant
Dracula: Void, Metal, Wind

These are all the combinations for the Dragon Mania Legends – you have a lot of breeding to do, so start doing it if you want all these amazing dragons!

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Dragon Mania Legends Breeding Combinations / Breeding Guide for All Dragons


  1. What I need to know is what DRAGONS to breed not the elements of the dragons so u have to figure it out yourself! I just want to find out what different dragons to breed to get the certain dragon I want to get

      • If you want to get a specific dragon, each of its elements must be contained by at least one of the two dragons, you put to breed. You don’t get it on the first time in some cases, that means, you have to try again.
        Just to show you, this is an exemple:
        I want to get a Lava Dragon (F̲i̲r̲e̲, E̲a̲r̲t̲h̲).
        If I breed Fire Dragon (F̲i̲r̲e̲) and Earth Dragon (E̲a̲r̲t̲h̲), I have a chance to get the Lava Dragon.
        If I breed Fire Dragon (F̲i̲r̲e̲) and Ice Dragon (Wind, Water), I will never get the Lava Dragon, because neither of those 2 dragons, I’ve put to breed, has an Earth element.
        If I breed Bee Dragon (Wind, F̲i̲r̲e̲) and Elemental Dragon (F̲i̲r̲e̲, E̲a̲r̲t̲h̲, Water), at least one dragon has the F̲i̲r̲e̲ element and at least one dragon has the E̲a̲r̲t̲h̲ element, therefore, I have a chance to get the Lava Dragon.

  2. I have been trying to get a few dragons like venom or some that say I need a plant and fire based dragon to get this or that. Or in any element that needs hybrids to breed..any suggestions

    • RARE LEGENDARY LOVE DRAGON = CANDY DRAGON + PLANT DRAGON (in that exact order) Its plant and steel to get venom dragon, too. To get the three element dragons, breed any dragons of the correct elements, the rarer and higher level the better chance you’ll get it. It’s pretty much random after that. Just make sure you check the order the elements appear for the rare dragon you want in the shop page. Then, input the breeding dragons with the element combo order, like a code itself. (I.E Emerald Dragon (PLT.ENG.EAR)= Plant Dragon (PLT) + Brick (ENG.EAR)

  3. Anyway,you will see the combinations down from their name.

    My question is “Can you buy stars from the quests?”

    And the answer is “No,you can’t buy stars!”

    I am play this game from two weeks and I know that.

    From Ioan to paulo fiaes.

  4. hi , I need help getting the metal dragon I have looked everywhere and I can’t find what dragons to breed to get it. Please someone comment thanks for the help x

    • you can only get metal dragon by buying it. That’s the same for all singel elemental dragons. It’s impossible to get the dragon you want by breeding If you don’t have the right element for it.

      • As far as I know, the only single element Dragon, you can get by breeding is Wind Dragon. Try breeding any two dragons, which have the Wind element.

    • Metal is a basic dragon. You can obtain it when you reach a certain player level, or have the gems/gold to but it. Being that it’s a basic dragon, it cannot *be bred*. You will need it, however, for all of the Metal hybrids eventually.

      I think the game gives you instructions on how to get the Metal, but I play on Windows PC, so it might be different for your playing platform. :)

    • I just tried to breed two bosses that I recently purchased with gems. Bosses do not show up on the breeding grounds, so you cannot breed them with anything. Sorry!

    • if you mwant to breed the boss or legendary you just can wait for the events
      and it will show you how to breed it . I breed but inever get the legendary or boss except the Archangel dragon = Tribal + Water , you should get it on your
      first try . thanks

      • I tried it never worked both are level 28 3* enchanted but it did give me other rare dragons. I’m working on TDOM right now and can’t seem to get it to breed. The black armour and fire should produce but take many times I’ve been told

    • You can’t get boss or legendary dragon trough breeding. You can only get them as prices when you log in, but than you must log in every day for 30 days to get firs 29 prices. The last day, you get legendary or boss dragon. Or you can simply buy them but they are too expensive.

      • This is hw I get my dragons. I actually thought about it and then I thought it was stupid and then it worked! Just like the thing says, if you want to breed a dragon. Breed then accordingly. I followed everything in this page except for thing. If I want to get a rare, epic or dragons that are commonly but have two or more elements, I do this:

        Sample: The Agave dragon. It has the fire, water and plant element. I was lvl 18 when I done this. The fire and water are first so I found a dragon that not only has the fire and water but in the exact order like this: Fire, then water. Fortunately it was a boiling dragon. I fed my boiling dragon to lvl 10. Now d last thing I needed was a plant dragon. I bought a plant dragon and levelled it up to 10 as well and then I need them in f exact order as the elements goes in the agave dragon. Boiling first, then plant. Mine took 9 + hrs to breed and 21 or 15 hrs( can’t remember which one) to hatch and I got the agave dragon in my first try. I done this with all dragons and its all working in first tries except for one uncommon dragon that took me 2 tries altho it was worth it. Hope it helps. Do t forget, LVl them up to at least lvl10 to get an epic or rare dragon

