Distrust: Best Characters in the Game and How to Unlock Them All

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One of the most important factors that decide your chances of survival in the recently released Distrust game for mobile is what characters you choose for your team. And in today’s guide, we will talk exactly about that: which are the best characters in Distrust and also, since most of them are locked at first, how to unlock all characters in the game.

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You’ll then be able to put our guide for the game to better use (I’ll post a link to it after the article, so you can jump straight to it after learning everything about the survivors) and win the game and enjoy it more.

But until that happens, let’s get this special guide started and we’ll launch off with the complete guide on how to unlock all the characters in Distrust. We’ll also use this opportunity to talk a bit about each of the survivors and see what makes them good (or bad).

Distrust Game: How to Unlock all Survivors

You only start with three survivors unlocked – the rest will have to be unlocked by yourself, based on the in-game performance that you have, by completing achievements. There are a few that can only be purchased with real money, but we’ll talk about them all below and I will also share my thoughts on each of them.

Olaf Heraldson

Unlocked by default, he’s a really nice survivor to start with – especially early on. He stars with a can of gas and if you use him to replenish fires or generators, they’ll get a boost in duration. Pretty good overall!

Irma Dillinger

Unlocked by default, she’s good because she doesn’t need to be fed that often. Decent stats as well.

James Abrams

Unlocked by default, he’s the weakest of the three in my opinion. He becomes more useful later on when rooms won’t all be heated, but there’s nothing a good jacket and closing all doors can’t handle. He’s also way too slow.

Radj Shumpur

How to unlock: Smoke 10 cigarettes during a single game in Challenge mode. Easy to do if you have the cigarettes. Try to use them before using a first aid kit as each one drops health.

Radj is not one of my favorites. He needs cigarettes to operate (starts with 5) and his stats drop a bit slower. However, he has poor cold resistance and is not that good in the later stages, despite his decent speed.

Ben Perez

How to unlock: Break six objects in a Challenge mode game while under the influence of the “Burst of anger”.

He’s a generally good survivor since he needs less resources to make repairs around the base.

Mary Stone

How to unlock: Cook all foods available during a single game (on any difficulty mode). These are the things you need to cook: Frozen Vegetables, Instant Noodles, Potatoes, Instant Soup, Coffee Beans.

She is a good survivor as well since she has decent stats (although a slow runner). However, she’s great because of the Nutritious Protein Shake (a food item) that she gets when cooking. So, with her, keeping your survivors well fed is a lot easier.

Casper Jackson

How to unlock: Find all the tools in the game in any difficulty mode.

The handyman of the game, he’s really good to have around as he’s very fast, but unfortunately has horrible cold resistance. His bonus is that of starting the game with some tools: a toolbox, a hammer and a shovel. Not extremely useful in the long run.

Olga Kramer

How to unlock: Refuel generators 100 times in Challenge mode (cumulative). It’s easy to unlock her when you have a gas can and find a room with a barrel: you can refill it endlessly there and refuel the generator until you get her. Easy-peasy!

She is extremely useful, especially later on in the game because she “sees” all the objects in dark buildings without the need of a flashlight. However, despite her bonus, she is very slow and has very poor cold resistance.

Emil Gustav

How to unlock: Complete the first zone in Challenge mode without going to sleep.

He needs less sleep than others and restores faster. This is a good thing to have when you are surrounded by anomalies, but there are better survivors out there…

Katashi Hayashi

How to unlock: Use a first time kit in Challenge mode 100 times (cumulative).

He’s a very good survivor that constantly replenishes health without any particular items needed.

Natalie Shelter

How to unlock: During a single game in Challenge mode, use the saw to destroy 9 crates.

She crafts better tools that last longer. This is a good survivor to have around.

Nicole Steelman

How to unlock: Through IAPs.

A really good character with good stats. She starts the game with a pistol and 4 bullets.

Martin Brown

How to unlock: Through IAPs.

Another useful character whose main strength is going through doors without the need of tools (keys or otherwise).

Philip Strauss

How to unlock: Through IAPs.

The in-game doctor, he’s not very good at resisting cold but starts the game with a First Aid kit, can heal any type of problem with it and he can come out of a coma without an Adrenaline shot.

Ronald Witkes

How to unlock: Through IAPs.

He is slow, but a great loner: his Stamina and Satiety decrease a lot slower than normal when he is alone. Great for multitasking!

Distrust: Best Characters in the Game

I think that it is pretty obvious that unfortunately the best characters are indeed those that you have to pay for. They offer the best bonuses and have the better stats overall. If you were to rank these four, I’d get them in this order (from best to worst): Martin, Philip, Ronald and Nicole. But, in the end, any of them is a good choice.

This leaves us with the rest of the characters which are either unlocked from the beginning or which can be unlocked by playing. You can still set up a really good team (ideally unlock the third spot in the team to increase your chances) with the free ones.

I really dig Olaf Heraldson who is unlocked by default. The fact that you need less resources for fires and generators is good overall. Other really good characters are, in my opinion, Ben Perez, Katashi and Natalie. Mixing these around will give you a nice team that will survive for longer and will have better chances at getting all the way to the end.

And this would be it! Now, you should have an easier time exploring all the regions, while helping your team survive and having more fun than ever. If you have other favorite characters, let us know by commenting below.

If you still need some additional advice, make sure to also check out our Distrust tips and tricks where we cover all the important strategies that you need to follow in order to get the most out of this awesome game.

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Distrust: Best Characters in the Game and How to Unlock Them All

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