Destiny 2: How to Get All IKELOS Weapons

Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph
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IKELOS weapons are not new items in Destiny 2, but the Season of the Seraph brings 4 of them back with revamped perks. These weapons are also fully craftable, which players always appreciate since they can personalize their items the way they like them.

How to Craft All IKELOS Weapons in Destiny 2

First of all, you will need to finish the initial quest in Season of the Seraph to obtain Resonance Amp because you will need to obtain Resonate Stem from various activities in the game. You will need to combine 4 Resonate Stems using Resonance Amp and receive a code that reveals the location of one Warmind Node.

We are doing all of this because Warmind Nodes hide IKELOS weapons that you want to get. Each code you get from combining Resonate Stems tells you the planet and the loading area and gives you two words to indicate the location of the node.

Where to Find Warmind Nodes With IKELOS Weapons in Destiny 2

There are 16 nodes you will need to find to unlock all IKELOS weapons. Luna and Europa contain 6 each, and there are 4 more in the Operation: Seraph’s Shield mission. As you approach each node, your screen will go orange and you will hear music, but if you cannot pinpoint the location precisely, you can check out our instructions below.

Europe Warmind Nodes

Six Europa nodes can be found in these locations:

  • Node 1—all the way where you started Beyond Light on the cliffs in Beyond
  • Node 2—Charon’s Crossing, the small opening below the right-hand cliff next to the building where you spawn
  • Node 3—Cadmus Ridge, but go to Charon’s Crossing first, take your sparrow to Cadmus Ridge and look for a small ledge on the left side before entering the area
  • Node 4—Asterion Abyss, ground level in the center of the map, in a small opening next to the huge building
  • Node 5—Eventide Ruins, in a small cave/tunnel (the entrance is in the ridge right in front of you when you spawn)
  • Node 6—Eventide Ruins, inside the big domed building, at the end of the suspended catwalk

Luna Warmind Nodes

Other six nodes can be found in Luna/Moon in these locations:

  • Node 7—Archer’s Line, in the domed building, at the end of the encircling catwalk
  • Node 8—Archer’s Line, in the big crevasse, look for a small ledge you can jump on
  • Node 9—Hellmouth (but start from Sorrow’s Harbor), in a small cave below the cliff before going to the deeper tunnel system
  • Node 10—Anchor of Light, inside of the circular building
  • Node 11—Altars of Sorrow (Sorrow’s Harbor), go through the narrow corridor into a tunnel and look to your right
  • Node 12—Sanctuary, the ledge behind Eris

Operation: Seraph’s Shield Nodes

The locations for the last four nodes are as follows:

  • Node 13—in the pillars of the room right after where you get the Operator augment
  • Node 14—on the platform above the first augment terminal
  • Node 15—in the room with lasers, to the right of the room where you fight the first boss
  • Node 16—left side of the room with the final chest

Now you should be able to craft all IKELOS weapons. While you’re at it, you can also read about how to find all 50 yellow drone orbs in Revision Zero or how to equip class armor mods in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2: How to Get All IKELOS Weapons


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