    • It means it’s a combo of two basic dragons. The easiest hybrids to get are Lava or Salamander. both are Fire and Earth, though their elemental badges are reversed. Breed your basic Fire with your basic Earth, and you’ll get either one.
      It’s all up to chance, a lot of patience, and a lot of time. You can try reversing the order of the elements in the parents and you might get the other ‘sibling’. Good Luck! :D

  5. I have been trying to breed for the snow Dragon, and I just can’t seem to get it. What am I doing wrong. I have tried everything. And can never get the snow dragon. Please let me know the exact 2 dragons, what level and in what order. Thanks.

    • Boi you can’t breed legendary or boss dragon! You can only wait for events or prices or whatever is that, and than get a legendary or boss dragon as a gift.

    • This is to dustin,

      Breed water and earth in this exact order. I made sure the water and earth dragon are both lvl 10s. They don’t hv to be LV 10 by the way, they can be higher but if they are less than 10, there’s a less chance of getting the snow dragon. I got it in my first try

      • Hey levels not mandatory i got mine snow dragon = earth(lvl.7) +
        water(lvl.4). One thing more element arrangement can be taken from the store. Under every dragon there are a list of elements(exact arrangement).

  6. Hey guys and gals. FYI your dragons have to be certain levels to up breed %. Higher the level \ better the chance snow dragon water plus earth. You can add me to your dragon mania friends email find me on facebook search for my email or name [email protected] or Ryan Goshen Terre Haute Indiana. Hope to hear from u.

  7. Can somebody plz tell me how to get a cloud dragon….. cuz i have been trying and every time i try i get an ice dragon and that has been like 7 times already..

  8. So I’m having trouble making a coral dragon. You have to have a metal plant hybrid in exact order but I only have a plant metal hybrid. I can’t remember how I mad the plant metal hybrid so that I can just switch the order I put the dragons in. Any suggestions?

  9. Help! I am trying to figure out how to breed a black armor dragon? My husband accidentally got one but we cannot remember his combo! When we found it was black armor it was too late and we could not remember what it was! Please help! Thank you!

  10. How come I can’t breed my energy dragon with my wind dragon to get a lighting dragon.?????????? Its saying not compatible to breed these together. What do I need to do make a lighting dragon.????????

    • There are several combos that can work. The pair that worked for me was Lava X Seed. The breeding time is about 1 1/2 DAYS, so if you try and get this, that’s a pretty good indication you’ve got the Firestorm. Hatching time is a little longer: about 36 hours, give or take. Mine is still ‘cooking’ right now. ;)

      Other combos: Wind X Orange, Earth X Ash, Plant X Tribal, Plant X Prairie, Smoke X Tree, Smoke X Faun, Bee X Tree, Bee X Faun (try again), Lava X Seed, Lava X Leaf, Salamander X Seed, Salamander X Leaf, or Sunflower X Dust.
      Good Luck! :D

    • Mr. Popsicle is a Boss dragon, and cannot be bred for, nor can it be bred to obtain any other. Popsicle has to be bought with gems, unfortunately, and will only go into the Boss habitat. Boss habitat needs gems to obtain, also.
      You get two free gems randomly for every day you’re logged in and pet your dragons. You have to pet every single one of your dragons and you’ll never know which ones will give you the gems. ;)
      You can also obtain gems by sending dragons on exploring quests (Pirate ship, cave, skull island, etc), or by participating in weekly/monthly challenges. Good luck! :D

      • I’d like to say, Lady Athenis, that you and I are the only two on this site who have proper grammar and spelling. It’s embarrassing just how many people make big mistakes with simple things. If you are hurried, I understand, but when you have time. . . Well, it’s just disgraceful. Not to sound stalker-ish but how old are you?

  11. Guys plz tell me how to get tribal dragan and candy dragon with full details because i have tried many ways given above and from other sites but it didn’t work soooo plz help me.

  12. Everyone, I just have to say one thing. If you really want a certain Dragon, use all these tips and keep trying. Don’t give up! The trial and error process is the most exciting part of the game. Has anyone noticed that the dragons have names? That helps you to bond with them. If you don’t get the Dragon you want, don’t sell it. Keep it and raise it! My advice is, get every Dragon you have to level 10 and then pick 3 special dragons to mature higher. Don’t forget, love your dragons!

  13. Has anyone besides myself noticed that there are interesting lights in the new places? Such as the purple glowing house and the blue ruins? What are those? I haven’t expanded yet, do will someone who has explain for me? Thank YOU!

