Da Hood Best Settings Guide


There is no problem with settings if you have a powerful PC, which allows you to play even the newest video games at the maximum graphic. Conversely, finding suitable settings is way more challenging if you have an old PC. It is the Da Hood best settings guide if you are in trouble. Read it, and you will find out optimal settings that will be suitable for every PC.

Best Setting for Da Hood

This guide will be divided into a few steps. You need to complete all of them step by step, and only in this way will you get maximum FPS and the best graphics. Also, some settings might vary depending on the PC. So, you can easily change them and pick the most suitable yourself. So, let’s get started!

  1. Turn on the game mode in the Windows settings. There is no general way to do it, and it depends on the Windows you use.
  2. Set up your Roblox studio settings correctly. To do it, click on File – Studio Settings – Rendering. Here you need to set up everything on Level 09 if you want a suitable graphic and on Level 01 if you wish to High Performance. Also, you need to set the Auto FRM level at 0. You need to do this on both new and old PCs.
  3. Put the suitable resolution in your video card settings.

Also, one more thing that might help you is unlocking an FPS. It works perfectly for a powerful PC. And if you own an old PC, you can lock your FPS, and you will no longer suffer from lags and freezes.

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In conclusion, there is no perfect setting that will be suitable for everyone. However, some characteristics must be turned on maximum or turned off if you want to really enjoy the game. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful!

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Da Hood Best Settings Guide


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