Disco Zoo Animal Patterns: Check Them Out Here


We’ve promised in our Disco Zoo cheats and tips article that we would post the Disco Zoo animal patterns here at Touch Tap Play and that’s exactly what we’re doing now!

The Disco Zoo animal patterns are all free for the Farm Animals, but cost real life money for all the other categories. They are extremely useful to know because it makes unlocking new animals a lot easier – since you have just 10 taps available for free, you can’t waste them randomly tapping on the board. So let’s check out below the Disco Zoo Animal patterns for all regions – there are 6 animals per each habitat!

Disco Zoo Animal Patterns: FARM


4 tiles, vertical line


4 tiles, a 2 by 2 square


3 tiles, horizontal line


4 tiles, horizontal line

Unicorn (Question Mark)

Disco Zoo animal patterns - Farm Unicorn

3 tiles

Disco Zoo Animal Patterns: OUTBACK

(the screenshots for each animal in the Outback rescue mission are below)


4 tiles, diagonally


4 tiles, horizontal line


4 tiles, Z formation


3 tiles, two tiles up, one below the right one


3 tiles, strange shape :)

Tiddalik (Question Mark)

3 tiles

Here are the screenshots for each of the animals in the Outback region:

Disco Zoo animal patterns - Outback

Disco Zoo animal patterns - Outback1

Disco Zoo animal patterns - Outback2

These are the animal patterns for Disco Zoo that we have so far, for the first two regions on the map. We’ll keep on playing the game and share with you the extra animal patterns as soon as we have them. If you manage to find them, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.

[UPDATE] We have published the animal patterns for the Savanna, Northern and Polar regions – check them out here with screenshots!

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Disco Zoo Animal Patterns: Check Them Out Here


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