Since the electric car is one of the best vehicles currently available in Day R Survival, we are going to share with you how to get electro car fast. Day R Survival is one the most entertaining and catchy survival games out there, because it doesn’t waste time with useless zombie fights and such, but rather relies on the story and survival.

Since the electric car is basically in the same category as BelAZ (they do not use fuel), we are going to show you exactly how to get this vehicle and everything else you need to know about it.

Before we begin, though, I will have to mention that this mobile is kinda worse than the BelAZ, since it breaks a lot more often and doesn’t have such great capacity either, but for something that uses zero fuel, it’s okay.

The only way to get this car is by crafting it, but you are going to need your mechanical skill to be at level 14, so you need to improve on that if you’re far behind. It’s not hard, just complete the quests, disassemble cars and keep crafting and disassembling stuff.

To craft the electric car, you’re going to need some Tools, a Generator and a Welder. The other items needed to craft it are these:

– ZAZ-958 (disassembled): from the abandoned bandit camp

– Nuclear Battery: loot from the Khabarovsk bandit camp

– Electric Motor: get from the Tyumen quest for Mini Hydro Power Plant

– Car Batteries: obtained from abandoned bandit camps or by trading in the survivor camps.

– Electrical Cables: get them from looting electronic store, department store, car workshops or garages.

– Wires: obtained from looting garages, workshops or houses.

– Insulating Tapes: obtained from many places, you probably already have a few. 

– Tires (obviously): obtained from looting garages and disassembling cars.

– Auto Spare Parts: obtain these from trading, from garages, workshops and by looting disassembled vehicles.

– Rubber Parts: get these from looting garages and workshops.

So, these are the requirements. But this car will break down quite a lot, so you are going to need some tips on how to repair it too. The items you should keep on hand for the reparation of the electric car are these: auto spare parts, sulfuric acid, wires and insulating tapes.

In my honest opinion, you should be doing your quests and getting this along the way, as a priority (because no fuel needed to use it, don’t forget). Head on to Moscow (hopefully you crafted the motorcycle by now, else go check our motorcycle guide here) and you are gonna have to travel quite a lot, so let’s not do that on foot because you’ll run out of patience and food and everything else.

Continue your quests along the way, and you will find many of the parts listed above that you will need for the electric car (yeah, that working car too, but don’t use it because you will run out of fuel faster than you can say “Russia”), and that’s pretty much it. Everything will fall in place from now on.

These would be our tips on Day R Survival how to get electric car fast, but if you have some other suggestions leave them down in the comments below, because we would love to hear your ideas and all the other stuff you come up with to help throughout the game!


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