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How to Find All 50 Yellow Drone Orbs in Revision Zero | Destiny 2 Guide

How to Find All 50 Yellow Drone Orbs in Revision Zero | Destiny 2 Guide
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If your mind is set on finishing Operation: Seraph’s Shield in the Season of the Seraph in Destiny 2, you know you’re going to be in it for a long time. This mission includes 50 yellow drone orbs that you have to destroy using the new Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle.

In case you can’t get them all on your own, this Destiny 2 guide can help you learn how to find all 50 yellow drone orbs in Revision Zero on your way to the Seraph title.

Where to find all 50 yellow security drones in Revision Zero

The drones are scattered all over the game worlds in the following manner:

  • Europa: 10 drones
  • Heist Battleground: Europa: 6 drones
  • Heist Battleground: Mars: 6 drones
  • Heist Battleground: Moon: 6 drones
  • Moon: 10 drones
  • Seraph Station: 12 drones

You can find separate sections for each world below.

Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph
Image via Bungie

Where to find yellow drone orbs in Revision Zero in Europa

Here’s where you can find 10 security drones in Europa:

  • Drone 1: on top of the gate in Darkness Ziggurat in Beyond;
  • Drone 2: the upper left corner of Asterion Abyss in a crack in the ground;
  • Drone 3: the central area of Asterion Abyss, on the ledge overlooking the Vex structures from the west;
  • Drone 4: in the Concealed Void Lost Sector (Asterion Abyss), in the structure surrounded by Radiolaran Fluid;
  • Drone 5: the eastern side of Cadmus Ridge, close to the Vex structure;
  • Drone 6: the entrance to the Bray Exoscience, in the debris left of the door;
  • Drone 7: in the Bunker E15 Lost Sector (Eventide Ruins), in a hidden room reached by the stairs in the first Vex cell you destroyed;
  • Drone 8: before the entrance to the Bunker E15 Lost Sector, on top of the frozen air duct;
  • Drone 9: next to the entrance to the Deep Stone Crypt (northeast part of Eventide Ruins);
  • Drone 10: Perdition Lost Sector (Cadmus Ridge), next to the last chest.

Where to find yellow drone orbs in Revision Zero in Heist Battleground: Europa

Here are the locations of the six security drones in Heist Battleground: Europa:

  • Drone 11: opposite the entrance to the Bray Exoscience facility;
  • Drone 12: the Bray Exoscience facility reception area with the Hive Cryptolith (look left and up from the entrance to see the top of the orb);
  • Drone 13: behind the crate, at the end of the hallway where you fight several Hive Knights;
  • Drone 14: in Creation, in one of the glass-enclosed areas on the ground floor;
  • Drone 15: floating above a pipe left from the Annihilator Totem;
  • Drone 16: in the room with Clovis’ head, all the way to the right (when facing the head) behind boxes.

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Where to find yellow drone orbs in Revision Zero in Heist Battleground: Mars

This area hides another batch of security drones, and here are their locations:

  • Drone 17: next to the Annihilator Totem close to the Tower A;
  • Drone 18: on the dirt road between Towers B and C;
  • Drone 19: in the BrayTech facility, floating close to the ceiling;
  • Drone 20: the first Hive-gunk-covered platform after the jumping section (down the small staircase on the far left side);
  • Drone 21: on the 2nd platform (above the previous drone location), floating close to the ceiling;
  • Drone 22: right before the segment where you need to deal with five Hive runes, turn your back to the door and look up and left.

Where to find yellow drone orbs in Revision Zero in Heist Battleground: Moon

Another Heist Battleground has six more drones:

  • Drone 23: above and to the right of the first Cryptolith close to the spawn;
  • Drone 24: left side of the slide (try to shoot it while sliding);
  • Drone 25: in a small room to the right of the area after the slide;
  • Drone 26: in a room with a small staircase before the encounter (right side, behind the red console);
  • Drone 27: close to the ceiling at the center of the room where you defend Ghost;
  • Drone 28: the room with the Hive locks, in a dark area right from the door.

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Where to find yellow drone orbs in Revision Zero on the Moon

The Moon has 10 more drones for you to destroy:

  • Drone 29: eastern edge of Sorrow’s Harbor, close to the spawning portal;
  • Drone 30: above the entrance to the Pit of Heresy, behind the pillars;
  • Drone 31: K1 Revelation Lost Sector, next to one of the four Hive crystals;
  • Drone 32: northern side of Hellmouth, left from the entrance;
  • Drone 33: above the satellite tower near the entrance to the K1 Crew Quarters Lost Sector (Hellmouth);
  • Drone 34: K1 Crew Quarters Lost Sector, in the jumping section;
  • Drone 35: on top of the rail structure in Archer’s Lane;
  • Drone 36: K1 Logistics Lost Sector, above the place where the enemy spawns, on the right side;
  • Drone 37: on top of the tower in Anchor of Light;
  • Drone 38: near the Ketch ship, the southeastern part of Anchor of Light.

Where to find yellow drone orbs in Revision Zero in Seraph Station

This section contains the last 12 drones you need to take down:

  • Drone 39: under the structure used to enter the station (jump off the platform on the far right side and solve the puzzle to access the drone);
  • Drone 40: the room with lasers that you can see after going through the vents to the second terminal;
  • Drone 41: behind the door in the yellow room that opens after solving the puzzle;
  • Drone 42: behind the security door in the room where you fight the first Operator Vandal (after solving the puzzle);
  • Drone 43: beneath the glass stairs in the room after turret ascent (you have to jump into the small opening to access the drone);
  • Drone 44: in the room with the Operator encounter, behind lasers;
  • Drone 45: behind the security door in the room that precedes the first boss fight (after solving the puzzle);
  • Drone 46: in the boss room, behind the door on the left side from the entrance (after solving the puzzle);
  • Drone 47: in the room right after the spacewalk, behind the lasers on the left side;
  • Drone 48: in the room right before the final boss, behind the locked door on the left side (after solving the puzzle);
  • Drone 49: behind the security door in the reward room (after defeating the boss and solving the puzzle);
  • Drone 50: behind lasers, in the room opposite the Drone 49 location.

There you have it—all 50 yellow drone orbs in Revision Zero! Good luck with destroying them all, and make sure to check out our section dedicated to Destiny 2 for more assistance with the game.

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