Dragon Champions Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Building the Ultimate Team

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The world of Korador is in turmoil. With the warring factions in constant war for territory, an otherworldly force grows in strength. The age of dragons has long ended, but when the demons arise and attack Korador, heroes from across the land must band together and call upon the ancient power of the dragons!

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Dragon Champions is a turn-based RPG where you will build a team of fantasy heroes including orcs, elves, pandas, goblins, beastmen, and more! With different classes and abilities, customize your team to your liking and save the world of Korador.

In our Dragon Champions tips and tricks guide, we will run you through the core gameplay loop of powering up your heroes, and how to get through the various challenges that await you. Let’s get started with our Dragon Champions cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to building the ultimate team!

Train your heroes to strengthen them!

The main method of powering up your heroes in Dragon Champions is to give them experience tomes. Heroes in this game do not level up naturally through participating in battles, so you will need to manually read them experience tomes to get their levels up.

You will earn experience tomes ordinarily by finding them after you clear a campaign level, but you can also get them as rewards from the loot chests and from completing quests. If you want a fully powered team, you are going to need a LOT of experience tomes so make sure that you are always on the lookout for more!

Outfit your heroes with gear!

Each hero has six gear slots where they can be outfitted with various weapons and armor. If you manage to fill out all six slots for a hero, they can permanently consume the gear so that they get a big stat boost, which is known as upgrading the hero’s gear level.

When a hero’s gear level increases, not only do their stats increase but their skills increase as well, making gear just as important – if not more – than base hero level. If you tap on a hero’s gear slot when you do not have the required piece of equipment, the game will tell you what levels that gear drops in.

If you are having trouble passing a certain stage, then it might be time to go back and farm gear from earlier levels so that you can gear level up!

Unlock new abilities!

Abilities are what make heroes, well, heroes! Abilities can deal area damage to a large group of enemies, massive damage to single enemy, buff and heal allies, and more. In short, abilities are very important.

Hero will start out with a basic ability that has no cooldown and an active ability that usually has a short cooldown. Heroes can have a total of up to six abilities, and to unlock the new abilities they must either reach a certain gear level or hero level, at which point the abilities automatically unlock.

To upgrade abilities, you will need special items called Ability Scrolls. After you progress through the main campaign enough, you will unlock a special set of levels called Battle Time. These challenging levels reward you with Ability Scrolls if you manage to get through them.

Additionally, a limited time set called “Honing Your Skill” opens every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can get lots of Ability Scrolls from these levels, so it is important to spend those days here.

Follow the main missions!

With multiple campaigns and a plethora of heroes to choose from, it may be a little daunting to choose where to focus your efforts and resources in Dragon Champions. Have no fear: the main missions are here to lead you down the general progression route.

In addition to the daily quests and achievements, the Missions are a fixed set of 153 missions that guide into the core of Dragon Champions’ middle game. It will teach you about hero differences, the multiple campaigns, the different kinds of resources, and more.

Completing each mission is key to getting a powerful group early on, as many of the rewards are great for powering up your party. One such resource are herostones, the materials you need to star up a hero, granting them a big stat boost. These are fairly hard to get, and by completing the missions, you can ensure that your heroes stay strong enough.

Each hero plays a role!

There are a multitude of heroes in the game, and you may have noticed that each one has a bunch of descriptors that you might not know of. This game has quite the number of attributes, and none of them are quite explained to full detail, but the key thing to take away from them is that each hero has a role to fill in party composition.

Let’s take Darian, for example. He is the crown prince of the Order, and may as well be the main character in the Order’s campaign. He is considered by the game to be a Defender, Dragon Slayer, and Leader. He has high health, high defense, and abilities that give him even more defense. He should be used as your main tank.

Now, let’s look at Alyria. She is your main healer that you start the game with, and she can heal the entire party with her Mass Healing ability. She is relatively fragile, so she must be protected in order for her to keep the party alive.

When choosing heroes for your party, you must look at what they bring to the table and make sure that your party is balanced out. You do not want too many attackers and not enough defenders and healers!

Utilize leadership abilities!

For the most part, positioning does not matter in this game. You probably noticed that you can have two heroes in the front and three in the back, but this honestly does not change the way enemies target you. You can select your heroes in any order you wish.

However, this is one exception to this: any heroes with leadership abilities must be chosen first for the ability to activate. The first leadership ability you will probably obtain is Darian’s.

When Darian reaches gear level 4, he will unlock Commander-in-Chief, his armor-boosting leadership ability. When Darian is chosen as the leader, he will provide a physical and magic armor buff to all allies. Leader heroes should always be chosen first to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Play through the Clans!

Once you get to a certain point in the Order campaign, you will start to unlock some Clans heroes. The Clans are the other campaign, and it tells the story from their point of view. You will have to do this naturally as the missions will order you to do so, but it is important to keep up with them.

Do not just focus on the Order – you have to progress through both campaigns in order to see the true end. You unlock the final campaign once you hit player level 15, so this will prepare you for that as well.

Do not be afraid to use your Autobattle tickets!

Clearing a level with all three stars (do not let any of your heroes fall) will unlock Autobattle for that level in particular. This is incredibly helpful if you want to farm a certain piece of gear that only drops from a particular level.

Do not be afraid to use your Autobattle tickets to save some time. The game is pretty generous with them, and you can always buy more from the shop for a few dracoins. You can gear up your heroes pretty easily if you use Autobattle often!

That’s all for Dragon Champions! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Dragon Champions Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Building the Ultimate Team

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