The Destiny 2 Golgoroth maze map is important for players tackling King’s Fall Raid and looking to get their hands on the Hidden Chest. The Season of the Plunderer introduced a nuanced version of King’s Fall Raid, and with that, players were confused about the Golgoroth Maze hidden chest and how to access it. 

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In this guide, we will share the Destiny 2 Golgoroth maze complete map while talking about the pattern in which you must activate the different plates to access the hidden chest. 

Destiny 2: Golgoroth Maze Map Guide

Above is the Destiny 2 Golgoroth maze complete map created by Taux and Yet_Another_Horse. And as you can see, now we have five activation plates that you need to activate in the above-marked order to access the hidden chest in the middle of the Golgoroth Cellar, right after the death pit.

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When writing this guide, Season of the Seraph is underway, and sadly, it doesn’t offer the King’s Fall Raid. Instead, we have a brand new Raid called Spire of the Watcher that will serve as the end-game content for players this season.

Now, King’s Fall Raid will definitely return in upcoming seasons, but whether it will remain the same as it was in the Season of the Plunderer or will yet again get subtle changes and nuances is still yet to be known.

If the Raid remains unchanged, you can use the above Destiny 2 Golgoroth maze map to access the hidden chest. But if there are any changes, we will update the guide or prepare a completely new one depending on the changes.

That is it. That concludes our Destiny 2 Golgoroth maze map guide.

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Destiny 2 is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Google Stadia, and PC platforms. 

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Destiny 2: Golgoroth Maze Map Guide


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