Cookie Run: Kingdom Tropical Raids Guide

Cookie Run: Kingdom is an RPG where you need to manage your squad that consists of different Cookies with different roles. Some combinations are better and some are worse. There is no better opportunity to challenge your characters than raids. These can be different and today we are going to talk about the one that was added recently. This guide will tell you about Tropical Raids in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Tropical Raids in Cookie Run: Kingdom and Giant Squid of the Deep Sea

Tropical Raids in Cookie Run: Kingdom is a special mode where you are able to encounter an epic boss named Giant Squid of the Deep Sea. It is a big squid-like creature that has an interesting fighting mechanic. Before you will be able to fight the squid you will need to beat its tentacles. There are 4 of them in total and you will get one of four buffs for each beaten tentacle. The boss has a couple of strong attacks and its levels scale. It means that the more bosses you defeat the stronger they become.

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In order to unlock Tropical Raids in Cookie Run: Kingdom, you will need to win in each game mode. In Arena, you just need to play one match. When you finally complete this task the raid will appear in the Tropical Soda Islands menu. Also, you will be able to participate in your friend’s battles and help them to beat it.

Tropical Raids Rewards in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Tropical Raids in Cookie Run: Kingdom will provide you with great rewards just like any other big raid. When you are fighting the squid boss you are getting special keys. You can use these to open special Deep Sea Chests and pull something useful out of them. Also, there is a thing called Help Rewards. You will get these for helping your friends in fighting the boss.

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