Dragon Champions Tier List Best Heroes

While playing Dragon Champions, you will collect a lot of heroes. Each of them has different features and abilities. Your team consists of five heroes and you will need to level them up to make your squad stronger. This guide will show to you a tier list of heroes. Here you will be able to see the ones that you should aim at first and the ones that you should leave for better times.

Dragon Champions Hero Tier List

Dragon Champions has almost 60 heroes on its roster. Of course, some of them are stronger and some of them are not. You should pick your team wisely, as resources are valuable and you don’t want to waste them on a weak hero. This tier list consists only of heroes worth mentioning or the ones that we can be sure about. If the hero is not mentioned then it is either not worthy or we can’t be sure about its strength.

Tier List consists of 5 tiers. Here is their short description:

  • S Tier – These heroes are the best and should be used in a first place.
  • A Tier – These heroes have a great performance but lack something in compare with S Tier.
  • B Tier – These heroes are the middle category. They perform well and can be a great addition to your team. Also, some of them can be used more effective than higher Tier heroes if taken in specific teams.
  • C Tier – These heroes perform OK, but you should seek for better options. Don’t spend too many resources on them.
  • D Tier – These heroes are the least useful. We don’t recommend you to spend anything on them.

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Here is the tier list, but remember, you shouldn’t fulfill your team only with S and A Tier heroes. The strategy you will use is the most important thing.

KairaSClansFighter (Ranger)Demon
FreezardSOrderFighter (Mage)Human
CruelleSOrderFighter (Mage)Human
Kin LiSOrderDefenderPanda
Patriarch QiSOrderHealerPanda
NightielSOrderFighter (Mage)Elf
DieselrogAClansFighter (Warrior)Orc
YogiAClansFighter (Mage)Pride
RevolAClansFighter (Warrior)Pride
ShadarAClansFighter (Mage)Demon
Eric ShieldbreakerAOrderFighter (Warrior)Human
EmberAOrderFighter (Mage)Panda
Mor’DoomAClansFighter (Mage)Orc
RanthaBClansFighter (Ranger)Orc
KorkhrimBClansFighter (Mage)Orc
Sergeant PigwaldBClansFighter (Ranger)Goblin
PuncherfaceBClansFighter (Warrior)Demon
General MurdockBClansTacticianGoblin
Little BattyBOrderDefenderHuman
Master DuoBOrderFighter (Warrior)Panda
FaeliaBOrderFighter (Mage)Elf
Count DelmanBOrderFighter (Warrior)Elf
MaarCClansFighter (Warrior)Orc
AmaraCClansFighter (Mage)Goblin
Major ShottCClansFighter (Ranger)Goblin
Voiran the TricksterCClansTacticianPride
BoreasCClansFighter (Ranger)Pride
FaoCOrderFighter (Ranger)Panda
SharpCOrderFighter (Warrior)Elf
Shao LinCOrderFighter (Warrior)Panda
Wonder LulaCOrderFighter (Ranger)Elf
SlingerCOrderFighter (Warrior)Demon
Old LoorDClansFighter (Warrior)Goblin
KaggieDClansFighter (Mage)Pride
Robin BadDOrderFighter (Ranger)Human

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