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Destiny Child Memorial Codes

Destiny Child Memorial Codes
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Want to learn more about the Memorial feature in Destiny Child, as well as all the Destiny Child Memorial codes? Well, here we are!

What is Destiny Child Memorial?

Destiny Child was a Korean card battler RPG that featured expressive and beautiful character models thanks to the Live2D artwork engine, but unfortunately the game shut down late September. However, unlike most mobile games, the developers went an extra step to preserve Destiny Child’s place in history and essentially archived the game with its latest update, which you can use codes to access. Here’s everything you need to know about the Destiny Child Memorial codes.

Destiny Child’s last update before the game went officially offline was called the Memorial update. This update effectively disabled the main game modes (save for one mini-game), but left the gallery and story cut scenes intact. This means that you can revisit the game’s characters and story whenever you want. This is a really nice gesture from the developers, considering that most mobile games tend to vanish without a trace when they get shut down.

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However, there’s a catch. Before the game shut down, players had to request their own unique Memorial code, which was a 32-character long code. Upon starting the Memorial, you have to punch in the code, and the gallery is a reflection of whatever you had when the game shut down. This meant that if you didn’t have all the characters, they wouldn’t show up in your Memorial.

Thankfully, players were quick to realize that the Memorial codes had unlimited uses, so players who had all the characters were generous enough to share their codes with the community. Now, everyone has the chance to enjoy the Memorial to its fullest extent.

Destiny Child Memorial codes for all regions

Below is a list of Memorial codes that have every character (or nearly every character) unlocked in the game, for your viewing pleasure. These codes were collected thanks to the combined efforts of the Destiny Child global Subreddit.

The Memorial code list is sorted by region. Each code is region locked, so if you want to use other codes besides the global one, you’ll need to find a way to download different region games on your device. Certain regions have different characters, in case you were wondering.

Destiny Child Global version Memorial codes

  • Code: b272726e-396d-4f58-9f96-976f02ec7566
    • User: LaoTie101
    • All characters, Soul Carta, Puppets, Costumes, and Spa unlocked

Destiny Child Korean version Memorial codes

  • Code: 86a4f394-ec95-4ecf-b573-bcce2cee0a83
    • User: Rainy2
    • All characters unlocked, missing 1 Soul Carta, 1 Spa, 53 Puppets, and 8 Costumes
  • Code: 2f48fbbd-1630-4578-b8a3-90760d397316
    • User: Superdream
    • Missing 1 character, 3 Soul Carta, 40 Puppets, 6 Costumes

Destiny Child Japanese version Memorial codes

  • Code: 7b761a87-c8af-40e0-b6b4-9d5f6df75dd0
    • User: Mulberry Fox Noodles
    • Missing 3 characters, 14 Soul Carta, 50 Puppets, 100 Costumes, and 21 Spa
  • Code: ba00c46e-e402-4549-afea-51282fddb9a0
    • User: Lozhac
    • Missing 8 characters, 40 Soul Carta, 60 Puppets, 130 Costumes, 90 Spa

How to use Destiny Child Memorial codes

Here’s how to use Destiny Child Memorial codes. Make sure you use the appropriate code for your region!

  1. Launch Destiny Child.
  2. On the title screen, tap to start the game.
  3. The game should automatically prompt you with a Memorial Login input box. Tap to type in your code.
  4. Confirm your code is correct, then hit confirm.

The game remembers your code, so you don’t have to type it in every time you relaunch the game. If you want to use a different code, look in the top left corner of the title screen and you should see a tiny button that says account change. Tap that to bring up code input box once more.

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That covers everything you need to know about Destiny Child Memorial codes and how to use them. If you have any other questions about the Memorial codes, let us know in the comments below.

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Destiny Child Memorial Codes