In the wonderful game Dominations, you don’t only have to worry about picking the right nation in the game, but also about picking the best Wonder that helps your civilization the most. If we’ve covered the basic tips and tricks in a previous article, just as the nations themselves, I believe that we should have a dedicated article for each age in the game that allows us to build Wonders and decide which are the best to build.

As you probably know already if you’re reading this guide, starting the Bronze Age, you are allowed to build a Dominations wonder in your civilization: you have four to choose from, but only one can be built. Let’s find out which one is the best and we’ll start with the best Dominations Wonder for the Bronze Age!

The Pyramids

dominations pyramids

The Pyramids grants a boost to nearby farms (20% boost)


dominations acropolis

The Acropolis makes your defending army tougher. It gives your defending troops 15% more health and reduces the defender spawn time by 20%.


dominations Stonehenge

The Stonehenge grants bonus Gold every time you collect from a caravan: 10% bonus gold per caravan and 100% more gold from the road network.

Hanging Gardens

The Hanging Gardens increases the resources gained from nearby fruit trees and gold mines. Also increases the frequency that they can be gathered from. In other words, the gathering time is reduced to half, the regeneration time is reduced by 20% and you gain 20% more every time you collect.

I’d say that it’s a pretty tough choice that you are to make. Personally, I would suggest the Acropolis because of the defensive bonuses (and based on the fact that I find it most difficult to defeat the bases with Acropolis built). However, the Hanging Gardens are also a pretty good option thanks to its big array of bonuses (and the fact that they basically increase as you go up the Ages since the amount they generate increases.


  1. For some reason I have 2 town centers in my game I started about a week ago and have deleted the game and all its content and it always comes bAck . I don’t know what to do


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