Daemon X Machina

Daemon X Machina received a playable demo not too long ago, and the team asked for feedback from those who have played it, hoping to improve the game before release. Among the things that have indeed been improved is performance.

Speaking with Japanese website Dengeki, director Kenichiro Tsukoda confirmed that the Daemon X Machina frame rate has been improved following feedback from the demo. It’s not yet clear how much it has been improved, but at least we know that everything will be much smoother than it was in the demo.

Daemon X Machina is an engaging mech game featuring a fast-paced experience, a fully customizable powered suit and a lot of different missions that will put players’ skills to the test. The already mentioned director Kenichiro Tsukuda worked on the Armored Core series, so the game should be as good as the classic series developed by From Software

Daemon X Machina is also going to feature online and local wireless multiplayer, which will both expand the game considerably.

Daemon X Machina launches on Nintendo Switch on September 13th.


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