Do Pink Pikmin Complete Expeditions Faster in Pikmin Bloom?

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Pikmin Bloom has 154 different varieties of Pikmin altogether, not including the many lettered Roadside Pikmin. The main colors of Pikmin are Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Pink, and Grey, and each Pikmin has its own qualities and strengths. Pink Winged Pikmin are fast, but their little wings can’t lift too much weight. Find out more below.

Pikmin on Expeditions

collecting fruit pikmin bloom
Pikmin Bloom Expedition

You can send your Pikmin on Expeditions to collect Seedlings and big Fruits they have spotted while you were out walking. Some Seedlings and Fruits are heavier than others so you’ll need more Pikmin, or stronger Pikmin, to fetch them.

Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin are all of the same strength of 1 weight unit and have a basic speed. They deal 4 base damage.

Red Pikmin
Red Pikmin

Purple Pikmin are strong and can carry the weight of 5 units. They are slow to get to the item in Expeditions, but faster while carrying. They are also strong in challenges.

Purple Pikmin
Purple Pikmin

White Pikmin are twice as fast as Reds, Blues, and Yellows. They are slightly weaker in challenges though.

white pikmin bloom
White Pikmin

Pink Winged Pikmin are extremely fast while on Expeditions, but only when they are carrying objects alone. They are not very strong, so they aren’t much help on challenges, but on Expeditions, a team of Pink Pikmin can be excellent!

Winged Pikmin
Pink Winged Pikmin

Grey Rock Pikmin have the carrying strength of 5 units. They are slower than others when running to a spot, but are faster than normal when carrying something back. They are also great help in challenges.

Rock Pikmin
Grey Rock Pikmin

So it looks like Pink Winged Pikmin are best suited for Expeditions! Just don’t send them along with any other colors or types, and they will return super quick. Good luck and happy walking!

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Do Pink Pikmin Complete Expeditions Faster in Pikmin Bloom?


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