Dragon Friends: Guide to Breeding All the Dragons / Animals


Dragon Friends is a really addictive and challenging breeding game for the iPhone and iPad and its main gameplay mechanic is breeding: you need to combine all the different animals in the game in order to breed a new race. We are here to help you understand the Dragon Friends breeding process better with our guide, and hopefully make it easier for you to breed all the animals and dragons that you want to. However, luck plays an important role here too, so don’t lose hope if you don’t get the dragon that you want after your first try – nobody does! So make sure that you read our tips and tricks first!

So here’s the short guide for the Dragon Friends breeding:

You always need two dragons of different or similar elements to breed a new animal / dragon (we’ll refer to them as “dragons” from now on). The process is pretty slow and tedious, but that’s what makes the game fun in the end: you first select the dragons, they will start breeding in the Breeding Garden, and then their Egg will have to be placed in an empty spot in the Hatchery, from where a new dragon will be born.

In order to see what dragons you have an especially what elements you need to combine in order to get the wanted dragon, you have to open the collection book and scroll the dragons there. There are 8 basic elements that can be combined: Tree, Earth, Fire, Cold, Lightning, Wind, Water, Specter. There are also three premium ones (Ruby, Turquoise, Sapphire).

The possible combinations are endless and generally, whatever two types of dragons you breed, you get the chance to unlock a new one. However, if you want to have it all planned better, it would be a wise idea to check out the collection book first and simply navigate to the page/dragon that you want to unlock. In the upper left corner, you are shown some symbols of the element(s) of the dragon: 1, 2 or three symbols:

– Dragons with 1 symbol can be bred from two dragons of the same symbol
– Dragons with 2 symbols can be bred from two dragons of the two symbols
– Dragons with 3 symbols can be bred from two dragons that have the required symbols

You are not guaranteed a specific dragon simply by breeding the required symbols and there will be a lot of tries required to get what you actually want.

Finally, you can upgrade your dragons through magic: when any of your dragons gets to level 10, you can use magic to upgrade the dragon. Usually, upgrading a dragon through magic will give you the same dragon with more stars (for example, if you upgrade a Fire dragon to level 10 and use magic, you will get a Black Fire dragon. After you do the same thing with the new dragon, you get a Purple Fire dragon and so on).

Finding the right balance between upgrading and breeding is the way to go. Also, it is believed that using high level (multiple stars) dragons for breeding is more successful and rewarding, so you should have that in mind too when working on your dragons.

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Dragon Friends: Guide to Breeding All the Dragons / Animals


  1. when on dragon friends hit Facebook tab, scroll down until u see photos on left (right now it shows the new stuff on dragon friends) hit the right side>and everything they have is on it, scroll down until you get to the eggs , hit on egg you want to breed and it’ll show u what to breed together and also recommended breeding combination and what level its available at (just scroll under the egg) don’t hit >

  2. .y Facebook doesn’t work at all. It states that you can invite friends and share your Dragon on Facebook for hearts but when you tap share nothing happens so they definitely need to fix it. People who have played longer than me said that Facebook used to work but since the new ppl took over the game its been down. Maybe that’s what happened when they took down the egg chart, I don’t know. Wish it worked though


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