Today appears to be indie games day here at Touch, Tap, Play: after breaking the news on Lost Echo, a 3D adventure game that has been in the works for 2 years, we have to tell you about Cool Clash, an iOS exclusive game that has been in development for…. FOUR years! Well, I am sure that no developer wants to beat that record unless they’re working on a new Duke Nukem game.

But back to Cool Clash (which is a fighting game, in case the title wasn’t clear enough), let’s see what makes it so cool! Well, for starters, and the reason why it spent so much time in development, is the entire visual stuff: all the animations and backgrounds have been manually drawn, making the game look like the real cartoons some of the older gamers, myself included, grew up watching. In other words, a true delight for the eye and a proof that a game doesn’t have to be pixelated to bring back some sweet nostalgia.

Controls are another interesting element of Cool Clash: although they start with the pretty classic d-pad arrows for movement, they continue to something less traditional and more up to date: full touch controls. In other words, you will be swiping all areas of the screen trying to hit your opponent, from high kicks to quick combos, everything being available either via tapping or swiping. Pretty cool!

It also appears that the game will have a ton of playable (and totally funky) characters, and this colorful, exploding experience will certainly please both young and older gamers. We can only hope that the actual gameplay is just as good as the trailer above proves that visuals are, and we are sold. We don’t have to wait too long either, as the game is slated for release “this summer”.


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