Having been a fan of the anime genre for a long time, I played quite a lot of anime-related games. If you are familiar with the PC and mobile game Aura Kingdom (into which I’ve put thousands of hours playing), you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that Crown Four Kingdoms is a very, very similar game for mobile with pretty much the same mechanics and similar objectives.

Even if I can’t take full pride in being an otaku, I sure am pleased to say that all the knowledge I gathered in my journey playing tons of anime games helped me make some of the best choices when it comes to Crown Four Kingdoms, so here I’ll reveal to you the best Crown Four Kingdoms tips and tricks to help you level up fast and get more heroes.

Choose the best class

And that is Assassin!

When creating a character, you can choose one out of four classes: Warrior, Assassin, Ranger and Wizard. This will set the pace for your first 30 levels, because after reaching level 30 you can choose to change it (or keep it) and once you complete the corresponding quest, you can select an advanced class.

For the fastest content clearer in the game I suggest you go for Assassin (that’s what I picked and I regret nothing). They have huge damage and with the proper gears they will be able to do all game content easily (and a bit more difficult for some stuff, but not impossible).

If you choose Wizard, they might seem good at start, but once the game quest line progresses, you will face tougher and tougher opponents and their damage falls off a little when not geared properly. Ranger has OK-ish damage, but not my favorite. If you like this class, tho, go for it! The Warriors are the more tanky class, and their defense is the biggest asset (and the big sword). Again, not my favorite class.

Get more heroes

Crown Four Kingdoms has five hero types:

– Damage Type

– Critical Hits

– HP Type

– EVA Type

– DEF Type

They can be obtained from different sources, and all have a certain tier: SS, S, A, B, C, the best being SS tier. You should always go for the higher tier ones always because they are the strongest for a reason. They are harder to get, but since there aren’t that many heroes per total in the game, your chances are’t null.

To get more heroes, you can head on to the Trial Instance Mode, from Hero Gacha, from the Loot Wheel (X-Legend really likes teasing us with those wheels) and from events. Upon completing quests you can also get hero shard, and once you collected enough you can summon that hero.

Leveling up is quite important

Like in most gacha games, you will need to level up to be able to clear game content easy. The best way of leveling up is by completing the main storyline. This will give you quite a lot of exp, and if you need even more, head on to the Instance Mode. Here you can do more exp-rich instances (Story Trial, Special, Relic, Raid, Abyss) that will rewards you with tons and tons of exp (so that is not a problem) but only for a limited time every day.

As you level up, your CAP increases, and that means you character got stronger. CAP is needed to see where you stand in terms of power and how hard/easy it is for you to do some certain instances.

To increase this CAP there are a few other stuff you will need to do besides leveling up. The gear you have also counts towards this, so make sure you’re always equipped with the best gear for your current level. Another couple of factors that increase your cap are:

Heroes (the ones you summon with shards, but since you can only keep one make sure it’s the best)

Skill Level (as you upgrade your skills your CAP increases)

Talent (just like Skill Level)

Costumes (they have some stats too so get the best costumes!)

Titles (titles give some extra stats as well, you get them from reaching milestones in the game or achievements or by progressing through the quest line)

Mounts (not only do they help by moving around the map quicker but also they give stats)

Wings (they give some extra stats and every little percentage counts towards your CAP)

Gearing up

To obtain good gears you will need to grind Instance Mode, more specifically Story Mode. If you feel like you are strong enough, however, (poor Rangers) you can also go for bosses. The higher rank bosses drop quite some good gears, and if you are lucky you could even get some rare drops.

Once you get the much-wanted gears of your dreams, you can now proceed to upgrading them (yeah, I know, it’s a time consuming process upgrading everything from head to toe). To do so, inlay the M-Stones with the desired stats into your gear and that’s it! As you continue leveling up, keep upgrading those M-Stones because they will get stronger as you do.

Besides gears, for the fashion lovers (like I consider myself to be in every single game) there are quite a few costumes you can choose from. Not hard to obtain, but if you are aiming for a certain rarer one, it might be a tad more difficult. However, they look pretty and they are worth it 100%!

Protect and fight for your kingdom

In Crown Four Kingdoms, as you choose your kingdom you will have to fight for them when needed. Kingdom War is where you will get some more goodies and you will be able to upgrade the castle.

As players devote to the kingdom, its funds increase and make it a more powerful force. I went for Heckham Kingdom, but if you feel like going with the flow, you can go for a Random Select which will pick one randomly.

The kingdoms you can choose from are:

– Republic of Sandre

– Sunblaze Empire

– Emerald Federation

– Heckham Kingdom (the one I picked)

Don’t forget the daily bonus! (and the events)

By logging in daily you will get some cool rewards that get progressively better with each day, on the seventh day of each week being some hero shards. So if you are  in dire need of some scrolls or mount, continue to check daily and you will get them all!

This game will often get events, so make sure you keep an eye out on their Facebook page for updates and event notices; from time to time there will also be some promotional codes you can enter for extra rewards in game.

PvP is quite fun

That’s if you like going against players. In the Arena you can fight high tier players (and lower ones, but that’s not so fun) and test your strength. For this you can equip gears that are specifically made to aid you in battle, with better stats. That’s if you have time to grind and upgrade several gear sets, otherwise just stick to what you have.

A good way of aiming for the Arena, is once you finish the quest line. Then, all you will have to do is keep progressing through Instance Mode and getting higher rank in Arena. By that time you will have quite a big CAP and high level, but hey, who am I to tell you where to go? If you want PvP early level, go do it!

And with that, we conclude today’s Crown Four Kingdoms cheats and tricks. If you think another class is better, or if you know of any other tips, feel free to share them with us (and the other players) down in the comments below.


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