Distrust Game Cheats: Tips & Guide to Survive the Cold and the Anomalies

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Distrust is a brand new and extremely awesome survival game for mobile, a game that really ups the challenge and keeps you glued to the screen for hours. And we’re here to make sure that it’s productive hours that we’re talking about by sharing some Distrust cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide for the game.

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In this literally chilling experience, you control a group of people exploring the North Pole, fighting against anomalies and trying to put the puzzle pieces together in order to find out what happened there. Oh, and you have to struggle to stay alive, keep the fire going, the generators fed with oil – all while making sure that you’re not becoming food for the anomalies yourself. Really fun!

But we’re here to talk strategy and how to play the game to get the most out of it, so that’s what we’re going to do. Below are our Distrust tips and tricks for the mobile game.

1. Explore all buildings thoroughly
Even though your first instinct might be that of going to the next area ASAP, in reality it won’t be a good idea. Instead, you need to go through all the buildings around and do so thoroughly in order to collect all the items that you can find.

Being a survival game with limited resources, Distrust really requires you to use every item that you can find and collect everything along the way in order to increase your chances at survival.

Start with the easy buildings first (those which are not unlocked) and move on to the more difficult ones, methodically going through each of them one at a time and collecting everything you can (including boxes that you destroy for planks – and try to use the seesaw instead of the axe since it gives more wood). All items are useful, even though some are more useful than others (more on this a bit later).

2. Find a building and make it your base
You won’t have enough resources to keep the fires and generators going in all the buildings around. This is why I recommend finding a building and making it your home base: the place where you gather your survivors to eat, to sleep, and where you have a fire going and electricity running at all times.

It is ideal if you manage to find such a place (so with at least a bed) in the center of the map, since it makes it easier to explore surrounding businesses. But if you can’t, just get any building with a bed that you have around and use it as your home base.

3. Using the right items at the right time is vital
In this game, you can accomplish the same task using different items. But choosing the right item is extremely important, because some of them are more important in the long run than the others.

You will find out most of these through playing the game, but I will make it a lot easier for you by sharing some examples of items you should prioritize using (and why you should do so):

– for fires, try to use rotten wood first, coal second and only if you run out of options – planks. Coal lasts longer and planks can be used for crafting and repairing, so are extremely valuable.

– when you can repair with a hammer, do it instead of the repair kits (which are useful as not everything can be repaired with a hammer).

– same goes with locked doors: try to save crowbars for later and use the keys as often as possible.

In the end, experiment with different items and see what works best for you. But remember that the easiest way out is not always the best, especially early on in the game: you’ll need your items in top shape later on when things get even more difficult.

4. No need to keep the people together
I would actually recommend doing the exact opposite: send them in different buildings (or at least different rooms) and make sure that each of them is always doing something. This way you speed up the exploration, gathering and crafting process and you’ll have an easier life in this survival game for mobile.

5. Keep an eye on the stats of your team members
Your team members can get injured, can go hungry or sleepy and very cold. Keep an eye on all these stats and try to address them at the right moment.

You get no penalties for a slightly hungry character, just as one that’s really cold (but not on the red) also won’t have a problem. As long as you address these before it gets too late, you’re all set.

Even with the bleeding – which seems to be the more urgent of them all since it constantly drains health, you don’t have to rush healing it. A character that’s bleeding won’t start bleeding again, so try to keep them like that for as long as it is possible in order to make the most out of your medical supplies.

6. Visit the zone exist to simplify things
If you have a good jacket equipped, it’s a good idea to send one of your survivors to the door unlocking the next area ASAP. The thing is that you will always (or almost always at least) need to find some items or do some things before getting to the next area. These tasks will be performed in the buildings you’ll explore anyway.

So, if you know from the beginning what has to be done for you to unlock the next area, you get an advantage and won’t have to revisit a building multiple times, losing valuable time and resources in the process.

7. Choose the right survivors for your team
We’ll have a guide for the survivors published soon, going a lot more in depth with this, so we’ll stick to the general things right now.

The thing is that each of the survivors in the game have different strengths and weaknesses and as a result some are better than others. Therefore, choosing the best for the job (and based on your play style) is essential if you want to have an easier ride along.

You only have 3 survivors to choose from when you first start the game (the rest being unlockable by completing achievements, while some through IAPs only). Out of these 3, I recommend using Irma (who requires less food overall) and Olaf (he’s excellent at refueling fires and generators – so make sure you always use him to do this).

Update: I wrote more about how to unlock the survivors and which are the best here.

8. Cooked food is better and more nutritious
There is a lot of crafting to be done in Distrust and you’ll spend a lot of time cooking food for your people. This is a lot better than the instant things you can find in the game (and there’s also a character – Mary Stone who can get even more food when cooking).

The idea is to always try to get the refined items – no matter if it’s good food we’re talking about or some other item that you can craft. These are better than the rest and the time used to get them is really worth spending.

9. Start playing the Challenging mode ASAP
The Challenging mode is, just like its name suggests, a lot more challenging than the regular one, but the truth is that this is what you should play to get the most out of the game (and unlock all characters, since some can only be unlocked when playing this mode).

My recommendation is to go through the tutorial, start an easy game and go as far as you can in your first run, then only play the Challenging mode. This way, you will get better and unlock characters, then have more options when it comes to choosing that perfect team and win the game!

These would be our general tips and tricks for Distrust. We’ll have a few more articles ready to help you fight against the anomalies and get the most out of this survival experience, but until those articles are published, you can share additional comments with tips, tricks or questions in the comment section below.

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Distrust Game Cheats: Tips & Guide to Survive the Cold and the Anomalies

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