DC Universe Online

The Nintendo Switch is quickly becoming the console to get for fans of both Marvel and DC Comics super-heroes. Today, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order has released worldwide, and in just a few days, DC Universe Online will also hit the Nintendo console in all regions.

DC Universe Online, which has been available on other formats for some time, will be released on Nintendo Switch on August 6th. The game allows players to fight with and against over 300 DC Comics characters, visit iconic locations and more.

This August, jump headlong into DCUO’s massively multiplayer world, constantly expanding storylines, and iconic DC locations.

Fight with and against over 300 DC characters across over 30 content episodes and over 100 free game updates.

Channel your inner hero or villain by creating your own character, living your own story, and joining with others to create your own leagues of superheroes and supervillains.

DC Universe Online launches on Nintendo Switch on August 6th.


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