Best Destiny 2 Dawning Weapon Rolls

Destiny 2 Dawning artwork
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The Dawning is upon us once again! This limited Destiny 2 event will last from December 13 to January 3, which means it’s time to bake cookies with Eva Levante and get some good gifts and rewards in return.

The latest Dawning event brings back the weapons you may be familiar with from previous events—Avalanche, Glacioclasm, Cold Front, and Zephyr—but there’s a new Stay Frosty rifle as well.

These weapons are only as good as the combinations of their base stats and special perks, so we bring you the list of the best Destiny 2: The Dawning weapon rolls to guide you.

Avalanche Best Roll

The recommended PvE roll for this machine gun includes:

  • Primary perk: Ambitious Assassin (20% increased magazine capacity per kill)
  • Secondary perk: Target Lock (increases damage the longer you stay on the same target)

You could combine these with a Fluted Barrell to increase handling speed and stability and then choose between Extended Mag (which will increase magazine size significantly but at a cost of reload speed) or Flared Magwell for fast reloading.

For PvP, we recommend considering Shot Swap and Target Lock.

Glacioclasm Best Roll

If you’re going for this fusion rifle, consider these perks:

  • Primary perk: Subsistence (partially reload the magazine by defeating targets)
  • Secondary perk: Reservoir Burst (25% damage increase on the next burst when the battery is full, with enemies exploding when they die)

For Barrell and Magazine, consider going for Arrowhead Brake for better recoil control and Particle Repeater to increase stability.

In PvP play, you may want Under Pressure and High-Impact Reserves.

Cold Front Best Roll

In case your preferred option is this submachine gun, you could equip it with these perks:

  • Primary perk: Tap the Trigger (grants increased stability and accuracy on initial trigger pull)
  • Secondary perk: Rangefinder (increases the effective range and zoom magnification when aiming)

The best Barrell and Magazine for Cold Front would be Smallbore, for increased range and stability, and Steady Rounds, optimized for recoil control.

For PvP, a good combination would include Perpetual Motion for better stability, handling, and reload speed when moving.

Zephyr Best Roll

In our opinion, this sword would perform best with these perks:

  • Primary perk: Relentless Strikes (gain 1 Ammo after three light-attack hits)
  • Secondary perk: Whirlwind Blade (increase damage for a short period after rapid sword strikes)

Zephyr’s damage can be increased some more with Honed Edge. For a better charge rate, we recommend Swordmaster’s Guard.

Stay Frosty Best Roll

The best perks for this new rifle include:

  • Primary perk: Tunnel Vision (increase target acquisition and aim down sight speed for a short period if you reload after defeating a target)
  • Secondary perk: Kill Clip (increase damage when reloading after a kill)

These perks go best with Smallbore and Ricochet Rounds for increased range and stability. Besides these perks, PvP players would also benefit from Killing Wind and Desperado for increased mobility, weapon range, handling, and fire rate after a kill.

Those are our picks for the best weapon rolls in Destiny 2: The Dawning. Depending on your playing style, you might opt for different configurations, so let us know in the comments what your picks are.

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Best Destiny 2 Dawning Weapon Rolls


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