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Does Bread and Fred Have Multiplayer?

Does Bread and Fred Have Multiplayer?
Screenshot from the official game trailer.

These days, who needs trust exercises when you have multiplayer platformers? Games like It Takes Two, Pico Park, and We Were Here are helping people to build bonds with those they love. Or get annoyed at them, either or is a very real possibility. One of the newest versions of these is Bread and Fred, a platformer where a pair of adorable penguins are tied together and must go through a slew of adventures. Because of your circumstances, everything you do affects the other player. You must learn to find a balance in this and work together in order to beat the game. That said, does Bread and Fred have multiplayer?

The Best Way To Play Bread and Fred

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Bread and Fred is in fact best enjoyed as a multiplayer game, as that is what it was designed for. By being tied together, you can potentially pull your partner out of tight situations. The power of two is always better than one, as the two bodies together can create enough power to jump to distant platforms. You can also act as a placeholder for them on a wall which lets them swing to build up power. Your jumps need to be well calculated in order to be properly executed. It can be tricky to learn, so if higher-difficulty platformers that require strategy are not your thing or you get easily frustrated at dying in games, this may not be for you. Also, you may not (and definitely should not) want to play this with someone who loses patience fast.

Is Multiplayer Available In Bread and Fred?

Penguin with a rock in Bread and Fred.
Screenshot from the official game trailer.

Right now, the multiplayer function works but the only kind available is the remote play function, meaning that the other person must be no more than about 300 or 400 miles away to participate in multiplayer. The full online multiplayer will come in the game’s June update.

Does Bread and Fred Have Single Player?

There’s good news for single player people who are not quite into the multiplayer thing. Bread and Fred has a single player mode where the other person will be replaced with a rock. It won’t be quite the same experience, but it’s definitely an option if you want to practice alone.

You can purchase the game today on the Steam store, so jump in and give it a try!

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Does Bread and Fred Have Multiplayer?