Cooking Fever Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


It’s time to travel the world and cook up every dish you can think of in Cooking Fever! Cooking Fever is an addictive time-management game that also tests your reflexes and how well you perform under pressure. Don’t lose your cool though, as we’re here to help you maintain the best restaurant ever with our Cooking Fever cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Ready to cook? Let’s get started with our Cooking Fever guide to building the ultimate restaurant!

1. Always have your food prepared and ready to go!

You don’t really need to worry about the drinks for this as they refill on their own, but for the actual food items you should always have them prepared and ready to go. At first you will only have one slot for a hamburger and your hot dogs, so you should always try to have one sitting out. Don’t worry about letting them get cold, as there is no penalty for leaving a prepared food item out.

2. Buy the time reduction upgrades first!

The upgrades that reduce preparation/cooking times are the ones you want to buy first, such as the Cola Dispenser, the Burger Fry Pan and the Hot Dog Grilling pan. These reduce the amount of time you need to wait for the cola to pour or for the food to cook, which will become a huge help when you get swamped with people later on.

3. Leave money on the table to slow things down!

We discovered a neat little trick: if there’s any moment where you feel like there are too many customers coming in and you can’t prepare enough food to keep up with them, don’t collect the money a customer leaves behind once you serve them. When money is left on the counter, new customers can’t take up that space. Use this time to give yourself some breathing room and prepare a batch of food for the next wave!

4. Buy some interior decorations to keep your customers happy!

Aside from kitchen upgrades, you can also buy interior upgrades that give you passive bonuses to several factors.

  • Extra clients. This affects how many customers you’ll see in the day.
  • Customer waiting time. This affects how long your customers are willing to wait before they leave the restaurant.
  • Tip amount. This increases the tip amount your customers give you.
  • Tip time increased. This increases the window of serving time in which a customer is willing to tip you.

As you can see, the interior upgrades are pretty useful. We suggest maxing out the time reduction kitchen upgrades first and foremost, as suggested above, then moving onto upgrading your restaurant’s interior.

5. Level up to obtain gems!

You will obtain gems naturally as you progress through the game, as you are rewarded with around 1-5 gems every time you level up. Don’t worry about spending real money to get them, just keep playing the game!

These tips should get you started on to becoming a top notch chef. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below.

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Cooking Fever Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. My crystals keep going missing, I cannot save them up. Also I’m only on level 40 cannot unlock anything else I have 3 stars on all up to there.

    • @Claire the suggestions at the beginning are supposed to go away only when you touch the screen. If they are going away on their own then you may need to contact support.

    • @Juahela you gain xp (experience) points as you play. Each time you level up you gain a coin bonus as well as a gem bonus. Also each additional restaurant requires you to have reached a certain level of xp for them to be available for purchase. You really don’t use them you just gain the points and the game does the rest.

  2. In everyone’s experience which restaurants / levels provide the most experience points?
    I’ve definitely found that some are better than others but trying to figure out which people think are the best so I can just play it a number of times so that I can level up.
    Also…. does anyone find that in the pizza restaurant – as you get to the later levels and all ingredients are available, that it becomes rather tricky to see all of the different ingredients in the customer orders. Very frustrating!
    I do aim to finish all levels with 3 stars in each restaurant but had to leave the Pizza Restaurant. Was driving me loopy!

    • I use the corn dog van…after getting three stars on all the levels…I just keep playing level forty about 12 times n I level up …I think its about 875 points each time u finish level forty…now remember that’s after u have three stars in it.

    • Yes, I have difficulty seeing the ingredients is some of the restaurants… does the pizza have tomato sauce? Also in the Indian restaurant the ingredients are difficult to differentiate in the later levels and I make mistakes.
      In the Sushi restaurant the bottled drinks are to close to the sauces and I keep making mistakes there as well.

    • Right now the stadium has gotten me the most experience points when fully upgraded. I’ve made it to the mountain stage after paradise island. I thought the restaurants that were harder and were more expensive to upgrade (chinese restaurant, pizzeria, and bakery) would give more points, but so far thats not true. I skipped around. I have every restaurant opened on the first page, but haven’t started or finished some/all of them.

  3. I’m having problems with the game play in the Crab restaurant on level 21. I’m having problems serving tuna to customers. I can dish it on to the plates when it’s cooked but won’t let me release the plates to customers. As I ‘let go’ of a plate, it just slides back. Anyone else notice this? It also used to happen in the Indian restaurant on certain levels. Because of this ‘glitch’ I can’t progress on to the next level :-/ I’ve tried explaining it to Nordcurrent support buy they’re being uber dumb and keep saying silly things like ‘can you take a screenshot to show us”. Impossible…because it’s the game play that isn’t right!

