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Best Characters in Destiny Child (Tier List 2022)

Best Characters in Destiny Child (Tier List 2022)

Destiny Child is an incredibly addicting card RPG available for mobile devices. Players will have to collect different characters and combine them into teams to defeat enemies and other players. Each character has unique stats, abilities, skins, and even voice acting. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you about the best characters in Destiny Child.

Best Characters in Destiny Child

There are many different activities in Destiny Child. You can go to various dungeons, fight world bosses, participate in PvP battles, and much more. But to defeat all enemies, you must use the best characters.

The game has a huge number of characters. All of them have a unique story and voice acting. Moreover, each character is animated using the Live 2D feature. But as in other similar RPGs, not all characters are equally strong. Therefore, we have compiled a Tier List of the best characters in Destiny Child.

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Destiny Child Characters Tier List

SDana, Mona , Pomona , Chang’e, Neptune, Salome, Saturn 
ASyrinx, Bathory, Astraea, Eve, Thisbe, Maat, Siren, Bastet, Thanatos
BBes, Deino, Jacheongbi, Mafdet, Abaddon, Leda, Nicole, Khepri, Rita, Krapmus, Elizabeth, Pantleon, Frey, Demeter, Athena, Ayane, Hildr, Tiamat, Daphnis, Tamamo
CCain, Eshu, Leo, Jupiter, Tyrving, Epona, Aria, Mars, Eochaid, Rose, Rusalka, Makoto, Giltine, Brownie, Lista, Ailill, Skiing Eshu, Racoon, Banshee, Wodan, Iphis, Kubaba, Luna, Moa, Kasumi, Failnaught, Midas, Ziva, Dave, Durandal, Katherine, Miku, Calypso, Isolde, Annie, Bari, Olga, Palla, Medb, Hades, Metis, Davi, Myrina, Serval, Cleopatra, Anemone
DPan, Keino, Neamhain, Hestia, Venus, Naias, Nine, Mammon, Limos, Honoka, Sidhe, Nirrti, Billy, Astoreth, Verdelet, Luin, Morgan, Doryeong, Fei, Nusi, Rin, Ganesha, Brigid, Werewolf, Diablo, Babel, Sytry, Catherine

The S tier contains the best characters in the game. They are effective for all modes in the game. In A tier you can find strong characters that can be effective in several modes. Further, in the B tier, characters can only be effective in one of the modes. In the C tier, there are weak characters suitable only for the early stages of the game. And in the D tier are the weakest and almost useless characters.

Here’s everything you need to know about the best characters in Destiny Child. Use our Tier List to collect the strongest team in the game. And while you are here, take a look at our list of the best mobile RPG games with Controller Support.

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Best Characters in Destiny Child (Tier List 2022)


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