Devil May Cry 3

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition on Nintendo Switch is going to come with three exclusive features that are not currently available in any other release of the game. Alongside on the fly Style Switching and full Weapon Switching, the Nintendo Switch version of the game will allow two players to enjoy the game together locally.

Devil May Cry series producer Matt Walker confirmed on the series’ official Twitter profile that the upcoming Nintendo Switch game will feature a local co-op mode for the Bloody Palace mode, allowing one player to control Dante and the other Vergil.

While it is a shame that the mode won’t have any online capability, it is still nice to be able to do some form of co-op, considering the Bloody Palace mode is just perfect for something like that.

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition

As already mentioned, Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition on Nintendo Switch will come with exclusive features not found in other releases of the game. Players, however, have the choice to experience the game as originally intended without any of the extra features and mechanics, as they are only available in Free Style mode. This mode will make the game feel more like Devil May Cry 4 and Devil May Cry 5, which are among the best entries in the series in regards to combat options.

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition launches on Nintendo Switch on February 20th worldwide.


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