Cooking Fever, the time management game developed by Nordcurrent, has recently received a new update which includes some all new content that further expand the game’s experience.

The new update introduces a new location called Breakfast Cafè, where players will be able to cook a variety of dishes that are usually served for breakfast. Alongside the new location, the new Cooking Fever update introduces a few other new features as well as the obligatory bug fixes that will make the experience smoother and more enjoyable.


Cooking Fever is a nice time management game where players are able to cook a variety of dishes while visiting different locations like the Bakery, the Fast-Food and more. Each one of the game’s locations comes with different stages to complete as well as special upgrades that will unlock even more content once purchased.

The new Cooking Fever update isn’t going to be the only update getting developed for the game. Nordcurrent has confirmed the team is already hard at work on another update which will introduce a sushi restaurant as well as new gameplay mechanics. A release date for this update has yet to be confirmed.

Cooking Fever is now available for download on the App Store. If you’re playing the game and want to learn some useful tips for it, you can check out our own Cooking Fever cheats: tips, tricks & strategy guide.



  1. Hi,
    Just wanting to know when the new update is coming for cooking fever, waiting for the ship to unlock.

    I absolutely love this game,
    And miss playing it.
    Please hurry.


  2. Hi, I’ve completed all levels before the ship and have completed the ice cream level on the island but now have to wait for next update to play any other levels. Please tell me when this will be, love this game and miss playing it!

  3. I love this game. I have completed all levels available and the ice cream level. Hurry with the updates. Since we are having to wait so long we should at least get 100 gems for free.

    • I have been playing faithfully for 2 years and never got anything but three single diamonds.where or when do I get Double or triple diamonds?

      • I have only been playing for a week & the game is a lot of fun but you rarely get any gems. And you cant buy anything or any other restaurants without gems. They want you to buy them and I’m not doing that! I have also tried a few of the cheats I saw online but none of them work now. I play this online my laptop but not my cell. I am worried about downloading updates onto my computer? Any ideas from anyone?

        • I been play for awhile . I have over 500, 000 points. I play the lots every 2 times a day for 500. Same time in the morning and night. It takes 23, 000. You will always get 15 gems in morning and night. But you have to play 500.

  4. When do the next updates after the house of crab come out. Finished all other levels and restaurants just waiting for the next update.

  5. I am waiting for the update but it seems that there is none pls. Be transparent if we cant have the update then we will not expect it anymore

  6. I agree. We should get free gems for completing all levels with 3 stars. Nów just waiting for the updates! The football club was too easy. Make them harder. I finished the whole game in a couple of hours! With 3 stars.

  7. Yes we need more of a challenge, we deserve some gems when you finish with all three stars in every level, and please release the two restaurants on the island or at least tell us when the Ne t one is coming.

  8. Comment:download cooking fever again or u collect it from sum 1 dat have on his or her fone b4 and install it again …don’t delete d one DAT was thr b4 ..just install it like dat …anoda restaurant will be opened

  9. Hello, I finished all my restaurants and my island. Now how can I get an new update. Trying to wait patiently.

  10. Why does it take so long to get new games? I have played all of the ones that are here and I am bored. I need some new games now. I love plsying cookung fever but if you have played them all and cleared all of them then WHAT? Put some more games on please or I will have to delete this one to make space for another game.

  11. I’m waiting for the 2 new restaurants to open in the island l. I feel like I’ve been waiting for months! I’ve completed all the other levels. Can you please announce the release date and make it sooner rather then laterms. Also maybe more challenges in the mean time. Thanks

  12. Anxious for Paradise Island, new footprint, including new restaurant, hotel, or other new feature to open! Love the game. Keep playing over and over, increasing my cash and diamonds.

  13. when will the update be on the mountains please? it will only let u do 1 level on there then says wait for next update ? help please as I’m a little addicted lol x

  14. Hi I have cooking fever in my phone and PC at home but on my phone I have more places I’ve purchased and more diamonds available to me on my PC at home I’ve more coin and less diamond’s how can this be if its the same account please let me knoW . Thank you

  15. I am in experience level 93 and have completed all locations with three stars and am getting tired of seeing it everyday in my phone. We are willing to wait just give us a date the update Is gonna be out. And please make it more challenging.

  16. Why a do I have to wait for updates to get to other spots. I’ve finished all of them open up more on the mountain please

  17. When is the 3rd update coming? I’ve completed 2 restaurants on the mountains (3rd location) and all other other ones on the other 2 locations… Thought there was something wrong with “my” game. Good to know many are also waiting for updates. But WWHHHEEENNN?

  18. Comment: pls when is d third restaurant coming for the mountain location?. I’v completed two restaurants and anytime it shows “new update is available”, I always do update it but then it won’t show any new restaurant even after the update!. pls is it my game or a general problem?

  19. Comment:i love this game have also finish 3 restaurant at d mountain, it keep me busy than any other games I have I can’t wait to play upgrade it

  20. I Have Completed Salad Bar,Italian Buffet And Smokey Grill In Mountain.Please Have Some Updates Since I Completed All The Levels With 3 Stars. I Have 120 Gems

  21. Comment: hy I have finished all restaurants with three stars I cannot go to island it say it will open in my next update it been a while plz help 353290081708240 it my
    Id of the game
    help help

  22. Comment: I want to buy gems can anyone help on that.. I need a lot of gems to unlock some kitchen upgrade.. I really need help please

      • I have only been playing for a week & the game is a lot of fun but you rarely get any gems. And you cant buy anything or any other restaurants without gems. They want you to buy them and I’m not doing that! I have also tried a few of the cheats I saw online but none of them work now. I play this online my laptop but not my cell. I am worried about downloading updates onto my computer? Any ideas from anyone?

      • I dont understand? What do you mean “after you get the claims”? What are claims? I have gone to the casino but most of the time when I win its just coins not gems.

  23. Hi, I have completed all the Restuarants with 3 stars and have been waiting for more updates for a while now. I have over 300 gems to use. When can we expect more updates?

  24. Do all of you buy gems? I’d like to know how to get gems without having to buy them. Its the only part of the game I dont like.

  25. I have completed all 40 levels on all restaurants with 3 stars.
    Please update with a new one or just let us know if you won’t so I will stop looking for it!

  26. Hello,
    I received an invitation for a new update on Cooking Fever game. If I update, will all my previous work transfer to the new updated game?

  27. Have finished playing all the restaurant in island n just finish playing barbeque restaurant on mountain yet to get another restaurant there pls b fast with d update n kindly notify me cos m madly in love with d game

  28. Need an update have played all of the games so much that I have 400 diamonds to spend on a new update…never had this many before…my level is over 1200 now…please update soon…

  29. GZTZ-8460-8148 I am waiting for an update 4 more restaurants that need to be
    Opened. Hopefully coming soon


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