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Day R Survival Best Vehicle in the Game

Day R Survival Best Vehicle in the Game

We’re back at it people, with the Day R Survival best vehicle in the game guide! If you are curious to find out what it is, keep reading because we will share with you everything that you need to know in order to acquire them and to keep on rolling through the game. Actually become the best survivor in the game!

So, you’ve waited enough for this. You might have already heard of a few of these vehicles, but just in case, we will list them all. Below you will find all the available vehicles in the game at the moment, from the cart to the helicopter (yeah, in case you didn’t know, there is one).

– Cart

– Bicycle

– Bicycle with a cart

– Handmade Raft

– Motorized Raft

– Motorcycle

– ZAZ-968 (car)

– VAZ-2101 (car)

– Black Volga

– GAZ-24 (car)

– UAZ-469 (jeep)

– UAZ-452 (minivan)

– ZIL-130 (small truck)

– KamAZ (truck)

– BRDM-2 (army car)

– Electric car

– T-72 (tank)

– Mi-24 (helicopter)

– BelAZ

My personal favorite vehicle in Day R Survival is the electric car, and if you want to learn more about it check out our article here about how to get electro car fast. It is one of the best vehicles in the game at the moment, I’d say on second place after BelAZ.

For a vehicle to be of great value here, it must be as easy to maintain as possible, because the fuel resources are super limited, and you don’t want to end up in the middle of nowhere without fuel and a working car full of items.

Other than the early items that you can craft easily (cart, raft) you can also opt for the bicycle, but I don’t recommend it for the late game since you can simply not go for kilometers on end with just a bike. For the early game, your absolute best options are the motorcycle and the bicycle with a cart.

As you progress through the game and advance in your quests, you could go for a car, but you must keep in mind that you need to constantly be on the lookout for fuel in the gas stations, workshops, trade, etc.

Since the fuel resources are limited, you’ll want to progress through the quests as quickly as possible while maintaining a somewhat balance between all the stuff you need to have on you (food, water, band-aids) and level up your skills to keep up with the progress.

So, get the motorcycle first (here we have a guide on how to get a motorcycle and everything else you might want to know about it) and quickly after head on to the quests necessary for the electric car (see our guide here) and gather all the necessary resources.

Electric car is one of the very best options because it only requires maintenance and absolutely no fuel to run. But the utmost best vehicle in Day R Survival is the BelAZ. This is one tough cookie to obtain, and you will find yourself grinding for hours on end to gather everything you need.

But why it is the best? Well, it’s because it never wears out and also it consumes zero fuel. It also has quite some space for storage, so imagine all the possibilities.

To get the BelAZ, you will need to complete the Moving Town quest. It is the hardest one yet, and yet doable. By completing the quest, you’ll be awarded this vehicle, so prepare for some hours of grinding, because the stuff you need in order to complete the quest are:

– Nuclear Reactor Parts (3x): get from Chernobyl

– Clean Water (1000x): … you know where if you made it this far

– Auto Spare Parts (500x): loot car workshops, garages, roads

– Steel Tools (10x): crafted from steel

– Car Batteries (50x): craft them from broken automotive battery and 15 sulfuric or destroy working vehicles

– Iron Pipes (1000x): loot from destroyed buildings or craft from scrap metal

– Scrap, Steel, Lead (100000x of each): loot, loot, loot. Also, steel can be obtained by crafting a steel making furnace.

– Nail, Wire (10000x of each): get them from scrap metal

– Insulating Tape (1000x): a lot, a lot of places! 

Amazed yet? Well, I said it wouldn’t be easy. The other option for you here is to just buy it in game, but that wouldn’t be as fun, right? Well, in case you decide to do that and save about a day’s worth of grinding these parts, know that it is going to cost you 150k caps. Unless you are a premium player, in which case you will pay less and have other perks.

To conclude this article, the Day R Survival best vehicle in the game would definitely be the BelAZ, followed shortly by the electric car and then the KamAZ and Motorcycle. If you have other preferences in regards of the best vehicle in game, leave a comment down below and tell us which!

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Day R Survival Best Vehicle in the Game


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