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Pesky little Dittos! They’re so rare to find in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl, and when you do find them, they just transform into your Pokemon! The audacity!

Jokes aside, Ditto is one the most valuable ‘mons when it comes to collecting shinies, since Ditto is able to breed with nearly any species of Pokemon to produce an egg.

We know you’ve thought about it: can a shiny Ditto, then, produce eggs with an increased shiny hatch rate? If you wanna know the answer, then just read on below!

Does Shiny Ditto Increase Shiny Egg Hatch Rate in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl?

We’ll shoot you the straight answer: no. Breeding with a shiny Ditto does not increase the chances for the resulting egg to be shiny.

Bummer, we know. When you think about it, it only makes sense that it would work that way. but The Pokemon Company clearly doesn’t share the same thought process. Or maybe they’re just masochists and like to watch us suffer, who knows.

They’re not entirely cruel, however. There are a lot of methods you can use to increase the odds of getting shiny Pokemon, whether that is through hunting in the wild, encountering static legendaries, or hatching eggs.

Methods like chaining shiny odds, PokeRadar chaining and the Masuda Method are all what you can use to make your job of shiny hunting Pokemon easier.

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