The Disco Zoo animal patterns are extremely important when playing this addictive game because they make rescuing animals a lot simpler. Of course, it is extremely difficult to remember all the animal patterns in the game and this is the exact reason why we’ve started a quest to share with you all the Disco Zoo animal patterns. In this article, we’re going to check out the Savanna, Polar and Northern patterns.

Don’t forget that we have already published the Farm and Outback patterns here, make sure to check them out. Now we’ve gone pro and created a much easier to follow Disco Zoo animal patterns for the Savanna, Northern and Polar regions. Check them out below!

Disco Zoo Animal Patterns: Savanna


01 disco zoo pattern savanna zebra


02 disco zoo pattern savanna hippo


03 disco zoo pattern savanna giraffe


04 disco zoo pattern savanna lion


05 disco zoo pattern savanna elephant


06 disco zoo pattern savanna gryphon

Disco Zoo Animal Patterns: Northern


07 disco zoo pattern northern bear


08 disco zoo pattern northern skunk


09 disco zoo pattern northern beaver


10 disco zoo pattern northern moose


11 disco zoo pattern northern fox


11 disco zoo pattern northern sasquatch

Disco Zoo Animal Patterns: Polar


12 disco zoo pattern polar seal


13 disco zoo pattern polar penguin


14 disco zoo pattern polar muskox

Polar Bear

15 disco zoo pattern polar polar bear


16 disco zoo pattern polar walrus


17 disco zoo pattern polar yeti

There you have it! Three more Disco Zoo animal patterns for you! As soon as we unlock the other regions, we’ll update you with the rest of the animal patters in the game.


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