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Deus Ex: The Fall Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

Deus Ex: The Fall Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

We’ve spent most of the previous day here at Touch Tap Play enjoying awesome Deus Ex: The Fall on our iPads and we decided to share that experience with our readers.

Instead of writing a diary of our achievements and adventures in the game, we have decided to create something more useful, a Deus Ex: The Fall cheats article with tips, tricks and a strategy guide for you all.

Of course, in a game as complex as Deus Ex: The Fall is, with so many possible approaches, it all ends up to playing the title as you see fit, but if you have a play style similar to ours, then you will certainly enjoy these Deus Ex: The Fall tips and tricks!

So let’s get is started with some generic tips before going more in depth!

1. Undercover brother: make sure you’re always under cover and crouching because this makes you invisible to enemies.

The objects highlighted orange are your best friends here, as you will be able to crouch and hide behind them.

Also make sure to roll between cover to cover in order to be able to catch your enemies by surprise and stealthily eliminate them.

(Please note: this Deus Ex: The Fall guide was originally published on Touch Tap Play.)

2. Stealth is the key: we all love to go head first and shoot everything in sight, but sometimes in Deus Ex: The Fall it is best to take things slow.

When you are outnumbered or when you have low ammo, try to go for stealth, pardon the lives of some enemies and you’ll get far!

3. Auto aiming? NO!

If you take things slow, it’s best to aim by yourself as you will surely make the shots 100% of the time.

The only reason when we would recommend switching to auto aiming is when you are heavily outnumbered and time is no longer on your side.

4. Stun takedowns FTW: there is absolutely no reason for you to perform lethal takedowns and risk alerting the entire neighborhood.

Instead, eliminate your enemies silently using the stun takedown and be happy that nobody ever finds out about it even though they certainly have fewer and fewer dishes to wash after dinner.

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5. Use the radar to your advantage: It clearly is your best friend and ally and tells you when you have been spotted and when enemies are in a perfect position to be eliminated without ringing the alarm.

The best way to do it is when they are as far away as others as possible, and the radar will always tell you about that!

6. eBooks and Bottles: keep an eye out for these items as the first give you an XP boost, while the second increases your health!

7. Save often: Before big fights or before starting a hacking minigame, it’s always a good idea to save the game.

I know, it’s not the most hardcore mode to play it and you might slack off a bit knowing that you can always restart if you fail, but at least you’re safe!

8. Avoid hacking: We know that this can’t be always avoided, but do a bit of exploring before you start hacking a door as there might be an alternate route or a key somewhere close by.

If you have to try hacking, make sure that you stop trying before the time runs out unless you want everybody on your tail!

9. Use your credits wisely: You won’t have a ton of them and you won’t be able to buy everything you want to, so make sure you invest only in those items that suit your play style the best.

Best Deus Ex: The Fall augmentations

deus ex the fall augmentations

Talking about the best augmentations in this game is again a matter of opinion and play style, but if you found our tips and tricks useful, you might find our preferred augmentations perfect for you too!

Cranium: by far the most important here is capture, as you need to be able to hack anything you feel like hacking and literally open all the doors in front of you. Don’t waste your points on Social Enhancer and hacking stealth and fortify, they’re not worth it!

Skin: We would suggest investing in the cloaking upgrade here to keep your character invisible for as long as possible.

Arms: Learn to do some heavy lifting ASAP because it will open even more doors for you, as crates in the game usually hide a great alternative route and you need the ability to move them!

Torso: A faster recharge means that you can use your special skills more often, so it’s a must have!

Eyes: I would upgrade the radar because we’ll use it a lot during our play time and we need all the info we can get. If you have the points, getting the augmentation to see through walls will help you plan your moves and routes even better!

Legs: If you’re the stealth fan as we are, you will find that being able to run silently is extremely useful, especially when you have enough energy to combine it with cloaking. Because one gets tired of crouching all the time!

And these would be our Deus Ex: The Fall tips and tricks, as well as recommended augmentations for the stealthy players.

Of course, if you go the loud way in the game, some of the advice might not work for you (especially augmentations), but we’re eager to know what you think and how your play style looks like, so share any tips and tricks with us in the comment section below!

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Deus Ex: The Fall Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide


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