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Counter Side Tier List

Counter Side Tier List
Screenshot from game trailer.

In a game like Counter Side where there’s a ton of characters, it can be overwhelming to know which ones to use and which ones not to. Definitely don’t let this steer you from the game, as it is quite an amazing one. For those unfamiliar, Counter Side is a gacha game that takes place in a world plagued by a danger known as the Corruptions. The only ones strong enough to stop these are the superpowered humans of the universe called the Counters. A central setting of the game is the office of the Coffin Company, a security firm who recruits the Counters for the cause. With a wonderful story and characters, you can’t go wrong playing this. To further drive that home, here is your ultimate Counter Side tier list.

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Orca from Counterside.
Screenshot from game trailer.

The mysterious and adorable Orca is a great character to use in story chapters thanks to her being able to do extra damage against the corrupted objects. This helps her to be unique while at the same time being someone you can always rely on for battles. The downside of that is she won’t work for PvP mode.

Rita Arsenico

This one might give you good or bad memories depending on if you know the story of Dash and Rita. A character that’s very all-purpose while also strong is the loan lady Rita Arsenico. She’s a good damage dealer who comes with the stats and perks of being a supporter who has an anti-mech buff. You can use her in any battle mode in the game and she’ll get the job done.

Awakened Lee Sooyeon

The VP in Counterside.
Screenshot from game trailer.

If you’ve fallen for Lee Sooyeon as many of us have and wondered if she was a playable character, there’s good news. You should make it a goal to get at least one Awakened unit in Counter Side. These are powered up limited time versions of regular characters in the game. One of the best if not the best one you can get your hands on is Lee Sooyeon’s card. She hits hard, she’s an accurate shooter, and barely takes a lot of direct damage thanks to being an Air unit. If you’re going to have only one Awakened unit, go with our beloved VP.


Counters are not the only kind of character in the game. Mechs exist as well and come with perks that don’t exist when you’re made of organic matter. One of the best is Sigma, the robot with a mysterious connection to the main character, who treats them as their own child. She can damage multiple enemies at once, give her allies damage resistance, and summon a large robot for help in battle. You can’t go wrong with the adorable Sigma.

Lee Yumi

New players should definitely use Lee Yumi for tanking and attacking. While not the most fantastic in her field, she works because she’s easy to fit into teams and generally gets the job done. Two of her biggest perks are her strong AOE attacks and evade buffs. There are better characters who do the same thing, but Lee Yumi is easier to get compared to them which is why she’s perfect for beginner players.

Replacer Queen

The Replacer Queen from Counterside.
Screenshot from game trailer.

Another highly recommended Awakened unit is the Replacer Queen. For someone in this category, she has an amazingly low cost. Besides that, she’s a fantastic damage dealer and can self-boost the power of her skills. One of her AOE attacks even comes with a stun effect. Save your currency for the Replacer Queen banners.

Evelyn Keller

When it comes to healer units, they have the tendency to be a one-use wonder. This often prevents them from climbing into the category of good characters. However, Evelyn Keller goes beyond being just a healer. This lovely witch is a must have because she is the only air-based unit in the game who can heal too. Being in the air allows her to avoid certain enemies and attack many at once. This setup ensures that she will remain alive for the duration of a fight and that you don’t have to look for other units to support her. As an SR, you should have no issue getting her either. Eveyln is a unit that will never stop being relevant.

Xiao Lin

The crit queen of Counter Side is none other than Xiao Lin. The more you level her skills, the better she’ll perform with crits, so make sure to focus on that. You’ll also need to equip gear to her that ties in with her crit powers in order to get the full power out of her skills. Otherwise, she won’t work, because as strong as her crit is, she is quite fragile in defense and can die fast. Still, if you learn how to properly use her, Xiao Lin is the best crit attacker in the game.


Everybody needs a meat shield in their party and the one to use for that is Serapel. This AOE attacker is able to both self-boost her own power and absorb damage for other party members. The more damage she takes, the stronger she becomes. In her ultimate skill, she can shake off any debuffs and temporarily become invincible. Serapels power is unmatched as a unit.

Awakened Horizon

For every healer, DPS, and in between attacker, you need a unit for the late game content. Things will get trickier as you get deep into the story of Counter Side, and you need to be prepared for it. There’s no better unit for this than the Awakened Horizon. If you did the Horizon Finance story or its prequel, you will be very familiar with this powerful robot. In this form, her attacks are specifically catered to tackling enemies with high HP. Therefore, she’s perfect for boss fights and other late-stage content. Her setup as an air unit who can set up a self-immunity make her one of the top Awakened units in the game.

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