  14. I’m trying to breed a sunflower dragon, but it keep on saying that fire and plant dragons are not compatible, why is this and is there any other combos or a specific level you need to be on, pleases help anyone

    • in relation to Krystal, practically if he’s only just started playing, get him to get the one element dragons first example: fire, wind, earth, water, plant, metal etc, once you have more than one element dragon its practically just breeding two different element dragons together to make a hybrid breeds, experiment a little it does take a while, here a some combinations to get started,

      But remember to follow the combinations exactly the same or they wont work.

      You can also go into the shop where you get the dragons and look what types there are if you breed dragons with same elements of that dragon in the shop e.g,
      A Tribal Dragon Breed from the shop, which elements are Fire+Earth+Wind you would need to breed a Salamander Dragon and a Wind dragon in that exact way to get a trial dragon. But some times it also depends on your ranking number, some dragons you need to be a higher level then some other dragons to be able to breed that exact breed e.g Legendary dragons are exetraudenary harder then normal dragons.
      it also depends on the level of your dragons, try to feed your dragons as much as possible to level them up as high as you can this will make it easier and be able to get those rarer dragon breeds.





      hope this helps and makes sense just ask away any time, I’m still learning as well so any advice would be appreciated.

  15. i got my cloud dragon finally, but it says he have no place to live. i have water, fire, earth, wind habitats with free places everywhere so where the hell cloud dragon lives? what habitat do i need?

    • In relation to s question, I have bred a cloud dragon and have got him in a cloud habitat, it should work as long as you have enough room in that habitat, example if you have 3 dragons that need to go in a cloud habitat then that habitat needs to be a level 3, so maybe trying to level up your habitat, or closing the app and going back into it ,just be patient it should work or try to move a dragon in that habitat to somewhere else, It will automatically go into a habitat that it belongs to example a ice dragon can go into a water and a wind habitat because it has both those elements so just make sure what ever element your hatched dragon is make sure you have space in those habitat e.g fire in fire habitat, or a war dragons elements are fire and metal so make sure you have space in a metal or fire habitat.

      I hope this helps and makes sense just ask away any time, I’m still learning as well so any advice would be appreciated.

  16. Please anyone help I’ve been trying this for some time now and still keeps on saying the same thing, I’ve leveled my dragons up and also my rank but no change

    I’m trying to breed a sunflower dragon, but it keep on saying that fire and plant dragons are not compatible, why is this and is there any other combos or a specific level you need to be on, pleases help anyone

    any help will be much appreciated

  17. what are plant and fire hybrid dragon breeds, I have a quest to breed hybrid plant and fire dragons together to make a super rare sunflower dragon please help anyone

  18. Hello friends ! I wanted know how to breed legendary dragons without event or dragon of month . Please let me know if i can breed or not ????

  19. Iam in level 16.My Facebook fnds are don’t play this game then how can I donate and ask help for friends.I will donate 4fnds then only I will get octopus and then only I will get new deep sea dragon.what I do plz help me

  20. I was randomly breeding hoping l would get lucky. I got lucky a few times.l was super lost. Thanks for the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Im just shocked.
    I looked at all my epic dragons and i was sure, that level was the key everytime, but then i breeded high level dragons and never getted one and now i see that for example the energy + dark + plant is just what i breaded plasma + fungus.
    Then doom + venom, i have two alien dragons.
    In a dragon of the week i breeded tornado + plasma and what do i had, i had two wind + fire + energy and 2 lighning dragons.
    The emerald also, i breeded void + plant and energy and earth.
    The breeding calculator dont look for this and the site is old.
    Im confused, maybe this is why i never get with over 30 leveled dragons + other epics but each second time with other combinations with like 22-28 level dragon the epics.

  22. I need friends . please send friend request on my Facebook my. Facebook name is Arman” Aiaz” no profile picture….. please send friend request

  23. Hey can any one help me plzzzzzz I want to breed any like gendry dragon plzzzz guyzz tell me which dragon I have to use and what lvl the have to

    • Do you mean you want to breed those two dragons, or want to know what you’ll get breeding them? To breed, Tree dragon is Earth + Plant (best odds), or Earth+Farmer/Earth+Faun, and Eel is Energy + Peacock (best odds), or Cloud+Energy, UV+Water, Energy+Water. (There are other combo’s, but those have better odds.) Good luck, Catty. :)

  24. I’m trying to breed the mercury dragon.
    and the metal dragon is not compatible with the water dragon!
    I made them the same level, that didn’t work…
    I’m not sure AT ALL what to do.

    • U can go on Google and ask for the combo of whatever dragon u want to breed and it will come up and tell u and breeding and hatching times. U can go on where u send gifts and hit friends and invite up to two hundred and in a few days you will have all u need and just start sending gifts.

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