Cute Tiny Birds Cheats: Tips & Tricks for the Pros


From all the games like Flappy Bird that I have played over the weekend, Cute Tiny Birds is probably the closest to the original, not in terms of gameplay, but in terms of frustration that it gives due to its insane difficulty. And yes, that is a good thing for this kind of games, so let’s check out some Cute Tiny Birds cheats: a set of tips & tricks that are actually so good that you’ll think that you are cheating.

Because, for a game called “Cute Tiny Birds” there’s nothing cute in losing over and over again, so let’s improve the chances of survival and maximize the coin gains to make sure that we have fun as much as possible and unlock the birds as soon as possible! So let’s check out the Cute Tiny Birds tips and tricks below!

1. Score is the most important
In other words, if you are about to hit an obstacle and end the game, you should do it in style, aka by collecting as many items as possible. The score gives you stars, which can later be used to unlock new birds. So that’s all that matters apart from the personal satisfaction that you get as far as possible.

2. Collect the hearts no matter what
I thought that they give us extra lives, but Cute Tiny Birds is not that easy! However, they do work like a kind of a magnet, so whenever you collect a heart, for a few seconds, you will draw to your bird all the goodies that give you points. So try to get the hearts as often as possible.

3. Coins over fruits
You would think that the fruits give you more points, but it’s actually not the case. The coins are those that fill your pockets the most, so focus on getting those instead of the fruits which are just delicious. I guess.

4. Unlock new birds
As soon as you have the funds to unlock a new bird, do so. For some strange reason, each bird seems to make controlling it easier, so you will get farther and get more coins in return. Or maybe it’s just an illusion I got because I had played a lot before getting the chance to unlock the next bird, which means that I got better… still, you have nothing else to do with all those coins, so go for the birds!

5. Practice, practice, practice
I can’t repeat that enough. You have to keep practicing, otherwise you will fail. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to get through those really tight zones that are killing us all. As soon as you learn to get through those without a problem, everything else about the game will sound like a breeze.

6. Relax and take breaks
You will get angry. Very angry when playing the game and that will in turn result in you playing even worse. So learn to relax and, even better, take at least a 10 minute break to cool off and be in your best shape when you play the game. Because it’s not a breeze!

And these would be our tips and tricks for Cute Tiny Birds for iPhone and iPad. If you have others to share, please do so by commenting below.

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Cute Tiny Birds Cheats: Tips & Tricks for the Pros


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