    • I have this happen all the time. It’s typically only when I have other food just about to be done on the stove. I believe it’s a way to cause you to choose between “keep trying to serve that one completed plate” or “save the food before it burns, but the customer my leave”. It does t happen if I don’t give other food about to burn.

    • @AndiW, you are making incorrect order, i mean, you made a mistake in order, that is why it keeps sliding back. And in Pizzeria, Crab restaurant and Indian bistro it is very common. You put one wrong ingredient, and that is it, it is the wrong order. If you have too many wrong orders on the table, just throw them in the trash, i know, you losing money, but time is more important here

  4. Can you help me? I’m stuck in fast food court and I unlock the Chinese restaurant but unfortunately I can’t play the my new restaurant.

  5. In response to Paradise Cocktail- ice isn’t as difficult as it first seems. Here’s some tricks:

    Most of the time and for most levels, I never create all three piles of ice at once. If you make two then wait a few seconds to make the third pile, they don’t all melt at the same time.

    If you know that your ice will melt soon, toss it on an empty glass or a filled glass that you know an order is going to come up for. The melting process on the table had a different time than in a glass… you end up prolonging it’s lifespan. Usually I only do this with two glasses pre filed, one empty and one with ice. This way, if the next order doesn’t call for ice than I’m not forced to throw something out. Or, make sure you know that an iced order is coming next.

  6. Also… another good tip for locations with a lot of WORKING space (like the Indian Diner), if you mess up an order prep (making a weird dish that it’s never ordered) don’t throw it out. Throwing the dish out will cost you money. Leave it on the burner.

    In this case, with Indian Diner, if I make the dish and haven’t tossed it on the stove, I will still put it on the stove so that I can utilize that area on the table top.

  7. The thing is, most of upgrade need gem for the upgrade. Should spend the gem for all the upgrade? Coz it took a lot. I tried to upgrade all upgrade except that using gem, but so far im having difficulty to get 3*. Im just in 2nd restoran(bakeri)dem… pls guide me.

  8. in chinese resturant there was an upgrade for kitchen appliances they were asking for 30 gems i didnt hav at that time nw i want to buy that machine but its not in kitchen upgrades. how to find that

    • The machine that automatically cooks the food says that its a limited time thing because it pops up at a certain level. I played to get the diamonds to get it. I didnt take the chance of not getting the opportunity to get it. Before i got the machine i had already found a restaurant that helped me raise my level faster to get diamonds.

  9. Has anyone else had the bonus levels in any of the restaurants? I had to get a new phone and have started the game again and after completing all 40 levels at the fast food court I got offered a timed bonus 15 levels to purchase and reward was that if I completed all 15 levels before the time was up the coins/gems that I used to pay for the challenge was doubled as a reward. I had gotten all the way through the game on my previous phone and had never been offered that before. My question is do you get bonus rounds for every restaurant and if so what triggers the offer?

    • It’s not a bonus level ! It’s a challenge that’s not set up for anyone to win. At least not without having to actually pay out an equal amount or more gems than you might win. I wouldn’t go near those challenges, no matter how good you are !!

      • i have had 2 challenges for the Gems and Coins, and have won both. However, both of those restaurants were at 100% so everything was being made at top speed. And i did all the levels in one try, so i think that makes all the difference in the world! Not sure what triggers them though..sorry.

        • I do them too. One try and win stuck because there are no more levels the ski mountain won’t unlock. All levels done 100 percent. How do I get to the mountain?

    • I have finished all 40 levels of Food Court, got 100% of both kitchen and interior upgrades, and have completed ALL the tasks. But still the level 40 bonus is locked. Do you know how to fix this?? It’s infuriating!

