Crush Them All Guide: Tips & Cheats To Earn Lots of Gold

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The world has been corrupted by evil forces, and the fair princess has been kidnapped! It is up to you and your band of heroes in Crush Them All to save the day! Lead your heroes through hordes of monsters while upgrading towns and cities to supply your heroes with gold. Level up, use ultimate skills, and destroy huge bosses in this excited idle RPG.

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In our Crush Them All tips and tricks guide, we will look at the basics of the game and how to get gold fast. Gold is what makes the world go round, so you need a lot of it to progress through the game. We will show you how to maximize your profits and be efficient in our Crush Them All cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to earn lots of gold!

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The Basics of Battle

While Crush Them All is first and foremost an idle game, you have a few active things you can do to make the battle easier for your team. On each stage there are two blue crystals – one on the left and one on the right.

Your heroes will spawn from the one on the left, and they will automatically make their way to the crystal on the right. The stage is won when your heroes destroy the right crystal, which is the enemy’s crystal.

Enemies will spawn to defend the crystal, and your heroes will automatically engage them. Your heroes will fight on their own, but you can command them to use their ultimate skills if they are off cooldown at any point. Only 3-star heroes have ultimate skills.

Ultimates deal massive damage to enemies on the right side of the screen where your team is currently engaged in battle, so use them when they are all grouped up to wipe them all out at the same time.

Ultimates need some time to recharge afterwards, but the cooldowns are usually fast so do not be afraid to be use them liberally. They can make all the difference in a difficult fight.

Do not give up! Even if your heroes go down, they will eventually respawn back at your crystal, ready to fight again. As long as all of your heroes do not get wiped out at the same time, then you should be able to fend off the monsters for long enough.

Take Advantage of Elements

There are five elements in Crush Them All: fire, water, nature, light, and dark. All monsters and heroes in the game belong to one of the five elements, governing their elemental affinity.

Fire beats nature, nature beats water, and water beats fire. If one unit attacks another with the advantageous element, they will do increase damage. Fire, water, and nature elemental heroes and monsters will deal four times the normal amount of damage to targets they have the advantage over.

Light and dark elementals work a little differently. They beat each other out but they only deal two times the normal amount of damage to each other.

If you are stuck on a particularly hard stage with a mean boss, try to match the correct elements. Build a team full of heroes with the elemental advantage and watch the magic happen!

Grab the Random Items

As you heroes fight through the world, you may occasionally see a treasure chest lying around in the background. If you tap on the chest, you can collect it. Most of the time you will just get gold, but sometimes you will get flooz (the red F icon), the premium currency of the game!

This is nice, but what is even better is that you can even earn premium items that you normally have to purchase with flooz. You can get helpful items like Time Jumps, Speed Multipliers, and more!

It is OK to idle the game and go do something else, but it pays to pay attention every now and then – you never know what you might find lying around!

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Upgrading the Village

The village is comprised of many different buildings, each of which will generate gold for you over time. You need to come back and collect the gold manually, then the building will continue to generate more gold.

On the start of every run, you should aim to make every business at least level 50. When a business hits level 50, they will become automated, and they will generate gold automatically without you having to collect manually.

You can continue to upgrade a building after that, at which point the yellow bar underneath the icon will begin to fill up. Every upgrade will fill the bar up more, and the building will generate more gold over time.

When the yellow bar fills up all the way, the building will earn a special upgrade. These upgrades usually give a huge boost to the gold generation, so this can be very helpful.

The best way to be efficient with your gold is to get a building up to level 50, then unlock the next building and repeat the process. Unlocking new buildings is more important than upgrading previous ones, but you can do that if you have extra gold to spare.

The Best Time to Ascend

When you finish stage 135 for the first time, you unlock the ability to ascend. When you ascend, you reset your progress all the way back to stage 1, all of your heroes are reset back to level 1, but you earn a special currency called prism.

Your shops will also gain a permanent gold buff, enabling them to generate more gold for you over time. You will also earn special items, and you will unlock the ability to use artifacts, powerful items that grant your team passive bonuses.

If you are desperately struggling with a hard stage and you cannot seem to get past it no matter what you try, ascension might be a good idea. Note that the farther you get, the more prism and goodies you will earn when you ascend.

Advanced Team Upgrading

Once you have ascended for the first time, there are numerous ways of upgrading your heroes.


The special currency you get for ascending is called prism, and it can be used to permanently level up your heroes. Unlike normal heroes, prism levels are preserved between ascensions, so it serves as a consistent way of powering up your heroes.


Artifacts are items that grant your whole team passive buffs. You start with two slots, and more can be unlocked with flooz. Before you can add an artifact, you must craft them with special elemental resources found in the daily dungeons.

The daily dungeons change every day as you can expected. Every day, new bosses will challenge you and each one of them has an element. Defeating these bosses will net you the elemental resource needed to craft artifacts.

These boss challenges are difficult – it is just your team and the boss, no enemies in between. Prepare your heroes and level them up, and preferably use a team that has the elemental advantage.


Awakening is the ultimate form of upgrading your heroes. This ability unlocks at player level 15, so you will not be doing this until you have performed ascension a couple of times.

Awakening requires rare materials that are obtained through ascension, and when you awaken a hero they obtain another rarity star, dramatically boosting their stats. Awaken your favorite heroes and watch them grow in strength!

Visit the Library for Powerful Buffs

You can access the library after you have ascended for the first time. You can activate special buffs that are permanent (until you disable them) with the help of special orbs.

Every time your player level goes up, you will earn some more orbs. There are tons of buffs you can use these orbs on, and they each take different orbs.

These buffs can do things like increase the amount of prism you get per ascension, increase game speed, give you a chance to randomly skip a stage, and more.

If you ever change your mind, you can have all your orbs refunded for 30 flooz. Since flooz is hard to come by, make sure you carefully think where you want to invest your orbs!

That’s all for Crush Them All! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Crush Them All Guide: Tips & Cheats To Earn Lots of Gold

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