How to Collect 100 Gold Bars in a Single Fortnite Match

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is drawing to a close and that means it is time for another week of Bargain Bin Quests. This little Fortnite tradition gives players the chance to collect and spend Gold Bars before the next season begins and all slates are wiped clean. One of these Bargain Bin Week Quests is to collect 100 bars in a single match. Find out in our guide below how to collect 100 Gold Bars in a single Fortnite match.

Collecting 100 Bars Easily in One Fortnite Match

Collecting 100 Gold Bars is not too tough but to do it in a single match is definitely trickier. As you may know already, you are able to collect Gold Bars in the following places:

  • Destroying Sofas (7+)
  • Destroying Large Beds (7+)
  • Destroying Washing Machines (7+)
  • Opening Cash Registers (5+)
  • Opening Chests (9+)
  • Opening Safes (75+)
  • Eliminating Opponents (7+)
  • Completing Bounties (75)

Opening a Safe would be your best move to get to 100 quickly but they spawn randomly and can be hard to find. Instead, find a Bounty Board and accept a bounty while you search for smaller amounts of bars by opening chests and destroying furniture.

fortnite_bounty_guide 3
Complete a Bounty for easy 75 Gold Bars (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

If the bounty is stolen you still receive the bars, so it is worth just starting a bounty whenever you see a board. A completed bounty will award you with 75 Gold Bars, and the remaining 25 can very easily be found by destroying washers and sofas.

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Our best tip is to land at Coney Crossroads and start a bounty at the Bounty Board located there. While at Coney, go to the ground floor room located in the building near the Gas Station and destroy the washing machines in there. There are 12 washing machines in there and each drops at least 7 Gold Bars. You may find that you complete the challenge just by destroying all of those and some nearby sofas while waiting for your bounty!

coney crossroads washing machines fortnite
Washing Machines at Coney Crossroads (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

That is all you need to know to complete this quest for Bargain Bin Week! Next up, check out how to complete the final part of the Vibin’ Bonus Goals. Good luck.

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How to Collect 100 Gold Bars in a Single Fortnite Match


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