  10. I feel that the House of Crab is wrongly timed and is almost impossible to complete after Level 23. Usually customers come in just asking for drinks and that gives a breather to cook food etc. The makers do not want to know. I have upgraded 100% in the Interior and upgraded as far as I can up to the level. I have three stars throughout the game so I know whats what. This level is faulty in timing. I can’t progress so feel I want to ditch the game completely. :(

    • I was extremely frustrated with the House of Crab too. I was waiting anxiously for an automatic cooker that never came. I finally made 3 stars on all levels but it took a while. I just went up level by level and repeated them over and over and over. If I got frustrated with one level I just went to another. It was very difficult! I don’t play that one for fun :0)

      • House of crab is the hardest restaurant by far! Two cooked items per plate…I just got 3 stars on level 31 after
        1-2 stars levels 23-30…. I need to be in really focused moment to go back in there

      • I had difficulty with this too. The way I learned to get to the higher levels is make sure that you give them the desert that pushes that bar that has the stars further each time you serve a dessert. And yes you have to have diamonds to refill the desert but it doesn’t take that many to refill each time at least it will get you to the next level.

    • Have you figured this out yet, I see nobody answered you Here and, I can’t find any info on it anywhere else I’ve tried to look. You are the first person I’ve seen, besides me, who’s asked this question. I didn’t get a response either. It’s driving me crazy, because it has to mean something or it wouldn’t do it. RIGHT?

      • If by “kitchen upgrades”, you meant “interior upgrades,” I’ve found that the little red arrow with the small number in it will not disappear until I’ve scrolled all the way to the right or left of the interior upgrades screen to view the item I’d previously starting updating. If it was an appliance/food upgrade, I’ll have to scroll all the way down the appliances/food page till I’ve viewed it. I’ll know the item has been viewed because the app will make a unique noise for it.

        But, if the arrow is flashing/pulsing (with no number inside it), it means that I am in sore need of that type of upgrade.

        • Sometimes the arrows are yellow and sometimes red. Since I’ve never fully upgraded either interior or kitchen, do they turn green once fully upgraded? Is there a way to tell what type of interior upgrade is needed?

      • It means that you have to make upgrades. It will stop flashing when your speed or interior design is good enough for the level you are in. Think of it as the game’s recommendation to upgrade.

    • It flashes red because its trying to tell you that you need to do some upgrading to be successful through the rest of the levels. My chinese restaurant did that.

      • Yes, I believe this is the correct answer. I’ve played all levels in two restaurants but not upgraded everything and it will forever flash red to remind me I can make interior upgrades.

  11. I am pretty far on this game already and I can’t seem to find my old one now that I got pretty far on every time I bring the game up now it goes strait to a brand new one I’ve never played before please help how do i get to my original one I was already far on

    • Sounds like you may have deleted the app and then tried to play and reinstall again? I accidentally deleted my app on Window’s 10 and that happened when I installed the app again. I contacted support and they were very generous with me about restoring my progress as I remembered it in the game.

  12. Has anybody ever did the 30000 coins 30 diamonds challenge?If so,what do I have to do to get to 900 on the 3rd puzzle piece…I am doing everything right and don’t understand why I’m not reaching 900…Or is the challenge just some bull? #AnyoneKnow?

    • For the challenges, you need a fully upgraded restaurant – if you are not fully upgraded, it is impossible…can be done if you are fully upgraded

  13. Breakfast Kitchen. I cannot beat the 5 sausages in 7 seconds. The only level i can see where it would be possible would be on level 33, and i thought i have had it several times, but i cannot get it. Anyone get that one?

    • I just completed this one actually. It can be done on level seven. I believe it’s the first and the fourth customer asked for coffee. serve the first one coffee and collect their money, wait for the next person to fill their spot. Also go ahead and give the fourth person there coffee. From that point you have four people lined up to serve sausage two and as level seven is a sausage only round you only have to cook sausage. Good luck

  14. I have all levels complete to the Stadium.
    The only ones i see space for that say coming soon are on the island, the helicopter pad, and the mountain top. Anyone know when those are coming?

  15. I have completed all levels on both islands with three stars. I’m waiting for the other two to unlock but nothing seems to be happening. Have I completed the game?

    • Go to Interior Upgrades and chose any upgrade. Click on the ‘i’ next the ‘upgrade’ button. A window opens telling you what the upgrade will do. The bar that has yellow in it indicates what it will upgrade. Example: the jukebox in the Pizzeria.

  16. I have unlocked all restaurants in both the city and the island . I have completed All Levels for all the restaurants with 3 stars but one .Everything is fully upgraded. One Is really challenging and that is the house of crab. It needs an automatic machine. I am on level 28 with 3stars but it’s getting difficult. Loved the Sunset Waffels and completed it within a week of the update. I love this game and would recommend to everyone .

