I am truly, deeply surprised. I find it hard to believe that two man team KickBack Studios have been able to create Lost Echo, a 3D adventure game that looks absolutely amazing and seems to be similarly beautiful story-wise. I mean, really now, there are big studios out there who aren’t able to accomplish something like this.

It is true that Lost Echo took KickBack two years to get ready for its iOS exclusivity, but it was all worth it! Telling the story of Greg who goes searching for his missing girlfriend (a girlfriend that nobody remembers that ever existed), Lost Echo promises to be “engrossing mystery with a satisfying conclusion.” That’s good to hear, because I absolutely loathe cliffhangers at the end of… anything!

From the looks of the trailer that they have just launched, the Greek team managed to capture the essence of the adventure genre and create an atmospheric experience for all gamers. Check out the trailer and prepare to be blown away:

Lost Echo is coming exclusively to iOS “very soon” and we can hardly wait to see it!


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