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Coral Island Hardwood Location – Where To Find Hardwood in Coral Island

Coral Island Hardwood Location – Where To Find Hardwood in Coral Island
Credit to Stairway Games
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Did you ever play Animal Crossing New Horizons but wished it was more like Stardew Valley? Do you find farming simulators to be too linear sometimes? If those apply to you, you need to check out Coral Island, the newest farming simulator where you can live life in literal paradise.

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What To Use Hardwood For In Coral Island

a house made of wood in coral island
Credit to Stairway Games

Hardwood is an important resource in the game for upgrading certain buildings later on. It’s a step up from your regular wood that you just can’t get by using a basic axe. When it comes to games of these style, if this is your first one, a rule of thumb to go by is to focus specifically on upgrading all of your tools first. Better tools mean better resources, finishing things faster, using less energy, etc. This efficiency will allow you to grow your farm in the most optimal way possible.

The Best Way To Collect Hardwood In Coral Island

chopping down trees in coral island
Credit to Stairway Games

There’s an easy-to-get hardwood method, and that’s purchasing it from the carpenter’s shop. One problem though, it isn’t cost effective and in the early stages of the game, you probably can’t afford it. But that’s okay because we have a better method that is a much more long-term solution. Instead of wasting your currency on that, you are going to save up to upgrade your axe to a silver axe, which is the second upgrade for it after the bronze one. With a silver axe, you can break up those big dark hardwood logs found on the map, located in the mid forest to the west of the farm and the area north that unlocks later on.

How To Get A Silver Axe In Coral Island

To get a head start on a tool upgrade, you’ll want to head to the cavern on the island where ore is found. There are some monsters in here, so make sure you’re going with supplies to heal yourself if need be. Shiny things are never truly easy to get! You’ll find bronze ore in the first twenty floors and silver once you get to the twenty first and beyond, both of which you’ll find by breaking stones. You need five ores for to make one bar later, so you need to acquire at least 25 ores because the upgrades require 5 bars each. Don’t worry, we organized them for you below!

  • Bronze Axe: A plain axe, 20 wood, and 5 bronze bars. Need 1500 gold to upgrade.
  • Silver Axe: An axe upgraded to bronze, 20 wood, and 5 silver bars. Need 3000 gold to upgrade.

To make ores into bars, you have to bring to a furnace, the recipe which you’ll get by default after you explore the cavern and get your first supply of bronze ore.

  • Furnace recipe: 40 stones and 20 bronze ores

Once you have all your ingredients and enough gold accumulated, it’s time to head on over to Pablo and Rafaels shop to upgrade your axe. Bronze ones will take a day and silver will take at least 2 days. Now that you have a silver axe, you can harvest tons of hardwood off the island! Build paradise and explore by downloading Coral Island today!

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Coral Island Hardwood Location – Where To Find Hardwood in Coral Island