  17. Hi I have completed both islands not all 3 stars however the helicopter pad still hasn’t unlocked. Any suggestions on how to unlock it or which restaurants to focus on to proceed to the mountain???? Seen it asked a few times on here however nobody has answered the question so far :(

  18. I have not been able to download the Waffle House or the Alpine Restaurant. I have an RCA tablet (5 lollipop). Why would my device be compatible for all other downloads and not these? I try downloading them and get a message that my device is not compatible. Messaged nordcurrent support, but I did not get an answer really.

  19. hi! i’m on the first level (fast food court), have just reached level 21, and all of a sudden my hot dog buns are gone, my extra hot plates and serving plates, and double cola machine…
    can anyone tell me why, or how i can get back to the items i need? or is just a trick to make you use more coins? :p

    • It’s been a year since you’ve asked a question and I’m sure you’ve probably already solved it. However, if not here goes. I had the same problem when I was playing on my phone. Because the screen is so small sometimes it’s easy to miss the mushrooms and olives. What I did was took a screenshot of the one that was refused. Then went and looked at the photo, enlarged it and saw what I was missing and went back to the game and was able to complete it that way. I hope it helps

  20. Has anyone noticed that coins are not counted accurately at times? Many of my levels could have been completed if the counter worked properly. Any ideas or suggestions please let me know.

  21. I’m on the Seafood restaurant and I upgraded everything but people are STILL getting pissed after 20 seconds like I can’t cook 8 crabs and 4 tunas with potatoes or corn all in one time. I wish there was an automatic grill so I don’t have to waste my time waiting for the food to cook. It’s ridiculous!

    • Cupcakes keep customers happy for longer, giving you more time to serve them without losing them or your tip. They are useful for completing difficult levels to 3 stars

  22. In the seafood bistro one task is not to leave your lobster pot empty for more than 6 seconds.throughout the level.

    This is driving me crazy anyone know how to do it. I have tried the lobster pot on automatic and manually cook with the pans.

    This is the one thing outstanding before I move onto the island.

    • It’s been a while since you’ve asked this question but if you have not discovered how to do this, all you need to do is leave a lobster in one of the pots throughout any level. Just put it in there and let it burn throughout the whole level until you’re done; The pot is never empty. Good luck it worked for me

    • The only two other ways I know to get gems are 1. to buy them. Or, 2. sign onto the game every day, irregardless of whether you play or not once you reach seven days it will give you two gems for each day that you sign on whether you do play the game or not.

      • The problem with changing your dates to get more gems is that you miss out on the automatic cooking machines. Its offered for 72 hours. When you change the dates to get more gems to buy it – the time limit is over. Its hard to keep 30 gems for long as you need them for everything.

  23. Stuck on level 40 in Fast Food, all levels passed at. 3 stars, upgraded as much as I can but have run out of gems. How can I move on from here.

  24. Hi! Can I ask for some help?

    The timer levels where I have to make food quickly are pretty easy for me so far… but the levels where you are given a certain number of moves to serve X number of customers are tricky for me. I keep losing and having to use spoons to buy more customers. Any tips?

    Thanks! :)

  25. If you have enough coins from game play go to slot machine everyday and bet 500 everyday you can receive 15 diamonds best trick I ever learned!!!!

  26. I have upgraded kitchen & inside restaurant to highest level. But, I cannot finish the BBQ restaurant. I am at level 31. I keep running out of time. What am I doing wrong or what can I do to keep the customers from leaving?

  27. I did and it worked out perfectly but the problem that I have is that I can see when did I received my messages everything is just a mess

    • The time has run out before they show up. I have done upgrades to get extra clients but it is a waste because if the time reaches the limit for the level the new customers never show. Hope this helps you

    • I have the same problem sushi, level 38, Pizza level 40. I am trying to finish without expensive treats. Sushi extra clients upgraded to level 3, Pizza extra clients level 1.

  28. There is a red pulsing arrow in the kitchen upgrades in the Breakfast Cafe. I’ve finished it with 3 stars on all levels but if I go back to play it to get gold coins finishes early. Does anyone know what the pulsing arrows mean?

  29. I’m @the Hard Rock and when I use my gems to get a 2nd frying pan for burgers or a 2nd soda tap it takes my gems but I don’t get the item! I’m stuck in level 10 and need more kitchen upgrades but can’t get a way to speed up orders. the next thing I need to get is another table top on the plating area, but I’m afraid I’l get ripped off again. Also, why is the soda tap so slow in refilling the next glass? I keep touching the screen but nothing happens and this is really slowing things down.


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