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Cookie Run Kingdom: Who is Shadow Milk Cookie in CRK?

Cookie Run Kingdom: Who is Shadow Milk Cookie in CRK?
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If you’ve played in the latest update of Cookie Run Kingdom and checked the 3rd Anniversary Event, you probably noticed tons of information about some of the original Soul Jam owners. One of them is Shadow Milk Cookie, and here’s what we know so far.

The Five Beasts

With the addition of the Beast-Yeast continent, the story continues. GingerBrave and company continued on their path to try and save the Earthbread and stop the Dark Enchantress Cookie. Upon entering the Faerie Kingdom, the Cookies soon learned about something they never believed possible.

Image via Devsisters

The Ancient Cookies that we now know (Pure Vanilla Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, Golden Cheese Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie, and the newly added White Lily Cookie) are not the original owners of the Soul Jam. The ones that used to wield the power of their Soul Jams before them were called the Five Beasts.

These Cookies were extremely powerful, some would say even more powerful than the Ancients we know today. However, upon descending into darkness, they have all lost their Soul Jam. The Elder Faerie Cookie talks about this briefly at the beginning of the first Stages of Beast-Yeast levels.

Screenshot via Touch, Tap, Play

He mentions how the Five Beasts used to embody the good in the world, but have changed due to their sheer power.

Screenshot via Touch, Tap, Play

Who Are the Five Beasts? Who is Shadow Milk Cookie?

Knowledge/Deceit – Shadow Milk Cookie

Shadow Milk Cookie’s Ancient equivalent is Pure Vanilla Cookie, even sharing some similarities in their design.

Image via crk3rd.com

Volition/Apathy – Mystic Flour Cookie

Mystic Flour Cookie’s Ancient equivalent is Dark Cacao Cookie.

Happiness/Sloth – Eternal Sugar Cookie

Eternal Sugar Cookie’s Ancient equivalent is Hollyberry Cookie.

Change/Destruction – Burning Spice Cookie

Burning Spice Cookie’s Ancient equivalent is Golden Cheese Cookie.

Solidarity/Silence – Silent Salt Cookie

Silent Salt Cookie’s Ancient equivalent is White Lily Cookie.

Image via crk3rd.com

We can even notice similarities between the Soul Jams – most of them look almost identical or reversed (Hollyberry and Eternal Sugar’s seem to be inverted, and so seem Burning Spice and Golden Cheese’s). It’s all in the details!

Will Shadow Milk Cookie Be Added as a Playable Cookie?

While we don’t know for certain, I think it would be safe to assume that just like how Ancient Cookies are in a category of their own, the Beasts could also be part of one. We have Dragon Cookies, Special Cookies, Super Epic Cookies, and more, and I can definitely see there being a Beast category of Cookies to feature these.

I’ve read a lot of theories on the Soul Jams and these mystic Cookies, so if you have a few theories of your own, I’d love to read them. Just leave a comment below – I’m curious what you guys think as well. Also, don’t forget to redeem the latest Cookie Run Kingdom codes for tons of freebies!

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Cookie Run Kingdom: Who is Shadow Milk Cookie in CRK?