Dragon Friends is a charming time management slash social slash dragon breeding game for iPhone and iPad. You can add friends, you can help the cute inhabitants of the small island you own and you can breed animals – most important, DRAGONS! I am here to help you get a head starts in the game with a set of Dragon Friends cheats: tips and tricks that will hopefully give you a better chance at getting the dragons that you want and getting the most out of this game.

There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s not waste any seconds and let’s check out the Dragon Friends cheats and tips below for this charming iPhone and iPad game!

Add Friends
Really, the first thing you should do is to add a few active players as friends. It’s very east to add them: just tap the Social button, the plus icon and then select “Find Recommended Friends” and the game automatically recommends players (if you don’t have friends playing) to add. If you tap their icon, you will see when they last logged in. If they logged in recently, it might mean that they are pretty active and that’s what you need to do! Don’t forget to visit your friends often and help them around their island and they will surely return the favor!

How to delete friends in Dragon Friends
Well, not all your choices will be bright and you will want to remove some of the friends that you have added for various reasons. In order to do so, tap their icon to visit them, and then tap the button in the lower right corner that says “username’s Friends”. From there, tap the Manage button next to their name and you can delete or block them.

Follow the quest line
Probably the best way to progress through the game is by following the quests and completing them one by one. It’s also the easiest way to learn about other dragons and how to breed them.

How to make more coins in Dragon Friends
– Farming is the easiest way to get more coins. The faster the crop is ready, the more coins you will get per hour, but this means that you have to check back with the game very often. Also, make sure that you use the clouds flying around to bless your crops for extra coins, and also that you accept all the help coming from other players.
– Fill your island with animals and dragons. This should always be your first goal after expanding the island to make sure that you are producing the maximum number of coins possible.
– Sell your dragons and animals. Level them up and sell them – especially the ones that produce fewer coins, and keep on your island the rare ones that produce a lot per hour. You have to be very active in this breeding then selling area to have a ton of coins.
– Hibernate animals for future expansions. A great strategy would be to put some high level animals/dragons in hibernation (just make sure you don’t use the ones that make a lot of money). Every time when you expand the island, take them out of hibernation and put them back in as you breed new dragons. This way you make sure that you get a coin boost every time you upgrade!
– Tap the fish jumping randomly in the water or the patches of grass that appear on your island. Although they don’t give you much (2 gold coins each), if you have nothing else to do, tapping them will eventually make you a lot of money.
– Complete Quests, Achievements and Collect animals: the first two will reward you with different amounts and different things, but generally a lot of coins so it’s worth making sure you complete them as fast as possible. Also, when breeding a new animal or dragon, you will get a reward, so it’s worth to be active!
– Place the animals in a Small Pen. The earnings they generate go up by 20% while there, so make sure your pens are all full.

Read your messages!
Make sure you always check your in-game messages. Sometimes, you might receive a gift from the developers and if you don’t claim it, after 7 days it will be gone. You can win diamonds or coins and other great stuff, so make sure you always check out your messages!

Right now, this is all we have to share with you in terms of Dragon Friends tips and tricks, but we are also working on a breeding guide to help you get the dragons that you want, as well as some other guides, so make sure you check back often here at Touch, Tap, Play! And don’t hesitate to share with us by commenting below any tips and tricks you might have!


  1. We need real breeding guide.I love this game an have spent money to try to get more. But what dose the guild really do?? I am full and still can not do a dam thing just have to disguard.. So tell me something to make me feel like I’m getting somewhere..


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