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4 Different Types of Player You’ll Encounter in Combat Warriors

4 Different Types of Player You’ll Encounter in Combat Warriors
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Combat Warriors is an action brawler experience in Roblox. Arm yourself to the teeth with a variety of weapons, including explosives, blunt objects, bladed weapons, and more, then head out into the battlefield and take down anyone you see.

As one of the more popular experiences on Roblox, Combat Warriors has lots of players. In this guide, you can learn all about the four different types of player you’ll encounter in Combat Warriors.

The 4 different kinds of players you’ll meet in Combat Warriors

In Combat Warriors, you face off against other players in brutal close-quarters combat. You meet a variety of players with different playstyles, due to the game’s in-depth combat mechanics, and here are some kinds of players you’ll meet while you play.

1. The Duelist

These players fight for glory, so more often than not, you see them with their weapon unequipped. They would rather take on individual players in honorable duels, as opposed to jumping into a chaotic slug fest.

These players will not attack you out of nowhere, and will only attack uninitiated for self-defense. If you lock eyes with them and motion for a fight, they will usually prepare their weapon and use the flourish command. You can press X to flourish, which makes you spin your weapon around.

The flourish animation will vary depending on your weapon.

Flourishing is universally accepted as the “duel” emote, so if a duelist flourishes at you, you can flourish back to tell them that you want to duel. Duelists tend to be very skillful, so give it your all!

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2. The Berserker

These players tend to be new to the game, as they charge after the first person they see and start swinging like no tomorrow. A berserker will stop at nothing until you’re dead, so be prepared for a flurry of blows!

If you couldn’t already tell, these types of players are the polar opposite of duelists, and they aren’t usually too skilled at the game yet. This means that they’re very vulnerable to parrying, since they like to mindlessly attack.

3. The Sniper

Snipers prefer to stick to long-range weapons, so they often pelt you from afar with kunai, arrows, explosives, and more. They will even utilize traps to bait you into coming close to them, so be on the lookout.

Beware of bear traps!

Snipers are usually opportunists, jumping into the fray when it’s advantageous for them. For example, say you’re brawling with someone, and you’re both low on health—a sniper will pick you both off with relative ease.

Since fights can break out anywhere in Combat Warriors, it’s important to pay attention to your surroundings. You never know if there’s a sniper waiting to ambush you!

4. The Pacifist

Occasionally, you’ll notice a player that doesn’t really participate in fights. They walk around with their weapon sheathed, and they don’t really chase after anyone. If they’re attacked by someone, they usually try to speed away, and only in some instances fight back.

We call these players pacifists. We don’t know why they don’t really want to fight, especially when there are dedicated role-playing servers, but whatever floats their boat!

Maybe they just want to enjoy the show and watch other players beat the living snot out of each other. Maybe they just want to find a safe corner of the map and just chat with the people in the match. Who knows?

Those are just a few examples of the different types of players you’ll encounter in Combat Warriors. Have any interesting players you’ve met in Combat Warriors? Tell us your stories in the comments below!

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4 Different Types of Player You’ll Encounter in Combat Warriors


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