Disney Classic Games

Soon enough, Nintendo Switch owners will be able to play through two classic platform games thanks to the Disney Classic Games collection, which will include The Lion King and Alladin. While the two games will come with some new features, little has been said about possible new content, but it’s now been confirmed that at least Aladdin will feature some.

Speaking with CNET, Digital Eclipse senior producer Stephen Frost talked about the new content coming to Aladdin, such as new sections in stages, some difficulty tweaks, improved camera system and more.

There are some major adjustments that we know fans will be happy to discover, such as the improved camera system, new level sections, additional enemy variations, difficulty tweaks that include boss changes, and improved sword impact

All these changes have been made possible by consulting with the original development team, which has provided the content that has been cut from the original release as well.

Sadly, The Lion King won’t receive the same treatment, as communication with the original development team was limited.

Aladdin is definitely the most impressive game of the collection from a technical point of view, thanks to its excellent graphics. Animations, in particular, are excellent for a game that has been released back in the early 90s, and they help a lot in giving a lot of personality not only to Aladdin, the Genie and the other main characters but also to the nameless enemies that roam the stages.

The Disney Classic Games collection releases on Nintendo Switch this Fall.


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